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  1. It's NOT a time zone issue. For me it lasted 2 hours from 10 in the morning till 12 midday Eatern Euroean time here but was the same for the rest of the world. I asked a friend from US to login with my account and it was the same, the gift calendar was non anymore for play today, Sunday.
  2. Hi, today is the last day of the event and I can't see the gifts anymore. I claimed every day, its not fare . I played with other account and it was ok, i copleted the event and took the prise. Minutes later with this account it's gone. What? it finished in the middle of the day? Its 12:27 eastern european time (13:27 central european time), the Sunday here finishes after 12/11 hours!!!!!!! (I'm playing from PC non from the app)