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  2. HI THERE, I AM VERY MUCH FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW BECAUSE LAST THURSDAY ( 22.02.2018 ) I BOUGHT THE PIGGY BANK. THE PIGGY BANK IS FULL WITH 2500K CHIPS. PAYED 3.02 EUROS ALTHOUGHT SAYS 2.99 EUROS, BUT THAT OK... WHAT ITS NOT REPEAT NOT OK IS THAT NOT ONLY I DID NOT RECEIVE WHAT I PAYED FOR, BUT ALSO AFTER SEND SEVERAL E-MAILS AND ASK FOR HELP UNTILL THIS DAY I DID NOT RECEIVE MY CHIPS OR MY MONEY OR A DECENT REPLY. I HAVE ALSO SEND TO YOU GUYS COPIE AND FOTO FROM RECEIPT BUT NOTHING HAPPEN. I USE TO PURCHASE SOME CHIPS ONCE IN A WHILE AND THIS NEVER HAPPEN TO ME BEFORE... ONCE I HAVE WAITED A BIT BUT NEVER LIKE THIS.... DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANY MORE....THANK GOD THIS HAPPEN WITH A SMALL AMOUNT ONLY 3 EUROS...IMAGINE THAT WITH 100EUROS OR 200 EUROS. I LEARNED MY LESSON. I WILL NEVER SPEND MONEY IN THIS GAME ANY MORE AND I ADVICE ALL OF YOU TO NEVER SPEN A PENNY.... BECAUSE WHAT IS HAPPENNING TO ME CAN AND WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.... AND ALSO WHEN YOU BUY CHIPS...AFTER A WHILE THE GAME WILL MAKE YOU LOSE THEM... HAPPEN TO ME A LOT FOR EXAMPLE WITH BLACKJACK IMPOSSIBLE THAT THE DEALERS COULD HAVE 21 4 TIMES IN A ROW....PLEASE!!! AND I WAS BETTING 500K!!! I AM SO DESAPOINTED....... THE REPLY THAT I RECEIVE UNTILL NOW WAS " WE WILL COME BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" SORRY BUT WHEN YOU DO REPLY TO ME IT IS TOO LATE. I WILL LEAVE HERE A COPY OF THE RECEIPT THAT I RECEIVE IN MY E.MAIL... Lieber Kunde, vielen Dank für die Nutzung von Sofort. Gerne senden wir dir hiermit die angeforderte Transaktionsbestätigung. Du hast eine Überweisung an Facebook by Adyen * in Höhe von 3,02 € von deinem Konto bei der Salzburger Landes-Hypothekenbank angewiesen. Datum: 22.02.2018 Verwendungszweck: 4815193046295219, Facebook Transaktionsnummer: 23934-202664-5A8EBFB5-D62E Diese Transaktionsbestätigung stellt keine Bestätigung eines Vertragsabschlusses dar. Die Informationen über den Zeitpunkt des Vertragsabschlusses findest du in den AGB des Verkäufers. *Viele Händler nutzen sogenannte Payment Service Provider für ihre Zahlungsabwicklung. Diese sind von den staatlichen Aufsichtsbehörden kontrollierte Unternehmen, die für den Zahlungsverkehr zugelassen sind. Sie nehmen im Auftrag des Händlers die Zahlung entgegen und erscheinen auch auf Ihrem Kontoauszug als Zahlungsempfänger. Hast du Fragen? Bei allen Fragen zu deinem Einkauf (z.B. zu der Bestellung, Lieferung, Rücksendung), wende dich bitte direkt an den Verkäufer. Fragen zu Sofort oder Klarna werden wir dir gerne in unseren FAQ / Kontaktformular beantworten. Klarna. Sofort GmbH - A Klarna Group Company, Theresienhöhe 12, 80339 München, Germany T +49 89 2020889-0 Geschäftsführer Marc Berg Sitz der Gesellschaft München Amtsgericht München HRB 218675 USt-IdNr. DE 248376956
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  4. Feature requests

    Another GOP3 Suggestions from that "B" guy again: a) I wish to see game have more sound, however it would make app bigger for the mobile devices >.> and I am not sure if you can implement that in Steam version... Game do not have any 'western music' on the tables and sometimes, when I focused only on playing GOP3, because I played with friends, I missed that atmosphere. I also liked Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader games for being rich in sounds. You could click on basically anything or anybody to get some sound (wood chopping, "Greetings, my Lord", cow's "moo", etc.). GOP2 was richer in some sounds like "Give me chips" or "Haha, I win!". Possible examples for GOP3: - sound of door closing when player leaves... (that got into my mind, because of one friends was so exited about leaving animation, that person just walks away) - maybe some "Welcome X" speech from the card dealer, where X is status (Shark, etc.) - horseshoe sound if someone gets very lucky [?] - however I see "lucky" mechanic was not included, same goes for "Steamy" which I loved in GOP2 b) This comes from other player. Since I got my Elite status, many people on Valentine's Day event tried to add me as friend [that was tedious!] and also I encounter many questions about how to get it... One of the players suggested that profile of Elite player should have comment there. Like note on profile explaining why player got Elite status. Also, I noted many people are convinced that Elite status is connected to buying chips/gold for real life money c) Just got into my mind... Random Hat Boxes for gold? Since we have paid spins, not Piggy, it's time to make something random again? Maybe some boxes "buyable" with gold that gives Hat (from certain pool) randomly? Well, there is quite a number of things that could be done [to be purchased]... e.g. some drinks at the table (but that would make game not suitable for everyone I suppose). That's "stolen idea" from Spin Machines games on Android (that gets a lot of adverts in GOP3). That's the point when developer needs to decide if game needs to be simple and minimalistic in style, or very flashy, having a lot of different animations, etc. As always, just suggestion - perhaps more people would have to comment on that. d) People who win/beat GOP2 and/or Poker World could earn some coupon for GOP3 to encourage for playing there. That might be some way to attract more players, perhaps. Or at least reward the loyal players. e) Perhaps it would be nice little feature to have session summary (just like Black Squad has), that counts hands played, chips lost/won, etc. When you try to leave the game, it could show this before "exiting". Considering how Exit button is hidden now, maybe there should be ability to toggle (on/off) that feature or maybe make it separate option in the menu called "Session summary" perhaps... Example of summary screen (click to enlarge) [don't pay attention to actual stats, I was AFKing games... shame on me]: That's all for today
  5. Team Challenge

    Yes Stacey, you can
  6. Yesterday
  7. Team Challenge

    Yes, you can.
  8. Team Challenge

    Can you earn points for the team challenge playing with your team members?
  9. Team Challenge

    Can you earn points for the team challenge playing with your team members?
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  11. Hi Elon, thanks for this suggestion !
  12. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    Hi Beridok, no it's not random, it depends on how many days you completed
  13. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    But what is reward actually? Is it random, too? I know that after I opened game on Android and it said 0 (it might be just coincidence it happened on Android) days, I had one Super Spin... and it seems that everyone got it?
  14. It wasn't a split pot. It was the total of the animated chip tally visible (for a few seconds) after you win a round of a HU challenge. Note that I said "round" (completely defeated opponent), not "hand" At that point, one player is broke, and the other has ALL the money. That should be exactly 6000 chips, but quite frequently isn't. Since posting this, I've continued to see totals from 5000-12000. It's hard to screengrab it, because the final display only lasts 1-2 seconds after the major end-of-round "You Won" animation cycle and chip disbursal animation -- but I'll try. As I said, this does not impact the outcome in any way. The chip total doesn't matter, only the fact that you drove the other heads-up player broke. The next round starts with each player at 3000.
  15. Beridok, I am fully willing to admit I may have missed that warning. I've missed much more obvious hints... like there was this one girl in Goettingen, who asked me... anyway, I didn't see such a pop-up, and I'd actually reviewed my [visible] status before I closed. (The possibility that it was a Sit'n'Go hadn't occurred to me) I don't blame anyone. It was, above all and foremost, my duty to know what game/stakes I was playing. This was just a suggestion for improvement.
  16. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    Hi guys, there was an issue with the winter calendar on Sunday. It says 0 gift but you will actually get the reward that are related to the amount you claimed. If you completed 35 days, you will get the reward for it even thought it is written 0 gift. Sorry for the inconvenience
  17. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    Same for me.
  18. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    I got similar error, my prize for claiming all days was the 0 gifts opened prize and $20k
  19. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    Hello, why i didn`t get main winter calendar gift after open all day gifts? it's just me or everyone has this problem?
  20. E-mail verification

    Hello Vasy, if these solutions didn't work, please send an email to [email protected], and we will look into the issue.
  21. Spin tokens...

    Hi guys, take a screenshot of your two mega spin with a description of your issue and send it to [email protected]
  22. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    Hello Radiant, Yes the winter calendar is over, you will see what is next
  23. E-mail verification

    No, i tried that already a few times and nothing happened...

    Reach level 10, click team icon (shield) and then you need to spend 30 gold.If you are currently in team, you need to leave.

    I play gop3 on my do I start a new team?

  27. E-mail verification
  28. Hello! I can't verify my e-mail, i tried a few times to ask for the verification e-mail but i didn't get it(i checked every folder of my e-mail and nothing)
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