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  2. TopCat

    Hellmuthaces again

    Interested in joining. I maintain 4-5 thousand points . On a team that does the same. But mostly Italian speaking. Looking for an English speaking group for the most part , so i know whats going on. My name is TopCat.
  3. Goodkat

    Admin - Trophies Question

    **Bump** What is the formula for order of players on the same points in the top 10 (trophy) weekly tables?
  4. GoFolesSBMVP

    Questions & Answers

    There should be competition between teams. Fast teams get bonus or something. My teammate riverqueen brought this up it would be interesting. Plus it would help us to know how fast 45 hours to finish challenge ranks.
  5. GoFolesSBMVP

    Hellmuthaces again

    Once again another great performance by team Hellmuthaces. 2 weeks ago 73 hours to finish challenge. Last week 56 hours. This week we shaved another 11 hours down to 45. Awesome team. If u wanna join there may not be much room so get there fast.
  6. radiant

    Questions & Answers

    Hi GoP, how many points governor must do to get rewards : i know it is 10 000 points for the Ultra. But i don't know how much i must do to get 7 megas spin and the piggy with 1 million chips. And the lowest reward is : 2 super, 4 mega, 250 000 chips and 33 gold. Can you enlight me please?
  7. craig

    Bullshit bans

    Was in the middle of 3 Kings Crown casino games got banned simply for winning too much. I had over 375million dollars. Now I cant get to because you assholes banned for nothing and refuse to tell me why. Give back my chips or I will have you scamming mother fuckers shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
  8. craig


    I got banned in the middle of 3 Kings Crown Casino games. Was given no reason. Message support and they refuse to answer. SO WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BAN ME? I WANT MY 375Million chips back NOW. Only got banned cuz some little suck couldn't take losing. UN BANN ME OR ELSE
  9. Team Challenge counter MIA Anyone else not seeing the challenge counter new to a team! And new to game. Does gamer level have anything to do with it?

    Questions & Answers

    I just noticed how sweet and sportsman-like your chat "suggestions" are, gop. Promoting bastardery, sonofabitchery and the overall wonderful qualities a humanoid can possess, and a behavior that would cost them half their teeth and a broken jaw in real life. My question is, did you hire a psychology phd to assist you in promoting these chat functions, or was it another one of your "out of the box" fantastic ideas to create a better game and a better world? THANKS!
  11. radiant

    Questions & Answers

    Watching video to earn chip and one gold don't works on Android since several days! Can you fix it quickly please?
  12. Petunia

    strange questions

    1) why is it that suddenly everyone but me is wearing a combination of blue shirts, black flowers, italian flags, and only a few hats? 2) why can't you choose a skin color for your avatar? Not everyone is white. 3) when choosing buy-ins, there should be an option to just hit max. It's nearly impossible to line up the slider correctly. Thank you.
  13. TripsT


    My team has tried every single challenge to get at least to the 6th chest much less a 7th. Since GOP makers that be have changed the point ratio.....this has become an impossible feat. Now a 7th chest? Come on! You need to listen to your players and bring back the fun. People are quitting in disgust at the lame things you win in chests 1 thru 5. It’s now too hard to get the 6th chest I don’t understand why you encourage teams challenges when the challenge is nearly impossible for most teams. It was so much more fun to play before the point change. Please change it back before you loose more players.
  14. hightechfool

    Feature requests

    You should be able to 'choose' which badge you want displayed on your avatar. It shouldn't just be the 'highest'. For example...I've worked hard to earn my DIAMOND horseshoe badge...but no one will ever see it, because I have a bronze bull from a higher casino. You should be able to pick which one you want shown!!
  15. I notice that on the leaderboard, often a number of players are on the same amount of points (in the sit & go sections) and are then just listed in alphabetical order. For example at the moment, in one section there are about 6 players with the same points and the first two occupy 9th and 10th spot in the trophy list and the others are then below that. My question to admin is, does that mean you could end up winning or losing a trophy depending on what letter your username starts with, or do all those players on the same points as that last spot also get the trophy, even though technically they are not listed in that top 10? Thanks
  16. radiant

    Summer event 2018

    GoP think players are donkey! Playing 51 days and get this crapy gifts with small chips.
  17. Earlier

    Questions & Answers

    So, the new version of the game not only gets stuck during hands, but opens up the yuda facebook page or the itunes store page, randomly, WHEN YOU CLICK BET, ahahahha. Another truly innovative update by gop, just to keep us happy until they figure out how to stop cheaters at big win, it's only been like 6 months since they promised. THANKS!
  19. I'm unable to leave the team, team service is not available. Please try again later. Is the error message I keep getting. Team is, PokerMaxImo Name is, RANDIBARSTUD Please remove me from the useless group. Thanks
  20. Fold

    Summer event 2018

    Todays goal was winning 20 hands. Reward? 15k, 2 sigars and a milk. You must be joking right?
  21. GoFolesSBMVP

    HellmuthAces on fire

    Team hellmuthaces cleared last challenge in 73 hours. This time we shaved 17 hours did it in 56. Join us if u can score 1000 pts fast cuz we finish challenges quickly.
  22. Princess

    what are they for ?

    thanks, I just saw that inventory also appears in the gifts in the halls, almost never gift to anyone hahaha greetings
  23. BnBn

    what are they for ?

    You can give them to other players at the poker table.
  24. Princess

    what are they for ?

    good day everyone can explain to me that they serve the gifts that you earn so much in equipment challenges as in events such as violin, watches, cars? not the ones that are given to you in the halls, I know that they go to an inventory but what use do they have?
  25. Princess

    what are they for ?

    good day everyone can explain to me that they serve the gifts that you earn so much in equipment challenges as in events such as violin, watches, cars? not the ones that are given to you in the halls, I know that they go to an inventory but what use do they have?
  26. checkmate


  27. checkmate


    Hey Guys its Lilly i have created a Team just looking to fill it up with some really good active players. Challenge requirements rules are 2000 points each player... Achievable right? You must have MINIMUM of 5MILLION chips to join my team. Aim is to open 8 chests in each challenge, And with active players we can do that. So if your not in a team or currently in a team which your not happy in search for "checkmate" in your governor of poker and join up . You will see LILLY as the Leader.
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