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  2. Hi, this morning we finished the 6/6 boxes. When I started playing, nothing came up, everything was gone. - Evidence that I participated in the challenge. These are my two accounts - And so I get to the clan What can I do? I would like to receive the boxes on both accounts, check what methods you have that I did not open anything if you really think I would try.I tried restarting the game, internet, computer but in is not in inventory either if you ask. I have had this bug some time ago, I sent email to the governor (support) but no message from them concretely. I would like to receive here a concrete message from the developer. thank you
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  4. Turn off friend requests

    You're welcome. Has only come about as a member on my team is being constantly harrassed with friend requests from one individual. Thanks .
  5. Facebook profile pic missing

    Same here when I play on facebook. Google Chrome browser it seems to work good but on Firefox or Microsoft edge it doesn't. I tried multiple things to fix it in the browers but nothing worked so far.
  6. Turn off friend requests

    Hi guys, you cannot turn off friend requests! But thanks for the suggestion
  7. Questions & Answers

    Thx for the suggestion. Just did
  8. Turn off friend requests

    No, I do not see such option... Edit: I approve this idea, those invites are tiring, especially when you have higher status.
  9. Questions & Answers

    Did you fill all necessary data like support article suggests?
  10. Hi gang, Another quick question for you.. is it possible to turn off friend requests, like you can do with team requests? Thanks.
  11. Questions & Answers

    Yes but i cant wait for days. Ive bought chips i didnt get.
  12. Facebook profile pic missing

    Hi and thanks for the replies. So on my tablet device, i went into Application Manager, Force stopped the gop3 app, then restarted the app and all was good again with my facebook avatar returned. Hope this helps someone else:)) So since it was only the gop3 app i was stopping and restarting, is this a facebook fault? Might give the gop3 devs a clue anyway. Cheers gang :))
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  14. Facebook profile pic missing

    Hey. It's issue that many people have. I noticed it today. It must be facebook fault, because teammate stated that... it also happens in other Facebook games. Cheers.
  15. Questions & Answers

    Be patient. They are having tons of reports to resolve.
  16. Questions & Answers

    Support isnt responding!

    i have already do that but this morning i play and claimed again but the lid stay on the box for the 3th time so i hope i get that token when i have finish the whole calendar
  18. Facebook profile pic missing

    Hey @daanco, thanks for the feedback! We are on it
  19. Hi gang, So i have been playing gop3 for a couple of years now, its an awesome game i might add. Today my facebook profile pic is no longer showing, just an empty head instead. I changed my profile pic in the facebook app, reloaded gop3 and still no profile pic. What can i do here to get back my pic? Thanks. daanco.
  20. Feature requests

    Hello GoP team! I have a suggestion. In friends list some friends has join to table and others call to table. Why can't we heve both options? Thanks!
  21. team-size

    A delay before sitting at a new table is a good idea, from a player perspective. I'm not sure how it would fit into the code. As a developer, you know that while anything can be programmed in, some solutions slide into the existing program flow elegantly while others generate spaghetti. From the behavior of the "Switch Table/Leave table" option, I'm guessing that there's a good place in the code to insert a delay easily. In the exisiting code, if you leave a table, then sit again within a short time (~15 secs), then try to switchtables, you only get the option to leave, not switch. If you wait, say, 30 seconds or more before re-sitting, you get both options -- so the game already has code to account for time away befoe re-sitting. A re-sit delay might also reduce play volume marginally, which the developers may not want (from Steam statistics I've seen, play volume is down from 6 and 12 months ago), but in defense of the idea, the reduction wouldn't affect most players much, and even table-jumpers wouldn't be affected much, because they'd learn that jumping tables was no longer a beneficialstrategy -- which is the desired result.

    Hi @Kyra, you should send these screenshots to

    Hello KYRA! 1. Go to 2. Press "New post" 3. Browse your image you want to upload 4. Right click on the image and choose "copy image adress" 5. Write you post here on forum, press "insert other media" and "insert image from URL" 6. Paste the URL That's all!

    i play the calender every day but again the lid remains on the box and i have play and claimed
  25. team-size

    The most players i know, have lost more money, than they get back from the chests. First they played heads up, they got more gold from the chests, as they needed and all was OK. Then the costs were doubled and now the most lose their money on a blackjack table with 500k stakes. I think the whole table-hopping problem, could be solved easier, when they would implement a brake of 2 or 5 minutes, before you can join a new table in the same casino. Most players who changes often and quick, wants to get a lucky streak at a table. I tested this more than 10 times with royal poker, at the 5th or 6th table i got pocket pair aces or kings, gone all in and won. And the BB doesn't me care. And - i am a software developer. I know about the problems.
  26. team-size

    My team, at least would reather finish quickly, They modify thair play to get more team points (and a sure payoff) so they can return to playing with theirpreferred style. We do this, even though we have always finished the highest chest. I assume other teams that finish the challenge do the same. No one dislikes quick money. That's an interesting idea. It also requires additional coding that I would MUCH rathersee devoted to the "Wait for BB" option. It's be easier for the devs to simply increase the thresholds across the board. That's what the challenge has always been: "can you reach the fixed threshold?" Though programming hasn't ben my MAIN job for 35+ years (I later went to med school to become a physician, and am now retired), I've run websites for organizations, and programmed in settings from embedded systems to research applications to phone apps. I'm more an enthusiast than an expert, but every programmer knows this: each new bit of code is a headache and a potential disaster. Testing/QC is never a sure thing, and we HATE deploying unforeseen bugs. Nonprogrammers don't appreciate tha there are ALWAYS bugs

    click the box

    Hoi Inez, it has happened to me for the second time that I have played and claimed the calendar but the lids reamain on the boxes I took pictures of them but I do not know how to put them here Greatings from Kyra Kyra Family
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