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  2. Wszystkofajnie tylko jakja komuś wysyłam to wyskakuje z włączonym istniejącym kodem i nie można dodać polecającego zeby mugl czerpac kapsle z leveli. ktos wie jak to zrobić zeby to działało poprawnie i dodawało polecających
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  4. Howdy Faith! If you have lost any chips due to an unexpected issue, please make sure to reach out to our Support Team at
  5. I have 10 poker buddies that have reached level 210. I polled them and 6 of them replied to my posts. Only one of them said that they did not care. Actually, from her answer, she does not care about anything. She says that she does not take anything seriously. The other four players all said that they have reached level 210 and have contacted people at GOP3 and have been told that 210 is the peak level. If you include me, that would make 6 out of 11 players that would like to see something get implemented. What I propose is that we all be given a ring and that the levels be reset to zero and we collect points again to 210. At that point we are given another ring and we start over again from zero. People looking at the profiles can see how serious a player you are by the number of level 210 rings you have. This should be easy to program into GOP. All six of us concur.
  6. Today I redeemed a piggy token with my value at mil x2. When used, the system loaded for over a minute and after that the piggy was broken and I got just only 2mil. Please fix the lost coins!
  7. The jury is still out on the new limit in the balloon event for me. My main concern is it may affect the ability to make my best starting hands pay. For example, if I get dealt an AK I like to go all-in and usually only 1 or 2 other people may call which gives me a decent chance of doubling up, and puts me in the driving seat. Sometimes none will call in which case I happily bank the blinds. However, with the max bet I notice more players are coming into that pot. Which gives a lesser chance of it holding up. Only played a few games so far, so I'll need to play more to see whether I personally like it or not.
  8. I hit level 210 just now, and it's going up toward 211. Hmmm, did they just change it ... or will it never reach I wonder. I dont know what I will do without my $35,000 for levelling up!! 😁
  9. Howdy Yamagata! I'm not sure if level 210 will be our maximum level forever. However, as far as I know, there are currently no plans to add new levels in the near future.
  10. Many thanks for your feedback Yamagata. It's really appreciated!
  11. Okay, I just did a poll of the 8 friends that are at level 210. I am told by 4 of the 8 that they already asked GOP3 and they were told that 210 is the maximum level and that is it. One of the level 210 people said that they would like to have a ring for reaching Level 210. Then, we could be set back to level one. That way we could then see who can collect the most Level 210 rings. What about that?
  12. One of the players on my team plays only for points. What he does is collect the free chips up to 6 times a day, plus the gifts from his friends and takes that money and plays the slots to increase his bankroll. Once he does that, he goes to the tables and plays for points at the sit and go tables. Once he loses all his money he starts over again and in the mean time, he has earned 2000 points per round. He finishes as either Diamond or Ruby level and is an asset to the team.
  13. The pot limit does not seem to have any affect on game play. I played 2 hands and was out. I had 4 to a king high flush after the flop, so I kept in the pot and lost to a full house. So, no effect upon game play from what I am seeing. I was worried that we would end up playing until the blinds affected play, but this is not the case. I will keep playing in the Pirate tables as the keys keep coming to me. Thank you for mixing it up and trying to keep things interesting.
  14. I am a level 210 player. Are there any more levels coming or should I just declare that I beat GOP3 and move on to another online game to max out and complete. My son is also at level 210.
  15. We are glad you are appreciating the new Pot-Limit format. Let us know your feedback about the Pirate Event!
  16. People do not seem to be actively posting here, except to complain. What I want people to know is that the Pirate Event is a significant step to address the percieved "problem" of bingo players. I have no problem with bingo players, but that is another subject. Just realize this is "hold em poker." Anything can happen in "hold em poker." This is a boring game played professionally. You sit at the table and fold hand after hand. In a 5 player table, you should be folding 80% of your hands in a 5 player game and 87.5% of your hands in a 8 player game. This is going to be exciting for me to see how it plays out, especially to see how team points are awarded. I play for team points, not chips. I hope that people will post honestly on what they experience at the Pirate event tables. Hoping for a Great Event!!!
  17. Thank you for doing this. This has gotten politicized, but that is not the bottom line. The WHO does important work, especially in stopping diseases like Ebola from spreading. It also does important work in preventing the spread of some exotic tropical diseases, like "river blindness" and monitoring "chagas disease." If you have not heard of these diseases, it shows that the WHO is doing a great job. I think that they have been given a bad rap for COVID 19 and once the election is over in November 2020, I am hoping that US' funding of WHO will return or we will start to hear about more and more zoonotic diseases infecting people with fatal results. Even China realizes this as they donate millions to WHO.
  18. It is now, almost a year later. I cannot see Lol Europa in the teams list. Were they disbanded, like the Killer Bees? They you for posting this. It made interesting reading.
  19. Just in case I was not specific enough, what I am talking about is the LEVEL in profiles. I am a 210 level player. My son showed me his account and he is a level 210 player, also.
  20. Just another question about the game. I am at 210 points in the level of player. There are no points being added in my running total. I remain at 0/500,000. Is there no higher level? Is there any thoughts to extend the points beyond this?
  21. I logged into my account today and there was 54 million missing from my account. The reason that I know is that I checked in the standings before logging off and I had 11 billion 798 million chips and that matched my chip total when I logged off. When I logged back on today, the standings still said that I had the 11 billion 798 million, but I not had the running active total of 11 billion 744 million. What happened to my 54 million in chips? It is like I had played black jack or the slot machine and lost all of the money. Did someone hack my account and played for me, losing the chips? I use Steam to access GOP3 and I think that they are pretty secure. I will keep my eye on my account and note my totals when I log off and log on to let you know if this happens again.
  22. When I logged on tonight, the 40 million chips were there in my profile. Thank you for anything that you did. If you did nothing, thank you for doing such a great job at programming the game. I know that the chips came in after I logged off, because they are in my account, but were not included in my standings total. After playing one hand, the 40 million was added to my profile and I jumped two places to 222 place from 224 in the individual rankings. I thank everyone at GOP for what they are doing during the the COVID pandemic. My teammates also are being entertained and distracted from this international disaster. Best wishes to all.
  23. I have attached a screen shot of the GOP3 receipt for my purchase.
  24. I have attached the picture of the transaction at Steam Valve
  25. I have tried to purchase a piggy token to break my piggy bank. Steam Valve has accepted the money. I am told that the money has been given over to GOP3 and I have received confirmation from GOP 3, but I cannot break the piggy bank. The screen just keeps spinning and spinning and eventually takes me back to the steam valve screen.
  26. Please make sure to send more info to Our support agents will do their best to help you. In addition to that, we would like to remind you that you can play GOP3 on other platforms such as: 🍎 iOS - 📱 ANDROID - ♨️ STEAM - 🌐 WEB - and
  27. Yes, I reinstall Fbgameroom, and GOP3 but nothing works. I was playing with a tablet because de PC facebookgameroom have a bug with GOP3. Today the same bug in the tablet, I can't play GOP3 on none of my devices. 😭😱
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