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    Howdy Governors! We are very excited to introduce you to our new feature - Poker Teams ! Team Chat Now you can chat with your teammates anywhere! You can see who is online and where they are playing, so you can easily join them. Team Challenge It is time to team up with your friends to complete the interesting team challenges! Everyone in the team will work towards the goals as a group by earning team points, and you will earn chests when the challenges are completed. Team Points are based on XP won in a hand, the more XP you win, the more Team Points you will earn for the team. Chest can contain: Chips, Gold, XP and Hats. (Note: The start dates of Team Challenge are not fixed. A new challenge will be announced before it starts.) Team Settings There will be three types of teams: Open: Anyone can join. Invite Only: Anyone can request to join or be invited by the Leader or Officers. Closed: Players can only join if they are invited by the Leader or Officers. Currently we allow every team to have 20 members. Available requirements: Location, Level, Chip stack When creating a team, you can enter a team name, description and requirements. It costs 25 gold to create a team, and joining one is for free. Team Ranks There are 4 ranks within a team: Leader: The player who created the team. The Leader can kick any members, accept/decline any pending users, change team settings and promote/demote team members. Officer: The Officer can kick members with a lower rank, accept/decline any pending users, and promote/demote team members with a lower rank. Member: a respected member without any special rights Rookie: a new member, that still has to prove his added value to the team. Leaderboard Help your team to reach at the top of the global Leaderboard! The new feature is now released on all the platforms! Tell us what you think about the new feature, we'd like to hear from you! Comment with your feedback, and have a chance to win $100,000 chips!! (The winner of $100,000 chips will be randomly picked and announced on July 28th)
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    Hi Governors, Here's the list of Poker Teams that reached the 6th Chest Challenge LAST WEEK Congratulations to everyone!! Is your poker team on the list? Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name 333 Coventry UK Gold Ass Mad Hatter Pokers Lover Team sensas -=BAM=- Cowboys Golden Boots Maia PokerScars Team Shagger -=Shuppe7=- Crazy team 2 Good Luck Maladjusted PokerStar♤ Team Spirit ♡gwada♡ Cruzeiro Greece MASIACHIBAND PokerStars Team SS 420 Time Czech player GREEK FREAKS matematici Polska Team TEAM SYMPA 4girls fun DamnStraight Greek Mafia Merica POLSKA//// Teamgeist AAAAQ DarkMinions Happy Poker México full POLSKI POKER TeamToMvp<3 ACESS De kaaskoppe Hard aces Millennium POWER MÉXICO The Dutchies AllinNaBroca DEALERS 777 Harem Million team Québecois The farm Amis de jeux Dia a dia Heart beat Milsanova Rags2Riches The Scythers Aquitaine Dilly Dilly HuN ElitE Minion&Engel Rarissimos The Sheriffs argentos DINOSAURS I MATTI Misfortune RDRbrawlers Time Bandits As De Trebol Dodge city i migliori 2 Mjo Real masters Tom 007 As des as DREAMTEAM FR Ibet,ufold MoptyAustria Red Devil Top Atlanta Dreamteam23 Ibiritepoker Motörhead Region PACA TOP ITALIANI ATTACK DutchPoker IL MARE Mugiwaras Rep dom pokr Tram France Aussie rules ECHOSBAND InsertCoin NASA CZ REUNION974 True friends Aussies Elite™ ITALIA POKER NEDERLAND2 Revenge team TX Hold'em AustrianElit EquipeFRANCE Italia Team Nederlands Rich Poker Tycomeagain Avvoltoi ESPAÑA POKER Italia1 Nice friends RiverChasers ultimate Babuzz ESPAÑA UNIDA ITALIANSTYLE Ninj@Turtles RIVERKINK`S! UNION POKER BackthePack Eternity Win Italy poker NL Rock it UNT0UCHABLES Bada Bing Excalibur Ivano NLPoker Rounders # Valkiria Bangers&Mash Extrabreit JackOfSpades O sole mio ROYAL GERMAN Vanquish Bankrobbers FAIR EAGLES jojo team Ojswag2 Royal Guard Vaya tela Bayern Power FeelingFlush Just Dont Orujos SL ROYALAMERICA VeniVidiVici Belgian team FIGHT CLUB KillerPirate Os tugas Royale-Team VOLARE ben&fils finland KINGSnQUEENS Outlaw RoyaLfamily Vvendetta BERLIN POKER FINLANDIA kisti simu Owls Royality W L' ITALIA best players Floripa-BR Kratos PackerBacker Rubber Bands WHITE LION Beta King FLUSH GARDEN Kuala Lumpur Papa Smerf RUBIKONAS White Poker BLACK MAGIC Flush Royal Kyra Family PG RUSP0KER WHITE WIDOWS Black pearl Folds l'as poker Pinoy Royale Russia WildChild Black&Red Fox Poker 1 LA FENICE PIRATES RussianFlush WildWest 2.0 Bo. Dortmund Fr-cowboys La matrice Pirates Team S M Team WildWestHero BoiaChiMolla France power LaLaLaLadies PocketRocket Seb France WINERS Bon joueurQc French Chips Legendary POK Masters Serbia Winter team BR Sit & Go Frenchforce Les As Fr. Poker Ellite Shark Town Wir Helden BRASIL-SP FrenchGamble LES BISOUS Poker España SimbaCastle Wolfs braveheart Fresh Start LES BRAS KC Poker ITALY! SOONERS #1 world team brazuca Frnds poker les ch'tis Poker Ladies SOULMATES XANTHOS BROTHERS Fun and win Les fireball Poker Lovers Spain Team xx ZOZO xx Buenos Aires Fuscaldo Les toreaux Poker Onkelz SpainTeam Zecha Stars Bumble Bees galicia Levantin@ CV Poker Pimps Spicey Sarah zetra. CalabriaMia Game ON ! LOLcat Poker Polska Spingteam Любители Camelot's GaMeOvEr Looney_Tunes Poker pro's Star of Hope Россия Canitos GER AzD Los Chidos Poker Queens Stinger Bees РУСЬ CARDSHARK$ German Poker love gamers Poker top Tahiri clan Торквемады Celtic bhoys Germanflush Love Power Poker-Italy Tattoe Хорошие Люди chatonne Germanpoker1 Lucky ace Poker-stars Team Canada Club Winners Germany Lucky Clover pokerboletus Team Chacal Coffee Club Germany One Lucky you Pokeritalia2 Team HELPERS COLOSSEO ROM geshurt cowb Lucylla.pl PokerMaxlmo Team Italia CorkRebels Gli Amici Luxe force Pokermon! Team Roest
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    what about ULTRA spin Tokken?
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    Hi Governors, like we said in the Live Stream on Friday, we are introducing a new team challenge that will start the 1st of March! The Poker Team feature is a great way to group with friends and other players. This week Team Challenge will have 6 chests! We wanted to challenge the teams that are hitting 5, so we introduced a 6th one (a harder one!) We got some great feedback from the 5th chest so we introduced XP doublers in all chest and we are giving away mystery hats... Chest can contain: XP Doubler Mystery Hats VIP Hats Normal Hats Gold XP Chips Super Spin Token Mega Spin Token Pins Ready? Take your Poker team and win this 6th chest! Let us know if you like this new team challenge and what else you would love to see in this Poker game! Play now→ https://www.governorofpoker.com/games/governor-of-poker-3/play/
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    There are lot of players who pay a lot for this game wat do Governor do with all that money the server is very bad use that money to fix that server problem many players who play in heads up with the challenge get lost a lot of chips so did i yesterday. Its a fantastic game I'm addicted to it but this challenge is to high for so many teams only teams with a lot of chips (money) can finish the challenge or people who pay for this game. It must be a game for everyone not only for the rich people
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    the additional 6th cheast ist great, even for Clans with 35 active members. BUT they (Developers) forgot to mention that the Price of HeadsUp Games has doubled from 10 to 20 Gold. They aslo forget to mention that there is no longer 2x Teampoints after the Spin. Do they think we'r all stupid? All of my friends who play the Game are really very angry ... lots of them think about quit the game, me included. I hope the developers will undo this Change soon....
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    Blackjack is really cheated!!! Many players told me that. I try and it was true. I never play Blackjack again.
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    With respect, I agree an Ultra Spin token should be a prize. Sometimes I feel that this game is really unfair and greedy, wanting people to buy chips all the time. The dealing of the cards and hands is very suspect. A higher stake blackjack would be good too. You would get more people buying chips then, especially when the dealer pulls 6-7 cards at times and gets 21.!!! Unbelievable.
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    Hi Ines, This is a good challenge with 6 chests and i like it. But, with this 6 chest, you should give us a reward more important like ULTRA spin token. This is a really good aim to challenge the 6 chest. Thank you.
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    AUTO TOP-OFF The next release will include the option to enable auto top-off in all Cashgames saloons! After each round, the auto top-off feature will refill your chip stack to the amount you brought to the poker table. CHANGE GENDER You will be able to change your gender, this option will be available in the inventory. We have also made all the hats available for male & female characters! Check out the new hats that are available for you now! POKER INTERFACE - CALL CURRENT BET We wanted to create a smoother experience in poker and people have been requesting this feature for a long time so we included the "Call current bet" pre-decision option. We also received a lot of feedback from players that they clicked "fold" while trying to click a pre-decision button. We solved this by introducing more animations in the poker interface, there is a small delay now that prevents you from clicking the wrong button. FORUM RELEASE This is the official release of our forums and we can't wait to hear your feedback!
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    I totaly agree to this. Now the rich teams are getting even richer. If teams would be divided by rich, middle and poor (or something like that) everyone would have a chance, cuz right now the poor ones and middle teams just swinging by and dont have enthusiasm to play.
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    Hi, thanks for this suggestion!
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    My team managed to open the 6th chest but the "gifts" was just disappointment. GoP team are you kidding us? Why you increased the heads up from 10 gold to 20 gold? To give us silly and useless hats, pins, etc? Even the mega spin tokens doesn't worth the 50.000 points! Your hype was to good to be true... We are not robots, we have lives and play for fun you know. Also your server problems are so many that make the game unplayable. At least you should fix connection issues! I just stay because i have many friends... PS. Make the survey here in forum, we don't have all social media, and and don't want to make...
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    most important for me is give us back double TeamPoints in HeadsUp and reduce it to 10 Gold again. NO INTERREST IN MORE ITEMS!!! ...then the 6Cheast makes sense ... and we even get a Chance to get it
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    Seriously? And you think these are good ideas?... From my point of view... these useless changes lower the game even more. If you add another chest( and it's longer to complete), at least add another day or two to be completed. Not all teams have 35 members. And what items are you talking about for Head's Up Challenge? Not to mention that the points are half now when you win a hand there. More hats or what ? I give you a free advice for improving the game: a survey sent to everyone, with questions about the game, what do we want to be changed or improved, what we don't want, what we will want in the future, something like 20 questions or more. And that survey to have few options for everyone to choose what each one likes most. For instant one question: Do you agree to pay 20 gold at Head's Up Challenge instead of 10?
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    This game will die slowly.... in this rhythm, with all these useless changes and not even a satisfaction when you're playing.... i give it 6 months, maybe 1 year. Just listen to us, your REAL money makers and revert those changes as they were before. Pretty soon people will get sick of these and run away !! Ain't fun anymore, just management for you GOP !!
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    I can understand that you make the 6th chest very difficult to get. I can also understand you are hesitant to give the ultra spin as a prize because you have to pay 100 Euro to buy it (can’t imagine anyone would do that btw). But I don’t understand that at the same time you double the coins for heads up and reduce the team points. For people who actually have a life that makes it impossible to get the 6th chest and even very hard to get the 5th. I see in my team that motivation is dropping. Usually at this time on Saturday we are close to finishing te challenge by getting the 5th chest. Bot now we are not even half way there. I haven’t played much either. Which has given me a lot of time to do stuff in the real world but I can’t imagine that this is what the developers want. for me this is killing the fun. And apparently for most of my team members as well. If this change in the game is permanent I will probably quit the game. Which isn’t the end of the world because I’m pretty busy with other things. just my two cents.
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    Looks like everything that most of the players suggest now and ever did before.... doesn't seem to be interesting ideas for them, developers. Everything people want.... they don't even care. So, save your breathe, guys.... in time everyone will lose interest for this game, because everything they offer it's INSIGNIFICANT !! That ULTRA SPIN TOKEN it's the best reward for everyone who spends hours and days trying to open all the chests... and that means high traffic for GOP. So... you might as well give us this chance... at least this one, if nothing isn't good for you.
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    ich finde ihr macht alles kaputt mit den neuen Sachen. Headsup doppelter Einsatz, kleinere Gewinne und weniger xp. warum laßt ihr nicht alles so wie es wahr. macht gar keinen spaß mehr.
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    I think this Game is taking to much from the costumers.sometimes it is very suspect.i‘m actually staying only because of my Pokerfriends I got. Too much Server problems.
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    Definatly 6th chest should be ultra spin
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    I'm not complaining. I've been winning over the past two weeks (despite all the wild holiday "bingo players"), and have won hugely (10s of Millions of chips in total) in the few months I've been playing... BUT... Don't you think it that minimal fairness dictates that players know the exact rules of the game? There's no excuse for not revealing the full table rules. I just played Big Blind twice in a row on a 6-table, and the second time there was NO Small Blind. It wasn't the first time that's happened (though it is admittedly quite uncommon). I can't think of any set of rules where I would be held on (disadvantageous) Big Blind twice in a row with NO player made Small blind, while the Button held their (advantageous) position. Given that there are two blinds, both should be filled by advancing the dealer to another player, making the former Big Blind the Small blind, and the player to the former Big Blind's left the new Big Blind. No matter HOW many players leave and enter the table, there should be a BB, a SB and a Button before each hand is dealt. It's that simple. I'm not saying anything is crooked. I'm just asking what the rules are, because this simply should never happen. There should always be a big blind, small blind, and Button for every hand, and any responsible algorithm would designate them before dealing ANY cards. If there's a legitimate set of rules for the rotation around the table, who not state them, so players can know? No casino or poker room would ever get away with not stating their rules in advance. Nor should they!
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    The Xmas Casino just opened in Vegas! It has a limited time mission to win the rare Ice Governor hat. This tournament will run till January 7th. December Gift Calendar has also started! You just have to play a few hands to claim your daily present! Each day random prizes will come out of the presents, this includes Chips, Gold and (Rare)Hats. On Saturday and Sunday there are bigger green presents. And it would be good to claim the presents on Xmas, as these have more rare items and bigger rewards! Did you notice the new XP doubler yet?! We got some great feedback from people that XP is important for them. We love everyone to progress as well, so we introduced the XP doubler. After every 4 hour free spin, the XP doubler is activated for 30 min. Any XP won at the tables will be doubled.. even if you play Multi Table poker. And a small tip: This will also have effect on the Team Points won, as these are based on XP! Won the 5th Chest in the Team Challenge? This weeks Team Challenge will have 5 chests! We wanted to challenge the teams that are hitting 4, so we introduced a 5th one with a good bounty inside. GO TEAM! Let us know if you like the updates and what else you would love to see in this Poker game! https://www.governorofpoker.com/games/governor-of-poker-3/play/
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    Hey everyone ! I think we all want this game to be much better than it is now, suggestions to improve are always in everyone's benefit. So there's mine: 1) One tournament at Pro Forest- 500k buy-in and another one at Las Vegas- your choice here about buy-in (i guess 4-5 million buy-in). The only areas without tournaments are these two. 2) Send chips to friends- 100 chips- that's ridiculous.... better for "poor" friends would be 10-20k or 100k (why not?). 3 )A teams duel... any team can choose which team to play against with..... for a high prize during 2 or 3 days. 4) As for Team Challenge would be great that the prizes to be higher.... not 50k top chips prize. For MVP as well. And 5 or 6 chests instead of 4 now. 5) And the last one, but not in my mind..... Top 10 players from all the tournaments to play in one Big Win tourney -something like World Poker Tour.... where the winner takes all and a Bracelet. Duration: 4-5 days. Winner's prize: 200 millions and 1000 Gold.... plus the Bracelet. As for the other suggestion here, i agree with No spam on the chat( no Thanks, no laughing, no well played and all of them), replaced with some more friendly. Lucky one, Better next time, Awesome, Keep trying - my suggestions. Changing picture from profile( not from Facebook), hiding level and experience, different hats like in baseball, solving problems with hackers or cheaters.... all these can be done. That's all for now from me.... i really wish all to be implemented in order that everyone can have more chances. Thank you and.... good luck everyone on the tables !