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  1. why does the ROBOT in your support department keep sending me the same e-mail ? twice now i havn't received my chests , i have supplied all information requested but the robot cant help me i spent millions of chips getting 11000 points but still got no chests !! An by the way i am the leader an i started the team go figure !
  2. i didn't receive my hard earnt an costly chests at the end of challenge 3 weeks now an support keeps sending me the same robotic e-mail , i supplied all information an still get an answer from the robot that runs the support network why ?? the robot cant answer that 1 yet !!
  3. since they reduced ur chances of getting decent points with low chip stacks its so much harder 2 get points they favour the big chip players so u purchase chips its the way it works strugglers get rorted while rorters get a bonus
  4. i cant log in either nor can 2 other friends WTF ??