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Is the piggybank a promotion or a permanent feature

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elon    3

I understand that its ultimate fate will likely rely on how players react to it, but what is your intention? Is it something you'll end (or reset) in a week or so, or are you testing it as a permanent feature of GoP?

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Beridok    10

Hey, as far as I know piggy bank is not one-time or temporary offer.

It was not said on the news, so we should assume it's not gonna disappear in nearest future. But it might alter.


I allowed myself to copy current content of support article (to save time to anyone who reached this topic, while looking for answers):

How it works:
- Your Piggy Bank will start with 50K chips.
- With every chip won or lost at the tables you will get free chips inside your Piggy Bank.
- You can break the Piggy with a purchase, the result will be that you get the chips you saved inside and that the Piggy is reset to it's starting amount.
- With BigWin and Head up you won't fill your Piggy Bank.
- With Sit and Go and Spin and play you will only earn chips for your Piggy with your winnings.
- Blackjack will also fill your Piggy,
- The current limit for the Piggy is 2.5M chips. Note that this might change in the future.
- The % saved differs per saloon and format. Note that the values might be re-balanced in the future
- Chips are saved in your Piggy, so on next login they will be the same value. It only resets after breaking the Piggy Bank.
- Breaking the Piggy will result in a breaking animation where you have to hit the Piggy a few times, before you get your huge chip saving.
- When you purchase the "Piggy Bank break", you will have to break it straight away.
If there is an error, you could still break it later by using the Piggy Bank token. In that case the price in the "break button" is replaced with a token value.
Please contact support if you have any other questions!


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