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    Hi guys, i understand that there had to be made some changes in the system of giving points. That not necseserry means that it worked out well. The points that are rewarded seem to me to be to small. Also in the Sit and Go’s the solution to give points by ranking is not okay. Why? Because players need more time to play and that again makes the time-chips obselete. I also see that te players are getting more agressive in playing and use of language. Poker has to be fun and not a game to get frustrated, angry and wishing eachother dead or getting lots of diseases. So in my opinion itwould be wise to turn this decission back. please make the game fun again. greetings from Holland Béla
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    I am on a team that normally gets 8 chests by Saturday. The new scoring system is making it too difficult to acquire points. I know there are reasons for changing the system, probably legitimate, but the rumblings from my team is they're not gonna play twice as long to acquire the same amount of points. If GOP 3 chooses to keep this system I'm guessing a lot of players will try other apps or websites to play poker. Especially here around the holidays there is not enough time to play poker 4 or 5 hours a day. Just saying.
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    I agree, this new point system is horrible!! We are not receiving appropriate amount of points for winning hands, and players are more aggressive, more than ever. Players are going All-In like crazy, and bluffing so bad, its ridiculous!! Why are players in tournaments being penalized by not receiving points for each winning hand, yet players at regular tables are receiving points for their winning hands?? Paying $2m to walk away with 47 points for 3rd place is insulting, especially when you win many hands and would have certainly earned more points!!! This new system needs to be scrapped ASAP, or you will have a lot of players leave their teams and the game. Listen to your customers please and change the point system back to the way it was!!!! I have been miserable the past 2 days playing Kings Crown, and I use to LOVE playing in that arena.
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    Hi @Ines, have you really think twice befoere setting this last update of points team. Mainly for heads-up challenge. An example: i won 12 hands and then i lost 3 hands. Do you found this fair i got only 3 team points as reward. By doing this, you mainly ssupport bingo players at heads-up area. They go all in with every hand. This system of point is crazy. Now, i got less points and less in heads-up. But, your update say totally the opposite. I have never see that in all heads-up game i played. The main purpose of this update is to force us to play at chrsitmas spin & play. Too many changes, nonsense update who support bingo player. Your society may won more money but the number of player is on the wane. Am i wrong?