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    Yeah, it is working. I tried it with FireFox just now.
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    Thank you so much! I am now at level 211!!! Thank you for being responsive;^) This is wonderful. (I still like my idea of resetting to 0 and giving us a ring each time we reach the max level. More levels is just as good.)
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    Thank you! It seems like there are more adolescent players at the tables. I personally have to mute about 20% of the players whenever I play against shark or lower level players. Overall, I still enjoy playing GOP3.
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    Thanks for the straightforward replies Salvo
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    Okay, I just did a poll of the 8 friends that are at level 210. I am told by 4 of the 8 that they already asked GOP3 and they were told that 210 is the maximum level and that is it. One of the level 210 people said that they would like to have a ring for reaching Level 210. Then, we could be set back to level one. That way we could then see who can collect the most Level 210 rings. What about that?
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    I can play GOP3 without problems on my smartphone. But every time I try to access GOP3 in Facebook Gameroom, GOP3 starts to load but suddenly it stops and returns to the fbgameroom home page. Bad bug
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    Thank you so much for your efforts. They are all appreciated. From the USA to Bayern, Deutschland. GOP3 Team FC Bayern - Mia san Mia.
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    HEY support had a great idea. I did not know this but you can mute a tab. SO.... even if the game keeps forgetting my settings say off, I can still mute the game and not kill my stereo. Live and learn. I never use tabs myself so this is new to me. Daughter then pointed out yea..... all browsers now can do this. So if anyone else is having the same issue, right click the tab your game is running on and you can mute it right there. Cool huh?
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    Thanks Salvo, yes, got the main chips back, so no biggie. And no further problems tonight.
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    Ahah sure, now I understand why don't you like the ice and snow references that much! 😅 Also many thanks for your feedback about the hats, we'll try to report it to the rest of our team! 👍 That's wrong! You usually have higher chances to get the new seasonal Ruby hats at first than older hats, but after that your chances to get the older Ruby hats will be increased. That means that you should be able to get the very first Ruby hats at some point (dragon, bear and cat hats).
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    Again, many thanks to your programmers. The problem was repaired and I received all of my points back. Great Job! Happy New Year!
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    Xmas has been a boon to all of the players of this game. There are definitely more chips out there and the chip leaders have grown their stacks by at least up to 50 to 100 billion. Not that I am complaining. This means that as the chip leaders shed chips as they inevitably will, the chips should trickle down to us grinder players, like mana from heaven! It is exciting to see so many chips at the table. It is like Las Vegas, you play at the tables, there are players that come in and wins over a million dollars and then they fade away in the night, never to be seen again. I like to think that they either lost all their money or just retired on it. In any case, I hope that they are not buried in the desert. At least that is not a possibility in GOP. This is fun and I thank GOP programmers and staff for allowing all of this to happen. Happy Holidays to all!!!
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    Try clearing your browser history and trying again
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    Howdy Governors! The number of team members has been raised from 35 to 40! ? Play with a bigger team and make more friends! ?? Good Luck for this week's Team Challenge! ??
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    Our team gets 8 by Friday this change made no difference.