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  1. Feature requests

    Another GOP3 Suggestions from that "B" guy again: a) I wish to see game have more sound, however it would make app bigger for the mobile devices >.> and I am not sure if you can implement that in Steam version... Game do not have any 'western music' on the tables and sometimes, when I focused only on playing GOP3, because I played with friends, I missed that atmosphere. I also liked Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader games for being rich in sounds. You could click on basically anything or anybody to get some sound (wood chopping, "Greetings, my Lord", cow's "moo", etc.). GOP2 was richer in some sounds like "Give me chips" or "Haha, I win!". Possible examples for GOP3: - sound of door closing when player leaves... (that got into my mind, because of one friends was so exited about leaving animation, that person just walks away) - maybe some "Welcome X" speech from the card dealer, where X is status (Shark, etc.) - horseshoe sound if someone gets very lucky [?] - however I see "lucky" mechanic was not included, same goes for "Steamy" which I loved in GOP2 b) This comes from other player. Since I got my Elite status, many people on Valentine's Day event tried to add me as friend [that was tedious!] and also I encounter many questions about how to get it... One of the players suggested that profile of Elite player should have comment there. Like note on profile explaining why player got Elite status. Also, I noted many people are convinced that Elite status is connected to buying chips/gold for real life money c) Just got into my mind... Random Hat Boxes for gold? Since we have paid spins, not Piggy, it's time to make something random again? Maybe some boxes "buyable" with gold that gives Hat (from certain pool) randomly? Well, there is quite a number of things that could be done [to be purchased]... e.g. some drinks at the table (but that would make game not suitable for everyone I suppose). That's "stolen idea" from Spin Machines games on Android (that gets a lot of adverts in GOP3). That's the point when developer needs to decide if game needs to be simple and minimalistic in style, or very flashy, having a lot of different animations, etc. As always, just suggestion - perhaps more people would have to comment on that. d) People who win/beat GOP2 and/or Poker World could earn some coupon for GOP3 to encourage for playing there. That might be some way to attract more players, perhaps. Or at least reward the loyal players. e) Perhaps it would be nice little feature to have session summary (just like Black Squad has), that counts hands played, chips lost/won, etc. When you try to leave the game, it could show this before "exiting". Considering how Exit button is hidden now, maybe there should be ability to toggle (on/off) that feature or maybe make it separate option in the menu called "Session summary" perhaps... Example of summary screen (click to enlarge) [don't pay attention to actual stats, I was AFKing games... shame on me]: That's all for today
  2. Team Challenge

    Yes, you can.
  3. Gift Calendar - Update 3.6.1

    But what is reward actually? Is it random, too? I know that after I opened game on Android and it said 0 (it might be just coincidence it happened on Android) days, I had one Super Spin... and it seems that everyone got it?

    Reach level 10, click team icon (shield) and then you need to spend 30 gold.If you are currently in team, you need to leave.
  5. E-mail verification
  6. Questions & Answers

    But it game you can clearly see it's spelled "chips"
  7. Questions & Answers

    When entering Cash Game tables you can select "private table" option, only invited people will play there. In Sit&Go, Spin&Play games, only if queue time is long, you can invite friend to same room (table). Other tables - it's based on randomness and probably hard to achieve (Big Win, Heads Up). What are "cheaps"? Hahaha... You are just not lucky today. Try next time...
  8. 1) Split pot? You really should give screenshots instead of just text, because it's hard to understand you. 2) XP is based on table, hand and pot.
  9. Yellow font for Chips

    Short re-vamp of what we discussed: I played today, there was second Elite player on the table, but he/she left and then other players came in free spots at the table. One of them got yellow font despite not being Elite. But he wasn't even on the same seat as the Elite was. Elite was on my right side... And players who gets yellow font might be from left or right side from me. (Did not notice other seats than those). Therefore I assume it's about order, too... First player that appears after Elite left gets the font? Or first player that's next to where Elite was sitting? Also, I am not sure if other players see the same effect Hopefully you will find quickly a fix. Another example: (click to enlarge)
  10. Feature requests

    I just got random idea one afternoon. Apollo did couple streams in past and I just had been thinking about GOP3 team... and headquarters It would be nice to see some series of short videos on Youtube named "Behind the Decks" get it? Decks, because cards, but also "deck" is just one letter away from "desk". Revealing some of "behind the scenes" material with production and work at YoudaGames / OrangeGames. Also newer idea I got. Perhaps chat could be swiped from left side of the screen? And that's how we could determine it's width (size). Also it should have slightly more transparency. Now it barely allows to see what's under (aka bets, it's mostly about them).
  11. Beridok's Bugs Reports

    This might slightly cluttered post, but I do not want to post everything separately and increase post-counter as well as to keep more content at the same page. Some of these might not occur anymore, because I browsed all my screens from Steam (and Android) and might be dated. 1) Chips over cards: There is similar thing that bet's player make can overlap each other, covering first numbers - most notable on 8 players tables. Also, note that guy on the left went all in and his chips are not marked with red background, but yellow (bet of lower value than maximum). 2) Thing as described in post above, being text hard to read and button hard to press. This has impact on gameplay if you cannot hit "I'm back" button, resulting in Folding good hand, which might cause negative emotions (including rage) 3) Only one card visible (that's also older thing): As you can see even when I folded I didn't see my other card 4) When you use quotation marks "like this ones" in the game, you will send message with slashes. This makes it pretty ugly for the eye. If you wondered what I said: My favorite combination of cards for trolling is "Jackass" and King. [Because it makes abbreviation for JK = Just Kidding]. 5) Gender-bend bug. Or clothing room bug, as I like to call it. So, as you can see on right screen I was playing with my friend, P4trycja7, and I wanted to make her laugh/angry by copying her outfit and I changed my gender in inventory to Female and pressed Save. However, on the table it changed my outfit (same hat and color of shirt), but not gender. Resulting in staying Male. (click to enlarge, if you don't see details clearly)
  12. Yellow font for Chips

    Back then, when playing on 50M table in Christmas period I saw 2 guys. By that time I saw more people... including myself But now I am Elite and I also have yellow font for my chips, when playing at the table. So Elite players gets it, I thought. But that guy is VIP and he also have that. Not all VIPs have yellow font.
  13. Spin tokens...

    I wrote to support and they granted me missing spin.
  14. steam Ingame shop doesn't work

    I think the problem was he did not enable Steam Overlay for this game, resulting in no window appearing to accept the trade (purchase).
  15. Pls Fix the Text Entry for Teams on Android

    I will "refresh" this topic. I think that problem with keyboard on Android is mostly Android fault - but most notably it occurs when you have GOP3, because it's a bit demanding process, and it happens more often when higher amount of resources are taken. I never had a crash while trying to type, but it's painful to lose all text progress when you decide to go back to table (I mean by that focusing on table). I tested it now and text remained, but I remember in past it used to clear itself.