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  2. I've been trying to get a friend who plays another game with me to come join BUT no matter what he tries, he just can't get in. Likely he just has an older computer... not much chance of convincing anyone to buy a new computer for this. I play off youdagames and told him that. OR to use steam. He's tried both. This game stopped working for me on firefox back when you first added ruby. I have to use opera now. (this is the ONLY thing I use opera for. Firefox works for everything else.) Something about the code here needs some polishing. Meanwhile I sure won't waste my time trying to wrangle anyone else over. Not when it's so danged difficult to sign up.
  3. Howdy Governors! 🤠 Share your Friend ID or Team Name on this thread if you are looking for the perfect teammates to complete your Team Challenges! Also feel free to share your Referral Code to earn up to $500k Chips that can always come in handy for your poker games. In order to obtain your referral code, just press the 3 people icon in the upper part of the screen and then choose "Referrals" and"Invite Friends". Please make sure to use this thread ONLY for sharing. Any unrelated reply will be removed. Enjoy Poker!
  4. All's well that ends well @Bones! Glad to hear you are now able to access the game. Enjoy Poker Governor! 🤠
  5. @Goodkat In addition to those prizes, you can also get an Emerald Ring by reaching the 8th Emerald Chest.
  6. Howdy Docholiday! Can you tell us if you are still unable to play the game?
  7. All of my issues are fixed. Thank you!
  8. Well my login works now but I never did get an email to reset it. What I am getting now is a Java error "too much recursion". Any idea how I can get this fixed so I can play? Thanks!
  9. Salvo, for some reason I can't log into governor of poker to access my account. It tells me that my password isn't right. I have requested a password change from the link on the site and it tells me that an email has been sent but I have not received an email to change the password. Any help would be appreciated because I can't log in and play. Thanks!
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  11. Hahaha, yes thanks for that Salvo
  12. Dear Governors, In light of the current situations regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we hope that all our players are safe and healthy. We see that different governments have taken actions and that players are staying home and playing Governor of Poker 3 more. It's great to see that we can help and entertain you in these times, to play poker and to have fun with friends. Our team is still working hard on new features, events and to support you with any issues in the game. To help out we also decided to bring back these popular features for an indefinite time period: The 2-hour free spin The Emerald Chest from March 18, 9 PM CET. Hyper Spins! Golden Piggy! Enjoy poker and Stay Safe.
  13. Howdy Alpine! Sorry to hear you have been unable to access the game. What's the device and platform you are playing on? Also, please make sure to send more info to our Support Team at a Our support agents will do their best to help you.
  14. Howdy Kenef and Polekaat! 🤠 Sorry for the late response, I didn't have the time to check the Forum before 🙇. About your question, as Goodkat already said, we have decided to swap all of the Winter Entry Keys won AFTER the Winter Event with the new Tiki Entry Keys🍹🗿. Hope you can enjoy our Tiki Event Governors! 🎉
  15. I was grinding for my last 500 points for emerald tonight, when I saw there was an update and applied it. Now the game is completely broken, can't get past the loading screen after I've tried 10+ times and time is running out for me to get my last 500/50000 points for the emerald ring and the hyper spin. I feel like if the game isn't back up and running by the time that the team challenge is over I deserve to be compensated... Anyone else having an issue accessing the game?
  16. The staff always reply, it can just take a little while. There is an announcement on the game now saying that players will be getting a Tiki key as compensation, (hopefully one for each winter key players got after the event closed).
  17. Thank you Salvo for ignoring this question on facebook twice. I did support your game with more then $200 this month, Did it last month as well. Im really disappointed of that attitude and from now on you and your team will recive only middle fingers from me! This is what I wanna say!
  18. I have asked same question at Facebook two days ago, still my post isnt approved. Guess they dont care alot
  19. Hellooooooooo! Are ya'll really just going to ignore this?
  20. I have 3 keys that I win today. Will get 4th one from 600 points tomorrow. Do you guys think its normal to get price of "nothing" ? I hope you do something about it, not to ignore users again!
  21. I received 2 event keys TODAY. One from my 600 chest, and one from a gold event spin token.
  22. So, following on from this, I literally just now got a winter key from the weekly 600 chest, but the balloon even I could spend it on closed yesterday. I assume that will be happening with many people over today and tomorrow as they complete their weekly 600 chests, (which I think from the math can only happen by Saturday or Sunday.) Anyway It seems a bit odd to get a prize that you literally never had a chance to spend! Hopefully it will be valid when the event comes back around next year ... along with the x3 Xmas keys which are still in my inventory. Thanks.
  23. Howdy Colt 45 and PokerGirl! 🤠 We're sorry for any disruption caused. As you already noticed, you can now get your Final Gift from the Winter Calendar and we've also removed the image that was hiding the redeem button.
  24. Do not delete. developers have put the button behind the icon on the bottom right of the calendar. Very difficult to see.
  25. Just got it thanks.....can you close or delete this post.
  26. I played 44 days and met all requirements for the Winter Calendar and did NOT get my Ultra just gave me a Silver Winter Spin.
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