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  2. I have been playing in the Royal Poker Balloon Event. Are you seeing those hands there? I just ran a table with 2 AAAKK full houses, a straight, a Royal Flush and 4 Qs. I see at least one Royal Flush, if not two during one of the Balloon events. The minimum hand that winds 99% of the time at Royal Poker is a straight and if there is a straight on the board, everyone wins. You get your chips back, but there are only 6 team points in Vegas. I still hate the lack of team points in the Vegas Royal Poker table. All I can win there is chips. Since you guys changed the points system, I still go there to win chips and I am going up at least 15 million per day. I have won 80 million per day for the last two days -- but I am not collecting enough team points to advance to Ruby or Emerald.. I still cannot get above Diamond level in the team competition. I was earning Emerald each week for 29 times in a row. I would rather win Emerald Rings than chips. The only good thing that has happened with all my experience at playing Royal Poker is that I won my very first event ring after 4 years and 7 months of playing GOP3. It is no coincidence that the Halloween event is Royal Poker. I know how to play royal poker and win, but you guys have gutted the game for team points.
  3. Oh please. I bet if YOU were getting those hands you wouldn't be complaining. I just played a few games, saw full house after full house. Royal flush, several flushes. You can still win even if those are not your hands. Gotta know when to fold um. Besides, I'd rather see games with nice hands like that then games where players win with total garbage over and over. Those are slow games since no one bets on junk, and those are the most boring games.
  4. Yeah, it is working. I tried it with FireFox just now.
  5. Haven't tried personally, (because I'm enjoying steam), but friend said all the browsers are working again now Thanks Salvo
  6. Howdy Nwplayer! Our devs have just had another look at the browser issue and it should be have been fixed. Could you try again and let us know if it's now working for you? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have the similar problem as ArtmakerJen. In latest Firefox, the game won't load but hangs after login. In latest Chrome, my login is rejected with the same error that ArtmakerJen got. I installed steam as suggested here, but it appears that GovernorOfPoker3 app does not support Linux, which I am usually at. So I need this thing to work in browsers again.
  8. Thanks. Still no further word from "support." (so called.) I did write again saying I tried with safari and that too brings up the same form validity error. And I think they are sick of hearing from me now. I'm just glad I never actually spent any money on this game. Doing home repairs, just can't right now but there was a time when I might have. I'd REALLY be mad if I threw money away on a company that doesn't care. As for steam? Hoops... find the game, click play, nothing happens. All I could get were screen shots of the game. Tried again later, and if my life depended on it I couldn't tell you how I found the actual play button. But it too had an unable to connect error. (I have played other games on steam, not often but yea I have, it is installed. I'm NOT fiddling around with un and re installing anything. IT's why I play on a website instead. SO much easier. Until now. Sure hope they get around to figuring out what went wrong. I would think an invalid form would be fixable. But I don't know.
  9. Not sure how to delete those notifications, they may just dissapear when you click on them and view. Okay no problem, I sent a friend request to your team leader, and if they accept I can let them know about your situation. Currently you are still on the team, which is good news.
  10. Well it was just a possible solution. Not sure what you mean by hoops and garbage ... I just installed the interface once and set it up, and as I say, I now have a shortcut to GOP on my desktop which I just double click and it takes me staright into the game. Nothing else whatsover. No garbage, no hoops, could'nt be easier. But the issue with the browsers is definitely their end as you say, it's been going on for a long time, and it would be nice if they could sort it. But I'm guessing thats easier said than done.
  11. Well hmmmmm. Seems I can't message you at all. My inbox is full?????? I just looked, and no wonder even though I have messages marked to "notify me of replies" I never once ever got any kind of notice. Every other forum I use, and I have been since the 90s, can send a notice TO MY EMAIL. Looks like it's all been landing here in my "inbox." Lot of good that does. Anyway, how in blazes do you clear that? I can't find a delete anywhere. Look, this is just easier. My team name is Poker Slayers. I'm artmakerjen on there. If you wouldn't mind, send the leader a note explaining that I WANT to play, just can't get on. (I actually got booted out RIGHT after starting a game on the halloween balloon too. Nuts!!!!) Thanks in advance.
  12. First, steam. I don't like using it. It's why I haven't in ages. Too many hoops to jump, too much garbage on their site to sift through, and WHY do I want to "install" it again? I don't have to "install" anything to play on the youdagame site. Also... I worked hard to get to the level I'm at. And collect all the hats and rings earned etc. Start all over? What's to say this won't happen again? No. If support won't fix this then I'm gone. Sad... but gone. BTW... I tried the game on Safari. (I honestly forgot about that, stopped using it long ago.) But I tried. And I got the exact same error I get on opera. "It seems that you attempted login after a long period of inactivity... Form validity has expired. If you keep seeing this CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR INSTRUCTIONS." YEA WELL CUSTOMER SUPPORT COULD NOT CARE LESS!!!! I got that on opera even though I was JUST PLAYING earlier that same day, And now I got that same error on Safari, and I don't think I EVER played using Safari. I do keep trying, in hopes that someone over there gives a hoot. But no. Seems no one does. I'll message you with my team name, thanks.
  13. Might also be worth downloading Chrome and trying to get on the game via that browser ...
  14. Also, if you'd like me to pass on a message to anyone on your team, to let them know you're struggling to get on the game at the moment, I'd be happy to try. Just pm me.
  15. It sounds like you're trying to use a steam interface that was already installed on your computer and not working. You're talking about using an account you set up long ago, and already having the GOP app on it. With an old account attached to it (level 16 you said). My advice would be to scrap all that and start from scratch. You need a fresh steam interface with a fresh GOP app on it, that you can sign into using the email and pasword for your current GOP 3 account. So basically, 1) Unistall steam from your computer (and ideally delete any trace of that, but uninstalling should suffice). 2) Google the latest steam version download link and reinstall it back on your computer. 3) Launch steam and SET UP A NEW account (using the same email and password as the GOP 3 account you want to use, i.e. your current one, the one you want to keep). 4) Go to the steam STORE (top left of interface) and type GOP 3 in the search bar. Then get the GOP 3 free app. 5) launch the GOP 3 app in steam and sign into the game, again using your current account email and password for that account you want to keep, (remembering to check the 'remember me' box when you do that). Note. Your new steam account note will now have the same email address and password as your GOP 3 account.
  16. Ok, just tried steam ONE More time. And found the play button for this game. And it will NOT connect. Sends me to this support page. troubleshoot SERIOUSLY???? Well I'm NOT a computer tech. WAY too many hoops here. Pretty sure I always had issues with steam. They expect people to buy new computers and have the latest greatest updates all the time. I don't. And a lot of people don't upgrade every time the wind blows. Every other site on the world wide web works. As long as this is the case, no reason to fiddle with my computer. If it aint broke, don't fix it. Only this game got broke and on two browsers now. It's on their end. Broken form on one browser, unity and java errors on another. Now that one just crashes. It's on their end, THEY need to fix it. I can't. Again, oh well. This is like losing a loved pet. Can't bring it back. I'll be sad, then will move on.
  17. Ok, I set up a steam account LONG ago. HATE IT. But I just tried... I still HATE IT! Found gop3. But all I get are screen shots of the game. Click play and it reloads the same thing. Click chat thinking maybe support? NO, pick a group to chat with. (Haven't been on there in a long time.) I don't know the secret path to actually PLAYING the game. When I click the play button steam launches on my computer. But then NOTHING happens. Besides, back when I first started playing this game, and used steam for the avitar thing, it just didn't play smooth at all. There was another reason I left steam and tried today just to remember what. Seems not even FINDING the game to play would be a big one. Biggest problem with switching to steam now? I'd lose ALL my hats, my score, my chips, my team, all of it. It's a whole other account it seems. I think I was only up to level 16 or something before I left and started playing on youdagames. I miss this game. Really I do. But if support doesn't think this is worth fixing, then that's that. And because their contact form requires a user id in order to send, and you have to LOG IN to get that, my guess is there are a lot of people having problems that they never learn about. I have one friend who plays on another game with me who tried. He can't get in on any browser OR steam. (He actually spends money on that other game. Probably would on this one too but can't even get on.) I keep trying with opera HOPING they fix the issue. But no. "Form validity expired." And no one at support can tell me how to fix this? Or why can't THEY fix this? I will have to update firefox at some point soon. I want my daughters help first. She can back up the version I have just in case the update brakes stuff. (Which they ALWAYS do.) So maybe when this happens I can play again. Probably be removed from my team by then. Surely gonna miss out on the halloween event. They flushed me away. Oh well. Nothing is forever.
  18. I'm just trying to remember, but I think once I'd downloaded and run steam, and had the interface open, I downloaded the GOP 3 app and ran it, and it asked for log in details. I used my original account email and password, and checked the 'remember me' box' and off it went. As I say, I'd used my GOP account email and password to set up steam to be on the safe side, as this was gonna be the only game I play on it anyway. But I suspect that may not be necessary. Somehow I got a 'steam/GOP 3' shortcut on my desktop, so I can just double click that, and it opens launching straight into the game, no logging in. Plus you can put your own avatar in the steam interface> profile section, which is then displayed in game, rather than the 'blank head' avatar I guess you get via browser. Worth a go.
  19. Hi ARTMAKERJEN, I had the same problem and changed to steam and it's much better. If you have originally set up your GOP account via email, and log-on via browser in order to play, (i.e. firefox), you will be able to use that account via steam, so you wont lose any of your progress. I used to try various browsers to log-on, firefox, chrome. edge etc to name a few, and had various problems with them all. A number of error codes, and notices coming up as to why I couldn't connect. Some common to all and some exclusive! But I have no problems with steam at all. It runs nicely as Salvo says, less 'choppy', and you even get a better 'full-screen' experience. Plus no logging in, I just double click the shortcut on my desktop and it launches. I don't think it's the code that causes the problems on the browsers, it's a number of other things. Anyway, I recommend downloading steam, and giving it a try. Probably just use the same email and pw you originally set up your GOP account with to be sure, (can't quite remember how I did it but it was fairly straight foward). Your team need you!!!!
  20. Well I guess I'm gone now. Firefox crashes every time I go to my game page. Still not working on opera, wish I could at least say goodbye to my team. Guess they will figure it out eventually. Very sad.
  21. Sorry but IMHO steam blows wind. Besides I'd give up my score, all my hats, and basically have to start over. I have tried with steam, don't care for it. Also wouldn't the game coding be the same regardless of if it comes from a website (youdagames) or another website (steam) ??? So same code errors would occur no? Invalid form on opera and I looked again at firefox, has more to do with some unity problem than java. I had that wrong. So this game runs off unity then? Somewhere there are code issues. Repeatedly, remember my firefox stopped logging in right after ruby. Now it works. I never updated it or changed anything on my end. Game code is the only thing that could have changed. I think your programmers fouled something up.
  22. Howdy Artmakerjen! I'm sorry to hear that. I'll do my best to forward your case to one of our support agents. In any case, I would recommend you to play GOP on Steam ( You'll have a smoother game experience and better graphics as well.
  23. I know your a moderator, not sure if you have the ear of anyone on the dev team but in case you do... little follow up. Well I finally got a reply from support. In a nut shell I'm not important enough to worry about errors logging in. I tried to reply but it bounces saying "case closed." It's NOT CLOSED! And surely these issues are with the game code since every other website on the planet works fine. Some form validity issue RIGHT after opera auto updated, and we can't fix a form? And though firefox started working with this game again, no clue why, every time I launch the game I get some long winded java script error message. BUT click OK and the game seems to work. Horridly, slow, jerky, but at least I can play. At least until some game upgrade breaks it again. As for the opera issue and not being able to log in, contacting support REQUIRES your user id WHICH YOU HAVE TO LOG IN TO GET! So how many people NEVER get logged in or even signed up and support will never know about it? (I have at least one friend who can't and gave up trying. We both play on another game site and he actually spends money on that one. So lost customer right there.) I tell you this much, no matter how many pop ups you blast in my face when I do play asking for me to buy this that and the other, I DO NOT DO BUSINESS OF ANY KIND WITH ANY SERVICE WHO TREATS POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS LIKE DIRT! So I play free until such time as errors block ANY access to this game. It's ok, though this one is my favorite poker game in the internet, I have MULTIPLE other sites bookmarked. I'll simply make a move when this one breaks for good.
  24. people. and this game is a joke, how many dozens of times have I had a face card, you had a two, I throw everything in, all of a sudden I have 12 and you get 21...DOZENS You want to prove us wrong, give us the ability to post pictures and videos, I GUARANTEE you wont....GUARANTEE.
  25. Where did you see those hands Armybeef68? Either way, we would like to reassure you that our game uses a certified RNG. If you want to learn more, please make sure the check out the following FAQ:
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