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  2. I hit by this bug again. I can't believe it's still happening. seriously, how hard is it to make this simple change? Exit button of pregame table queue should become inactive at exact moment of 5th player joining.
  3. Howdy Yellow Meow! We are sorry for the issue you have encountered. Have you already tried using reinstalling Facebook Game Room?
  4. I can play GOP3 without problems on my smartphone. But every time I try to access GOP3 in Facebook Gameroom, GOP3 starts to load but suddenly it stops and returns to the fbgameroom home page. Bad bug
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  6. Thank you so much for your efforts. They are all appreciated. From the USA to Bayern, Deutschland. GOP3 Team FC Bayern - Mia san Mia.
  7. I just looked up Youdagames at Wikipedia. Can someone "SAVE" the listing from being deleted? It is slated for deletion, because it is out of date. If someone can send me the details, like what platforms GOP 3 are played upon, I would update that listing myself. GOP3 is not listed and needs to be listed. Thanks again for all that you guys do for us socialble poker players.
  8. I like the random pin bug. If it is not fixed, I do not mind at all. I look forward to seeing what pin is added to my hat! Thank you for all that your are doing with GOP3 during the covid19 crisis. I love the game and I love the community.
  9. Howdy ArmyBeef! If you opened your Weekly Chest before last Friday, you should have received your Tiki Entry Keys. If that's not the case, please make sure to contact our 👩‍💻Support Team👨‍💻 at Our support agents will do their best to help you👍.
  10. Yep, ripped off again, I swear, this website has got to have the worse customer service I have ever seen, and can't even post the screenshots of the offense in question, typical GOP. Got all five trunks and when I opened the very last one, you know, the one that says, "Tiki Entry Key" and "Golden Tiki Spin" Well, guess what I didn't get. I already had a tiki golden spin from winning at the table, and yet it's the only one I have, and I don't have a key. Like I said, typical GOP.
  11. We are all affected by the growing COVID-19 outbreak. We have received many messages from you Governors that have inspired us to go all-in against this global pandemic. There's no time to lose as every contribution can make a difference to beat the COVID-19. That's why we have decided to create a special Donation Pin Pack in order to raise funds to help fight this global threat. We must stand together to win this fight. Help us donate for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with the Donation Pin Pack. This fundraising pack includes $5.000.000 Chips and a Donation Pin to show your support for the cause. Be sure to wear the Donation Pin at the tables and encourage your teammates to show their support as well. All the profits made from the Donation Pin Pack will be donated to the World Health Organization (WHO) to fight the spread of COVID-19. Enjoy Poker and Stay Safe!
  12. Ehy Governors! Just wanted to inform you that our devs are aware of this issue. They'll do their best to fix it as soon possible!🛠️
  13. Hi Artmakerjen, I don't get the image posting features Salvo describes either coming on to the forum here via IOS broswer (Android). But I use a 3rd party hosting site to post images via that 'insert image from URL' function, you describe. The site I use is as its quick and easy and you dont even have to create an account. Assuming the images (screenshots) you want to post are on your device, just click 'Choose images' > navigate to the image you want to post, and double click it. It will automatically upload and then give a series of links. Choose the second one down - Direct link, and then just copy and paste that link in to that 'Insert image from URL' box here.
  14. I'm on an imac, using opera, I CANNOT POST A SCREEN SHOT HERE!!!!! Dragging it over does NOTHING. There is no place I can find that says "choose files." I do have insert image from URL. I could do that if I have to using my own site as a host but would rather not. I have the screen shot though, (a few actually.) But it seems someone already uploaded a good enough one to show the problem. And again, in between hands, just go remove your own pin usually removes both yours and the odd one stuck in my eye in this case. lol. That one moves back and forth too. not sure if it matters but I play off youdagames site.
  15. Hi Salvo, Yes, the issue has been happening for some weeks, with random pin items appearing on hat. Often it is other country flags which are not in my inventory, and sometimes they are appearing in addition the nominated pin (which in my case is the purple rose). It was happeining on android via browser, and also via steam for me. So in the first example below from today you can see a red rose appearing on my hat in addition to my purple rose. Obviously it's a glitch as you should not be able to have two pin items on the hat at the same time. In the second example from today you can see a picture of two random people has appeared on my table profile, which you can see is different from my profile at the top of screen. As other poster mentioned, it doesn't affect gameplay so no big issue. But a number of gremlins.
  16. Howdy Artmakerjen! 🤠 Thanks for reporting this potential issue. Could you please provide a screenshot and tell us what's the device and platform you are playing on? Please note that you can attach any screenshots by simply dragging your images files to the chat box or by choosing "choose files..."
  17. Hey there has been a minor glitch going on lately, pins appearing in odd places. Someone elses flag or guns for example will appear say over my dragons eye, or up on top of a hat. AND they move around, kinda like the eye movement animations. Doesn't seem to effect play, and if it happens to your hat, just quick remove your own pin and it seems to vanish. Still thought I should point it out. BTW is there a way to upload a screenshot here without hosting the image somewhere first?
  18. Hi PGB! We would like to remind you that you need to send an e-mail to our Support Team at in order to get your issue resolved. Our support agents are the only ones able to provide technical help.
  19. topic on forum , send email , contact suport , HELP ME ?????????????????????? does any developer deal with it? players don't matter anymore
  20. Howdy PGB! 🤠 We are sorry for the issue you have encountered. Please make sure to reach out to our Support Team at
  21. I made a self-supporting ticket but I see that I did not receive a message, I have a problem and I have been playing for so long and it has not happened so far, I have 800 hours + in this game. I won 750m at the slotmachine with 3 governors, I went to the table to play after a while and I had to give rebuy that I had lost, after rebuy game I was blocked and had to give restart, when I returned I had lost all the chips , this is impossible is for the first time when this happens to me is inadmissible,srry 4 english. - The picture is made even after I won the 3 governors I sent a friend to show them, and after I gave rebuy and blocked pokeru disappeared everything, please fix this bug or check so it is not possible to remain without chips.
  22. I've been trying to get a friend who plays another game with me to come join BUT no matter what he tries, he just can't get in. Likely he just has an older computer... not much chance of convincing anyone to buy a new computer for this. I play off youdagames and told him that. OR to use steam. He's tried both. This game stopped working for me on firefox back when you first added ruby. I have to use opera now. (this is the ONLY thing I use opera for. Firefox works for everything else.) Something about the code here needs some polishing. Meanwhile I sure won't waste my time trying to wrangle anyone else over. Not when it's so danged difficult to sign up.
  23. Howdy Governors! 🤠 Share your Friend ID or Team Name on this thread if you are looking for the perfect teammates to complete your Team Challenges! Also feel free to share your Referral Code to earn up to $500k Chips that can always come in handy for your poker games. In order to obtain your referral code, just press the 3 people icon in the upper part of the screen and then choose "Referrals" and"Invite Friends". Please make sure to use this thread ONLY for sharing. Any unrelated reply will be removed. Enjoy Poker!
  24. All's well that ends well @Bones! Glad to hear you are now able to access the game. Enjoy Poker Governor! 🤠
  25. @Goodkat In addition to those prizes, you can also get an Emerald Ring by reaching the 8th Emerald Chest.
  26. Howdy Docholiday! Can you tell us if you are still unable to play the game?
  27. All of my issues are fixed. Thank you!
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