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    Please get rid of "Thanks" option on quick response bar after hand is won. Super annoying , poor sporstmanship, spam, ruins it. What other purpose is there for it on the quick response bar after a hand other than to be an annoying jerk?
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    I keep getting this message. Connection Issue Unknown Error:Maybe a CORS problem Network Status: Net Verified Can someone help me with this please? Thanks.
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    Hi guys, i understand that there had to be made some changes in the system of giving points. That not necseserry means that it worked out well. The points that are rewarded seem to me to be to small. Also in the Sit and Go’s the solution to give points by ranking is not okay. Why? Because players need more time to play and that again makes the time-chips obselete. I also see that te players are getting more agressive in playing and use of language. Poker has to be fun and not a game to get frustrated, angry and wishing eachother dead or getting lots of diseases. So in my opinion itwould be wise to turn this decission back. please make the game fun again. greetings from Holland Béla
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    Hello (Sorry for my English) I wanted to talk about ** private games ** in my opinion ... private games should come back ... quite often toxic players do ... who by his behavior destroys all the pleasure of the game and on the private table you could sometimes play for relaxation and at the moment, a man just gets nervous to relax and enjoy the game and also face a private duel and without a private table it is impossible once again I apologize for my English
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    Hi Ines I can follow your argument and also the ones in other forums about the cheating of one player with several accounts. But there were also some other social aspects about privat tables. Specially now, that with the new points system the “All-In mania before the fold” is getting out of controll. But I don’t want to talk about this. Sometimes it is really hard to get to table with one friend. To do this with for example 4 people…all most not possible. So a social game with some friends need a lot of energy, time and clicking; even when you send an invitation to the friends. The privat chat is really great feature; thank you for that. But the privat table was very good to discuss something with 2 or 3 people, that you don’t want to discuss with the whole team; for example the team rules. This is now very complicated. Another very social aspect is helping friends. If somebody got in trouble with the chips, it was possible to help him on a privat table. For me this was not cheating nor illegal. Just a social help for a friend. The daily 100 chips is a nice sign but not really a help. This could also be solved with possible gifts like a spin. While my research about privat tables I found out, that it is possible to play on several tables in the same moment. I was reading about someone playing on 4 tables parallel. This for me is very unsocial. For sure others on this tables have to wait and this person is not able for any communication with the others. Thanks for checking this points. Maybe there will be a comeback of the privat tables. It would be no problem, if the winning is without getting any points (leadership/team etc.). Would be a relaxing time during Challenge-off-saison! Best regards Ostap Bender
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    GoP3 is so mean, now they disable private tables to all saloon. What's up GoP3, you don't get enough money with the black friday? Don't tell me you disable private table because there are too many governor who transfer money to another count. Now, this is the last step to kill your game. Gop3 always said to have fun by playing poker... But, where is the fun in a game when you can't play with your family nor your friends? This is insane, see how many people uninstal your app and bad comments on facebook. As for me, the boycott is already activated. All my friends uninstal GoP3.
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    Hi, I joined the game after Big Win had already been stopped, but I and many others that I have spoken to, love tournament play and feel it is the main thing missing from the GOP3 experience. I read that they cancelled Big Win because some players were cheating by creating multiple accounts and then read elswehere that it would only return if the developers found a way to solve that particular problem. My question is, is that actually a possibilty, is some form of torrnament play likely to return to the game at some stage, or is the problem really unsolvable?? Is there anything in the pipeline, are they working on it? Thanks
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    This time we got only one 60 minutes and one 1/2 hour xp doublers. That's not enough. Atleast give two 60 mins and 2 1/2 hour xp doublers.
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    Next Calendar When Does It Begin ???
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    I'm sure they are aware, and in fact I have been unable to log-in for last 20 minutes as they are 'Undergoing Maintenance, and will be right back'. I made the mistake of refreshing my browser. It's disappointing this keeps happening on the first night of team challenge though. I wasted my first free 30 minute XP doubler and a further 1hour token so far, and although they usually send a couple of free tokens for the inconvenience, it gets the team challenge off to a bad start, because some players get fed up easily and leave for the night to go find something else to do. Also, I clear my schedule so I can get off to a good start for diamond and not have to play so much at weekend and it obvioulsy doesn't help!
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    Hi guys, sorry about the late answer. Thanks for the good suggestion @Colt 45 regarding the reward for leveling up, we will think about it
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    You haven't so no worries. 🙂
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    Ya sure. Post will be considered, if it is considerable.
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    Gop team is very supportive. They will definitely consider it.☺️
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    I am on a team that normally gets 8 chests by Saturday. The new scoring system is making it too difficult to acquire points. I know there are reasons for changing the system, probably legitimate, but the rumblings from my team is they're not gonna play twice as long to acquire the same amount of points. If GOP 3 chooses to keep this system I'm guessing a lot of players will try other apps or websites to play poker. Especially here around the holidays there is not enough time to play poker 4 or 5 hours a day. Just saying.
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    I have my own team and was wondering if its possible in the future to have more player ranks.... Currently we have Leader, Officer, Member and Rookie. Maybe something like Admin or Owner, Senor Officer, Officer, Senor Member and Member. Just a thought thanks.
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    Same here. My short cut is gone. That was thru Facebook. Face book shows "The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed" . My tablet and phone are apps thur Youda. Says facebook app not set up. Still in development mode NEED HELP
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    I'm having the same problem and I own a Team, so what do we do or is there a moderator that will help us?
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    Currently, when all remaining players fold to you [i.e. there is no showdown], the default is "Show your cards". In any real casino or poker room, the default is "Hide your cards". There's an axiom in poker, "you have to pay [i.e. call/bet] to see". This is alluded to several times in the Official rules of the Poker Tournament Directors Association Either change the default to "Hide your hand" (if no showdown) or add an optional setting "Hide hands if other players fold". [on/off] You can (and probably should) keep the option you currently display after each showdown. VOLUNTARILY CHOOSING to show [selected] hands is real part of poker strategy/psychology. However the current behavior of "show by default" is wrong per poker rules. CITATION: Poker Tournament Directors Association Rules (search the rules for "pay to see" and "paid to see" to see speciffic example of this principle.
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    Hi @Rubinho, we will announce that info tomorrow
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    Finally hit a hand tonight and connection issues kicked in at the crucial moment. Just says "Reconnecting You to the server" all the time. Tried refresh, logged out and back in. The Same. I know it's not me coz everything else loads in next browser window. Very Frustrating, especially just after team challenge starts. I feel like I should get my buy-in back.
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    Thank you for your reply INES, I did indeed contact support and the problem was resolved. However, here we are at the start of another team challenge and the problem has reappeared.
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    @Ash Vaidya I think we can infer from craig's expletive-laden original post (calling the moderators both "assholes" and "mother fuckers") that he didn't get banned for "winning too much". At the very least, you know there's more to the story than he's representing.
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    You say there is no cheating in GOP3, but tonight, I played in the Poker Resort with a player level 26. We were just the two of us, we had the time to play 19 times, and he won EVERYTIME. You affirm there is no cheating possible according to you FAQ, but how is it POSSIBLE a player can win 19 times in a row?!?! Your cheating begins to be very visible now, so I'm asking this very simple question to you creators and developers of this game ; how do you cheat ? Please don't reply "There's a very complex algorythm" because I would be very upset. This is so annoying to play and never have even a pair... I'm very curious to read your reply and explanation...