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Beridok    10
Yesterday, when I was opening 5 chests from Team Challenge, I already wanted to change hat (somehow winning hat makes it put it on the player, I consider that a BUG!). While changing hats, I noticed on the bottom on my screen "3 Spins". I entered and I saw that I have 3x Mega Spin.
However, today I enter game, I see winter calendar, I play... then I open the rewards and it gives me Super Spin token. Btw. I believe one of rewards was written as Symbol * amount. With the asterisk there. [It's experience]
Anyway, I open my 'hats' icon, because I do not like exclamation mark to be there, and I see that my counter still says "3 spins". So I check.
And today I have 1x Super and 2x Mega spin.

Anyone had something similar?

I already messaged support, but I suspect more people might have this issue, so I made the post.

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elon    3

I had a spin counter bug in late December. The ultimate outcome was correct (I won a Super and a Mega in a team challenge, which showed up as "3 spins" (and other forms) in the hat window over a span of days; I ultimately got 1 Super and 1 Mega spin in actual use)

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Kenef    0
5 hours ago, radiant said:

I got the same problem.

After my team complete a challenge, i got two mega spin. But, when i want to take the second mega spin it doesn't work.

Same with me

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