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  2. Many thanks for sharing your feedback Artmakerjen! We'll do our best to forward it to our devs.
  3. Howdy Artmakerjen! Have you already collected of all of the Pirate Hats? If the answer is yes, you can try to contact our Support Team at and ask if they can swap the hat you won with another hat.
  4. Don't care one way or another about the pot limit. Thing I found is if two or more players have good cards, they just keep raising till they hit all in. Just wastes some time is all. Still I like these events. Even IF I so rarely actually win. Not my favorite tables but I do still play them on occasion. Now if GOP really wanted to set betting limits, that's exactly what it should be. ONE max bet and that's it. Say that max would be a percentage of your current stash of chips at that table. Could be interesting. What ever you guys do I'll try it.
  5. That's a WONDERFUL idea. I'm guessing by starting over we keep all the hats and stuff we collected? Just add a ring and clear the score? Or clear all our loot? Really have to start over? I'd be fine with that. As long as I have the ring to prove where I was. Hope they consider this idea.
  6. Agreed. And this latest round, I worked hard to get to ruby just to get a new hat. What did I get? One of those ugly wrap around dogs wearing rudolph antlers. IN AUGUST no less. I feel like I wasted a lot of time playing poker over and over. I posted another thread asking if we might get a sampling of available prizes and let US pick. So maybe that part belongs in suggestions. (Also still hoping for more gloves and basic hats to pick from. I'd spend some of the gold I win on that.)
  7. Well don't let that title fool ya too much, over all I love this game. BUT.... I worked my tail off to get to ruby last round. Mainly because I want a new hat. So what do I win? An UGLY dog hat with rudolph antlers. THIS IS AUGUST! WHY would ANYONE over there think we would want a hat that is more appropriate around DEC? And a rerun at that. I don't care for ANY of those dog hats where the dog is bent around the center of the hat. (The puppies and kittens are adorable, just not these.) I will still play, but working hard to reach ruby? And I don't think I'll EVER make Emerald. Not happening this round. Can I make a suggestion to the designers of this game? How about offering up maybe a small sampling of hats and let US pick which one we want? For that matter same goes for all the other prizes. Tierras. Seriously? YUCK. Rabbit foot keyrings. I hate those things. Rabbit's feet look better ON the rabbit. Cigars? PEEUUU. Why not say you won X number of gifts from X column. (Some being worth more than others.) And let US pick? I love all the drinks. Tissues are fun to hand out when someone is whining about losing. BEER. Never enough beer to go around. Like that? It might also be a way for your designers to see what is popular and what might be ready for retirement.
  8. Hi Salvo, Good to hear you are aware. Hasn't affected me personally. From what I can see, the devs will have there work cut out, and re: the investigation, I could offer some information if required (their motivation etc), but I suspect it wouldn't be anything you guys dont already know. Good luck.
  9. Howdy Gookat!🤠 Many thanks for asking. We would like to reassure you that our devs and support team are aware of these cheating players. They are doing their best to investigate them and ban them from the game.
  10. Hi guys at GOP, Not whining, but just checking you guys on the team are aware there is a serious bot infestation in the game at the moment. Can explain further and supply screenshots if necessary, but I'm assuming you are aware, and working on it. Just wanted to double check. Thanks
  11. Give us an option to choose if we want to play with preflop limit or without preflop limit. For every table/house. All-in noobs ruin the game, it's not realistic compared to real poker. I only enjoy playing sit&go's.
  12. Awesome! We are glad to hear that Skoales. Enjoy poker Governor!
  13. I fixed it, I reloaded frame and it works fine now.
  14. Yes, my game is glitched, i can click on buttons, but I need to click on other parts of screen where there's no buttons. Something 's not right my clicks with a mouse are glitched. My name in game is Jocky (Team U S A)
  15. Howdy Skoales! 🤠 Can you please tell us if you're still experiencing this issue?
  16. Howdy Armybeef! 🤠 We would like to reassure you that we love a fair game and that our game includes a certified RNG. Please feel free to check the following FAQ to learn more: . Enjoy Poker Governor!♣️♥️ Insert other media
  17. I'm playing on facebook and my game is lagging. I can scroll with a mouse, but I can't use the buttons.
  18. So I'm playing Blackjack and guess what, the Dealer had a 6 of Clubs and a Ace of Clubs, while I had a 6 of Clubs and a Ace of Clubs, You think this game is rigged?
  19. Wszystkofajnie tylko jakja komuś wysyłam to wyskakuje z włączonym istniejącym kodem i nie można dodać polecającego zeby mugl czerpac kapsle z leveli. ktos wie jak to zrobić zeby to działało poprawnie i dodawało polecających
  20. Howdy Faith! If you have lost any chips due to an unexpected issue, please make sure to reach out to our Support Team at
  21. I have 10 poker buddies that have reached level 210. I polled them and 6 of them replied to my posts. Only one of them said that they did not care. Actually, from her answer, she does not care about anything. She says that she does not take anything seriously. The other four players all said that they have reached level 210 and have contacted people at GOP3 and have been told that 210 is the peak level. If you include me, that would make 6 out of 11 players that would like to see something get implemented. What I propose is that we all be given a ring and that the levels be reset to zero and we collect points again to 210. At that point we are given another ring and we start over again from zero. People looking at the profiles can see how serious a player you are by the number of level 210 rings you have. This should be easy to program into GOP. All six of us concur.
  22. Today I redeemed a piggy token with my value at mil x2. When used, the system loaded for over a minute and after that the piggy was broken and I got just only 2mil. Please fix the lost coins!
  23. The jury is still out on the new limit in the balloon event for me. My main concern is it may affect the ability to make my best starting hands pay. For example, if I get dealt an AK I like to go all-in and usually only 1 or 2 other people may call which gives me a decent chance of doubling up, and puts me in the driving seat. Sometimes none will call in which case I happily bank the blinds. However, with the max bet I notice more players are coming into that pot. Which gives a lesser chance of it holding up. Only played a few games so far, so I'll need to play more to see whether I personally like it or not.
  24. I hit level 210 just now, and it's going up toward 211. Hmmm, did they just change it ... or will it never reach I wonder. I dont know what I will do without my $35,000 for levelling up!! 😁
  25. Howdy Yamagata! I'm not sure if level 210 will be our maximum level forever. However, as far as I know, there are currently no plans to add new levels in the near future.
  26. Many thanks for your feedback Yamagata. It's really appreciated!
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