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    I keep getting this message. Connection Issue Unknown Error:Maybe a CORS problem Network Status: Net Verified Can someone help me with this please? Thanks.
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    Usual i buy chips and i had spend a lot of money. Today i have my last 2.1M chips and i play my last chance at sit n go buy-in 2M. 3 players go out and finally i play vs one last player. Finally i lose from JJ when i have 77. After this i go in again in sit n go buy-in 2M and app give me first hand on table trap cards AK and of course i bet all and only one player bet in and have KK and the table give us AK785 i have see this same scenario hundred of times... those who understand observe this thing happened in right time when you got nervs and it is right time to buy chips again ...the point is your money For this you see after this scenario the popup window "REVENGE + PAY N PLAY" This game i think ridicule people and tracking players who give money for chips and gives them very rarely strong cards and for a very short period of time to lose again and buy again chips. 100 times i have see this thing and lose with same unbelievable way. I must to say all of this because i spend a lot of money and must players like me wake up !
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    what is the fun to go all in right at the begin of a game? i don't get it. please tell me why people do this.
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    Since 8 hours, i can't log into the game. I play on Android device. I got this message "Error 0" Something fail when trying to log in to server game. Error has been recorded." @Ines Please resolve this bug quickly because calendar and daily activity is not possible!
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    Their HTTPS certificate has expired. No one with a modern browser can get in (a few may still allow user override, but most browsers don't. It's not a good idea, regardless) Specificallt, it's the certificate for auth-live.gop3.nl that expired at 2359 UTC April 22
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    Same. No both my browsers can't start the game. Oh well.
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    i'm getting error on chrome website down or moved
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    1. Rounders (1998) A young man is a reformed gambler who must return to playing big stakes poker to help a friend pay off loan sharks, while balancing his relationship with his girlfriend and his commitments to law school. (IMDb)
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    but this is impossible! gop uses the super fantastic card shuffler that ENSURES a fair game. check your settings, log off and log on, say a mantra at your bathroom mirror, or go to jackpot casino and bet all your stack with a shitty hand. that should fix things.
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    Hello and immediately apologize for my English I have an idea for an addition in the game. There are a lot of people who have gold in excess. because they do not use it. and they often have a deficit in chips. and I thought. that in the game put a currency exchange in which you can exchange gold for chips. Or buy any of the spin or token x2. I also thought about the option of buying things for gold, the player who made the purchase could donate to another player. I personally have many times that I do not have the option to give a token to a friend who was in need I think that these would be interesting options for players ... some variety for players ... and above all it would be very helpful I greet everyone and I wish you successful matches And I apologize for my English
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    Hello, we will put it in the suggestions list, thank you for sharing
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    Hello, thank you for reporting us this case. Next time you can directly report the player in-game. But again thank you, we'll start an investigation and take actions.
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    Take a break, I found out that is kinda glitched, more often you play trough the day worse it gets. If you stop playing for a week or a month and comeback, you start winning again. That's how it is from my experience, but I agree that, this game is not fun anymore.
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    Its completly awesome !!! Yall doing an amazing job from the live feeds to the endless hours of upgrades yes like everything theres glitches but ive delt with many companies and you all have the best poker game out there past wsop bye a long shot !!! Keep doing yall Awesome job GOP3 team!!!8
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    Yes it's true, I may complain when there are bugs but GOP3 is the easily the best poker game around, and its free to play, and I'm sure the developers work very hard behind the scenes to constantly introduce new elements to make the game even better all the time. So many thanks for that, I do appreciate it.
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    Good cards will come!!! enjoy poker
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    Thank you for the great idea! we will put it in the suggestions list
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    Hello, today I have so far been unable to sign in due to the site being unable to load even the sign-in screen. This is what it says Error: Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. This is EXTREMELY problematic as today is a calendar day and having already skipped on day, if I don't complete today I won't be able to get the ultra spin, and it WON'T be my fault. Please fix this or at least make it so we can get the ultra with two days skipped.
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    can you put it in the player you can mark for example green so you know who a good player is and who not I hope that adds this I think it is not much work http://prntscr.com/mqemlj can you put it in the player you can mark for example green so you know who a good player is and who not I hope that adds this I think it is not much work
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    Dear gop, I believe I am expressing every single player's sentiments when I write that I absolutely adore this auction-based card game that you have invented! Every time I play, I am thrilled by the way you manipulate not only the hole cards, but also the cards at the table. The method you've created, that is to determine the table cards, flop, turn and river, not randomly, but depending on the betting of the players, is, in my opinion the 2nd best invention of human kind after sliced bread. Moreover, the technique whereby 90% of folded hands in sit & go tables become the winning hands, hence enabling your average thanker to believe he/she can do it next time is also absolutely brilliant. In addition, the 3-consecutive-times-allin trigger, which allows thankers to bypass conventional wisdom, experience, knowledge and statistics, and turn that 3-8 off suit into the powerhouse it always deserved to be, deserves an oscar, a grammy and a pulitzer in and of itself, no questions asked. I could go on forever, but I won't! Since, I am obviously BEGGING you to leave that version of card game COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED, or even maybe (though that seems impossible right now), find even more creative ways to manipulate cards, so as to truly infuriate, pardon me, excite your players. My question is: Would you ever consider creating a table (let alone a section!) where players could enjoy a game of texas holdem poker? You know, old-style? Like, with all the rules, statistics and overall experience that resemble what most of us have seen or lived at other, more "normal" platforms and in real life? I happen to be able to assist you in creating such a section or table, as I have access to the (yes!!) A_C_T_U_A_L card odds, which I would be more than happy to share with you, should you indeed decide to go crazy! Or do you plan to YOLO all the way, ON FIRE (nba jam-style) into auction heaven? Please let me know THANKS!
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    Hello, I don't know if you follow us on our social media, but just yesterday we have announced the new "Air Baloon saloon" in The Strip area. Which will be available very soon! Go check it out!!!
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    make it that you cant invite 'friends' to join you at the table in big win events. Than it would take forever to find the table that your other nick is playing at - and that would pretty much end that kind of cheating.
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    You're welcome, thanks for the support
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