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  1. the black jack room is tragic error !! 1000 times worst from casino
  2. up to 10 times i lose at the tables from the last card from dealer i am boring to see this happend continiously when i try to collect chips without purchase ... Black Jack controlled by devil never win always lose
  3. last month every time i spin the 4hours spinner never gives me up to 10K !!! ... FAIR ?
  4. dimitrios

    Disappointed /Advice

    if you pay to machine you will get the best.... forget to get something good from this game piggy token is available if you pay only jackpots is only for read you can't never take some
  5. The first thing you must to know after you lose your millions and you come back to begginers lake is you must to forget to grow again if you don't pay to buy chips first. Application don't allowed you to collect chips and in every table you try to win... dealer slaughter you cut your head and never let you win a lot of chips Other name of Black Jack table is slaughter house. i have see this same programmed control game hundred of times. And don't forget you must to be rich to buy chips because the cheapest offer begin from 99 eur The only good thing in this game is the emoticons and nothing else. Sory but if you lose your vip+ or vip title you must to PAY to take it back !!! Now dear gop you can delete my annoying message that spoils your job Who's hungry 4 euro ? Good night!!
  6. ok gops delete this annoying post i will never post it again and delete me too from this forum i am not care
  7. first gop let the odds free without tracking and yo will see how i play or if i lose again but anyway ... THERE IS NO FAIR GAME FOR PLAYERS WHO SPEND usual MONEY FOR CHIPS
  8. Usual i buy chips and i had spend a lot of money. Today i have my last 2.1M chips and i play my last chance at sit n go buy-in 2M. 3 players go out and finally i play vs one last player. Finally i lose from JJ when i have 77. After this i go in again in sit n go buy-in 2M and app give me first hand on table trap cards AK and of course i bet all and only one player bet in and have KK and the table give us AK785 i have see this same scenario hundred of times... those who understand observe this thing happened in right time when you got nervs and it is right time to buy chips again ...the point is your money For this you see after this scenario the popup window "REVENGE + PAY N PLAY" This game i think ridicule people and tracking players who give money for chips and gives them very rarely strong cards and for a very short period of time to lose again and buy again chips. 100 times i have see this thing and lose with same unbelievable way. I must to say all of this because i spend a lot of money and must players like me wake up !
  9. I play usual in big stack tables and I'm not afraid to say that I've lost a lot of money in your app Yesterday i purchased a good offer with 24.99eur for one ultra spin. Later i lose all of my chips and i try to take the same offer again gop he forced me to purchase only up to 99eur to 199eur... what are you think up there ?? that we are all players rich ?? why do not you give us the opportunity to buy cheaper offers? Give us good offers and respect our money that we give you. Stop try to do us junkie to your game because you will not win
  10. ce ne sont que pour vous obtenir de l'argent et non pour vous servir
  11. This is another bug gift from S.E.T.I to us to continue peaceful to play this game !!!! This happened today.... random??? i don't think is !!!
  12. dimitrios

    Why so many people quit playing GOP3

    i agree with lot you say this game was made for some people be rich and we are the victims of misleading. Never use money to play this fake game. Ganiota 10% stolen you in every hand this is fair ONLY IF CAN I WIN MONEY !! I wish to someone else make a new fair poker game better than this
  13. dimitrios

    suggestions - my 2 cents

    dear friend this game was made for some people to be rich from our money. First for all it is too EXPENSIVE to buy chips up to 10M... (must your father is millionare and have some petrol oil wells) If you don't buy chips you will never grow up because the app not give you this chοice I 've lost a lot of money to buy chips and finally understand this ... all players who give money to buy chips is under control and tracking. The odds for them change to 25%win and 75%lose. Unfortunately they do not respect that you give them money to get air=nothing... and give you no reward. The fake spinners never give the biggest award this awards is only for SEE THIS AND READ !!! This game is unfair for some players and some vampires lives form us. Iv e see very strange things and i ve understand the circle of program of this fake app The best thing for all player is to play forever in begginers lake and share chips .