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  2. We'll try to take into account the idea of adding new hats to the Shop. Many thanks for you feedback Governor!
  3. Howdy Artmakerjen! Many thanks for your report. We'll do our best to forward it to our devs. Enjoy Poker Governor!
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  5. There is NO strategy to this. Everyone thinks they have a great hand and throws all in. I do win a few but it's no fun this way at all. Just go all in, lose, try again, repeat... eventually Ill win one but strategy? Non existent on this game. I thought GOP was always looking for ways to discourage all in play? This CREATES it. Nothing but a stupid dice game this is. Just call the all inners, everyone at the table will get a straight, or a flush, or a full house... all great hands. Just random chance yours will come out on top. I really wish for all future events you co
  6. Last week
  7. Tech guys, on the youdagame site, there are MULTIPLE code errors. I mean if you look on the right side menu, right under inventory, it should NOT read (in tiny text) hamburgermenu_open_outfit_shop This is a simple code error, so far I have not played yet but I've seen these occasionally before and it's just page layout stuff. BUT... the NEXT TIME someone complains the site won't load or something, please don't start with the clear your cookies nonsense. THIS is not a cookie error. Someone left out a tag or put a dot in the wrong place. And no one it
  8. Where can I see the GOP3 FAQs? Specifically, I would like to learn more about the Loyalty Spin. There are no links that I can see from the announcements.
  9. Howdy Bonny! It's a known issue that's gonna be fixed in our upcoming updated. Meanwhile, please make sure to restart the game in order to be able to see your LP.
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  11. Hallo, auch ich habe weder gestern noch heute die Treuepunkte in der 4. und 6. Truhe bekommen:-(
  12. Howdy Yellow Meow! Unfortunately you couldn't get any LP from yesterday's Daily Activities since the Loyalty Jackpot was enabled after the DAs already started. However, starting today you should be able to get your LP from DAs.
  13. So, I revived my account I started through steam, kinda fun being a beginner again. I don't play that one as much, mainly just got it going so when youdagames goes down (several times now) I have a back up plan. Had it in a team, got a gold badge, then changed teams at the beginning of this round of events. My badge still shows up but I cannot see how many points I have or what I need to advance. It's just not in the team page at all. Will this take finishing this round then it will show up? Or is this a glitch? BTW... I had a hell of a time connecting with the team I
  14. I arrive in my 4th Daily Chest but not Loyalty points inside
  15. Howdy Artmakerjen! We are sorry to hear that you don't like the current poker format available in the new Cyber Balloon Event. Please take into account that you can win at royal poker by playing your cards right. Just be sure to remember that odds and strategies are different for every poker format.
  16. In a nutshell? THEY SUCK! Everyone thinks they have a killer hand, and throws all in. I like playing POKER not dice. Last time one of these came around I lost millions. This time? I think I''ll just ignore the stupid thing.
  17. Issue has been fixed. We truly apologize for any inconvenience caused. Enjoy Poker Governors!
  18. I agree about the poop emoji. Patrick Stewart has made it popular. Some may think it to be softserve chocolate ice cream. Have both chocolate and vanilla. What I send to the jerks at the tables are kisses. They are such jerks, that they know why I am sending them to these jerky people.
  19. Yes, I had the same problem. I rebooted several times and the problem remained. I e-mailed GOP support, but had not heard from them. Also other team mates said they were having the same problem. The problem seems to be fixed now. Thanks for posting this.
  20. Thank you for explaining. Thank you also for returning the forum to the community forum server.
  21. Awards not being registered. Achievements won come up with a spinning wheel when I try to collect. Had two just spinning away. Then thought before I hit the collect button I'd quit the browser, come back and see. And now my awards are GONE. I had given out 7 of my 10 gifts. That went back to 0. Other stuff I won is showing I never did. So I'm done for tonight. BTW... several people in my team had the same issue when I asked. So please don't come back with clear your history and cookies. (Which I do all the time anyway.) Time to find the bug spray. Or did s
  22. Howdy ArmyBeef8! We'd like to reassure you that we believe in a fair game and we don't manipulate any cards. That's why we have implemented an official certified RNG, in order to guarantee a safe game for everyone. Hope you have better luck next time Governor! Best of luck!
  23. BTW, I was playing 50 million a hand, and they knew it, that's why I'm back down to zero again.
  24. DO NOT...I repeat, DO NOT give them your money, this is the one time I didn't, I have in the past, about 6 or 7 times, NEVER AGAIN, I got the 1.3 BILLION by just playing the game, time to start all over again. Once again, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY, it's a rip-off.
  25. Had 1.3 BILLION....At the end of it, they won 7 in a row. I won 1, they won 6 in a row, I won 2 in a row, than they won 8 in a row. This game is NOT random.
  26. Seems they fixed it, game down for me 1am est. Good to know.
  27. So... Today is Dec 14. Reading announcements for today all it says is... SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE announcement_body_maintenance_1512 So what is that?????? Sure looks to me like someone made a simple website code error. The "body" part kinda suggests that. (My code ability is very limited.) So... is there a TIME OF DAY we might be aware the game will go down? So don't start one then? HMMMM And if that IS just a code error.... I would put it to you folks, this actually shut me out (and who knows how many more) once before when an update suddenl
  28. Ok, first it's working now. Second NO I HATE STEAM! Besides I'd lose all my stuff, whole other account on steam. I don't like using that site at all. Lastly, try this site some time. Your site was down for everyone, not just me. That's a great site to use to find out if it's a browser, cookie, other issue on my end or if the site is just plain down. Yours was down. But it's up now, who ever kicked the plug must have plugged it back in. lol. Let the games begin!
  29. We are sorry for the issue you have encountered Artmakerjen. Have you already tried using another browser? I would strongly recommend you to play the game on Steam as it's more stable ( Enjoy Poker!
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