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  1. Hi @Ines, Jacopo, Apollo, Denis, the new update you told us on livestream is the cherry on the cooky crumble of a bad joke. First, most of players were happy with the diamond chest. 10 millions players all over the world and it's seems there are only bingo players to your game. This is just a lie. I reach diamond every week and 99 %, i never meet bingo players. Second, the new system is a nonsense. Now, we are going to play 7 days and 365 days in one year. The definition of a game is to have fun but for a short time. Because post of people got other things in life that playing poker every day.
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  2. THE NEW CHALLENGE SUCKS! I struggle and work hard and invest hours to achieve diamond level. 50,000 points? I will never see the inside of a ruby chest. It is likened to seeing Dolly Parton's chest ... Ain't gonna happen! Without the ultra spin in the diamond chest, I will never make VIP+. I will now probably play less because the increased required points to achieve maximum rewards is now totally out of reach for me. Most of us play for fun. It will not be fun any more. I work at work and do not want to work at fun! My current goals are to play until I reach diamond level. Those g
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