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    Very disappointing service of GOP ...

    Nö, we have the same problem and nobody gave me an answer at In-Game Support or Email. Fuck it... I want my gifts for the 6 chests we won last week.
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    No, unfortunately I can not. And we can not get the win of the last Challenge (6 boxes) because we do not come to the team site. I hope GOP finds a solution that satisfies all concerned! It's no fun! But thx mate!

    Hello, is there any GOP developer in the universe?
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    @HercONE this is quite common and probably will be available slightly later... Probably it's already solved and you can access it now.

    Please help immediately, one of the teams is "Gespenster"
  8. Last week
  9. Feature requests

    Beridok - You missed the point of my question. I asked, "How people are able to immediately sit out after playing a hand?" I see players do this every day. I can not figure out how they do it and would like to know. About the issue of avoiding paying blinds, in a recent update, the method for paying blinds was altered. Now, whenever entering a game (initially or after sitting out), the player is required to pay the big blind amount immediately. With this method now implemented there is no longer an issue of being able to avoid the blind.
  10. Some teams get a message when try to enter team-talk: SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE The team service is not available at the moment. Please help them.
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    Hello, i can't open the team Page! The Team-Service is not available! What's that! Cheers HercONE
  12. There will be calendar event counting to Football's World Cup event. With Blackjack nerfed, other game modes got boosted points, resulting in generally higher amount of points distributed to players...
  13. leaderboard ranking bug?

    @shaun thank you for answer It's probably just as you said for badge. Therefore, it's not bug, I suppose. However, even if they would spend fortune on chips, they still would have too high level
  14. I hope that the blackjack does not get nerfed again in the challenges. To win the fourth chest for our team before the latest deadline, teammates resorted to playing blackjack to get 400 points in the final 2 hours, and some of our chip poor team mates had to resort to paying real money for chips, which is probably what you want, but this gets old real fast... My own chips dropped about 100,000. My friends and I liked the recent 30 days of gift chests and that got us to log on every day. Thank you for that. Keep up the good work.
  15. i have not get the Ultra in chest 6 only 2 mega spins in chest 5 and 6
  16. leaderboard ranking bug?

    @Beridok ...regarding the VIP+ badge not showing up (despite hitting the requisite chips): I just hit VIP level, and noticed that the VIP badge didn't reveal until I hit "claim" on the achievement. So, that's probably what's going on with that one. The rest though, I bet you're right about -- left over test accounts. Only other explanation would be if they spent $1000+ on chips without playing, which seems unlikely. ; )
  17. I never said you did, but if you browse through Steam discussions and write "Blackjack" most of them are accusing of BlackJack being rigged. I understand your situation now, but with Blackjack's points down, Poker points went up, and in general there is higher point distribution now... Rather than increasing Blackjack points, they (devs) would prefer to increase poker even more. (Apollo said so on last livestream...) Considering time spent on both games, it was too good to play Blackjack...
  18. leaderboard ranking bug?

    I know this is not exactly about the same topic as original post, but there are still some people who have few hands and big stack, probably test accounts from developers: And there is one guy with 3,5B having VIP+ status, even appearing in Leaderboards, but he doesn't have that "badge" on profile for reaching VIP+, why?
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    While I'm on fire (pun obviously intended, "nba jam meets poker"): Do you make my folded hands the nuts just to piss me off, or is this also your way of showing the world the true value of going all-in with your 2-5 off suit, RIGHT after you've lost 75% of your stack playing statistically, poker-wise (regular poker, that is, not auction poker which is your version) better hands? I really believe it's the latter, as we all know very well by now that when you do play those "crazy" hands, naturally you lose 98,75% of them, and so you're ultimately more prone to purchasing chips. But, I'm just another auctioneer, sorry I meant player, please clarify. THANKS!
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    I have a list of players, to whom I wish to send very tender wishes for their sweet, oh so sweet mothers, as they have thanked me for beating me at a hand. Can I post the message and the users here, so that it will reach them, and their oh so sweet mothers, given that I have been permanently banned from the chatroom, after repeatedly sending tender messages to thankers' oh so sweet mothers? THANKS!
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    Yes, this is a test! Thanks
  22. I've never wined about losing the cash. But I play bj because I am often in my shop and a timed hand is impossible. It's just not fun if it's impossible.
  23. People earn more points now, with changes... First people play BlackJack to gain a lot of points, then they lose a lot of money, then they cry rewards didn't cover losses. Just play titular game
  24. Ines we mean a guaranteed ultra obviously. My team has won every challenge and no one has won an ultra yet. That said with the new points system we are going to give up on this week I think. Bj at 6 points is a joke. Lowering it to say 15 or 20 maybe but six? We are all very discouraged. I'm actually going to look at the WSOP game when I finish posting. You've ruined the fun .

    With the change in bj, we are having trouble getting the sixth chest. We ALWAYS get the sixth but this week my team mates are saying why try. Since many have given up I'm thinking it's a waste of my time to try as well. You took the fun out of the game.
  26. Heads up 20 gold too 10 gold again

    http://bre7567@gmail.comi nwish you would put spin&play back like it was. it seems your catering to people with lots of chips. I don't have a lot but love to play

    I do not know how it works with other teams, but notice in my team that people start to get tired of the challenges every week than make there points (of few points) and they play no more. And some people play whole days. In my team one has to score 500 points more preferably. I have a proposal to motivate people to play more, do the challenges once every 2 weeks and put in chest 6 the Ultra Spin Token I'am convinced that people will play more Greetings from Kyra Kyra Family
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