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  2. Thanks for reporting this Yamagata. We are fixing it right away and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Enjoy Poker Governor!
  3. What is going on with the Chrystal Palace mission? The mission is listed for the Strip, but Chrystal Palace is in the Vegas Area. This is crazy, when I am good at playing Crystal Palace. I could finish this mission. Why are you guys torturing me with impossible to complete missions?
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  5. Howdy Artmakerjen! Our devs are aware of it and they are gonna probably fix it in a future update. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your report.
  6. Say the new viking hats are SO cool. I have three now. So my question is about those, when playing black jack, the first hand I win I get to see the animation. But after that? Nothing. If I switch hats, again the first win will spin, after that? Notin. Other animated hats work with every win. Why don't these?
  7. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! Many thanks for sharing your feedback. We actually didn't communicate that those Hats were guaranteed at all times. However, we'll take into account your precious feedback in order to improve our upcoming communications. Once again thanks and sorry for any misunderstanding.
  8. work my tail off to get to Emerald ANY MORE!!!!!!! Not for a game that dangles neat prizes but when you "win" you don't actually win the prize. So I will NOT put in the hours needed to "win" a non prize. NO MORE. Copy right off the announcements. "Reach the 8th ruby chest to get your hands on the NEW viking hats...." I lost count of how many times I got to ruby OR Emerald which gives you your prize immediately, only to get some OLD STALE hat that has already been out FOR MONTHS! NOT the prize. There are SIX HATS pictured right on that announcement. No way possib
  9. Again, telling someone they are unlucky or lucky after winning or losing a hand is a bit pointless. It's obvious the second the hand is over. Meanwhile, what WAS helpful is displaying how someone won. Flush, two pair... etc. The cards all vanish so fast after a hand, sometimes I don't catch what they actually had. And I'm SURE for beginners this would help them learn the game. But that's gone in favor of some useless dumb thing. I'm sorry but game developers need to try actually PLAYING the game they are programing. I'd much rather see more time spent on game additions
  10. Does anyone follow up with the REPORT complaints that are sent from the tables by the players? It seems to me that when I report people, they are gone after a while, but I would like to know what happens when I click on REPORT. What I have been doing of late, is just using MUTE Chat feature, then I do not have to read the insults and slurs coming from these people, but it does not help anyone else that become the victims of these people. Lately, what has happened is that once I mute these people and do not engage they leave the table. This is WONDERFUL when I am playing one on one or they
  11. Yes, I know what a bad beat is. I have not seen the message saying "bad beat" at the tables that I play at. I do notice and people have complained that the hand that you lose to at the end of each round is no longer being labeled at the end of the hand. I personally like that, because it makes it harder for people to learn how to play the game at the tables I play, since the game is more like Pai Gow than Poker. I earn about 20 million a day at the tables I play.
  12. I still like your idea for a turd or poop as bling.
  13. Thanks for sharing your feedback ARTMAKERJEN. The main purpose of the bad beat/lucky indicators is to provide additional information on the cards ranks players get. @Yamagata In poker, a bad beat occurs when a person holds a seemingly unbeatable hands and loses by the river.
  14. We are glad to hear that! Enjoy Poker Yamagata and feel free to contact our Support Team whenever you need it.
  15. wow this forum sure doesn't get much traffic, but I'll plop a suggestion here anyway. RE; team chat. Can this be divided into two sections? Automated so in so advanced to... or someone won $$$ on the what ever put that all on one board, and keep actual chat on another? Real messages get buried so fast in a big team with all the BS that honestly no one really cares about.
  16. Just wanted to thank the GOP3 programing team. They repaired the problem. My friends are now showing with chips and I happen to be chip leader for all of my friends. Thank you GOP3 programming team.
  17. I am not sure where to post this problem. When I go to the Weekly Leaderboards, the SHOW FRIENDS ONLY check box is not working. When they moved the table order around, they broke it. All of my friends are listed with 0 chips.
  18. Speaking of Royal Poker Tables, when I go to the Weekly Leaderboards, the SHOW FRIENDS ONLY check box is not working. When they moved the table order around, they broke it.
  19. I apologize, but I do not understand what this "Bad Beat" thingy is. I did a google search and nothing comes up. Where can I find what you are talking about. Good luck with your complaint about winning old hats.
  20. If anyone cares, TWO issues. 1. The new Lucky ~ Badbeat things. DUMB to BAD idea!!!!! First, badbeat is meaningless. If you got beat everyone will see what you had anyway. So just stupid. But lucky? THIS gives other players a clue as to how much we were hoping to get lucky, when we bet on basically nothing than got lucky.... EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE FOLDED??? Look. If you want to see my cards, you have to pay or call and let them play out. Without calling my hand, those cards stay hidden. THIS IS HOW REAL POKER WORKS! NO ONE gets to see "ah that player got
  21. Thought a follow up would be in order. Remember my first post? When instead of a new robot hat I got SPRING CHICKENS in FEB? Well... lets see now. 1.Spring chickens, 2. christmas, 3. last summers pool hat, 4. oh the pirate lobster thing ugly hat, 5. and a robot hat AFTER the next challenge started. IN A ROW! So far... every one of these (but the last) contacting support got them switched for the new hat that went with the new event. Until that last one. NOW they say "We add new hats specific to each new challenge but it is not guaranteed
  22. Contacting support.... when I try to reply to them it bounces, "issue closed." So I start another, copying the issue number and pick it up. THIS TIME I got back this... "If you would like further assistance regarding this query, please find the email with the subject "Hat, again." or the Conversation ID "550619" and follow up on it." So just HOW do I follow up on it when it is closed and any replies only bounce? Even though the email clearly has a part saying "reply above this line" as if you can reply. You can't! Do you have their ear? Can someone p
  23. We have a problem. For the last.... oh, at least 4 challenges, I do NOT win a new hat. Emerald twice, ruby a few times, I get a new hat but it's an old one. Christmas, last summer's pool hats... YUCK! I didn't go for those when they were new because I didn't like them. Each time I wrote to support and each time they either replaced what I got with a new one, or even just gave me the new one. (replacing is fine, not trying to gain extra here.) BUT... this last round, one support guy (and I will leave his name out of this, sent in a complaint with it to support.)
  24. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! Unfortunately we had to remove that mission due to technical issues. If you tried to complete it, please reach out to our Support Team to ask for your missing reward.
  25. Many thanks for your kind message ARTMAKERJEN. Our Support Team always does their best to provide a prompt and top-notch support to our GOP players. We'll let our agents know about your nice feedback. Enjoy Poker Governor! ♠️♦♣️
  26. So I was working on filling my tasks, play at least 10 wins in black jack, and right away got a notice there is a mission for this. Had to hunt for it, (seriously, WHY can't there be a button start Y N?) Anyway, I finally found it, started it, but it is not recording a single win. Gonna fill my tasks and stop. Just an FYI for the few people who look here, might not want to invest in this one. Seems broken.
  27. Just a quick follow up, with PRAISE. Support did email me back, told me the usual clear cookies try other browsers..... (Sorry but that seems to be the go to response for anything anywhere. It never works.) Anyway when I hit reply it bounced, "closed." GRRRRR SO I copied the case number, sent a fresh letter, said in it don't "close" an issue that isn't closed? Explained the three browsers I did try, two of which are clear of everything, same issue on all. (Except firefox crashes trying to use youdagames.) SO they answered with a direct li
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