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  1. I’m not too sure either seems silly
  2. Please fix ASAP I was in the kings crown casino tournament and the app just kept crashing
  3. Me too the game just keeps crashing ?
  4. I have an idea on the hats. Make an option to have a random or shuffle setting. This way all hats ? get used. Maybe at the buy in or maybe after each hand.
  5. We lost a feature, please re allow for us to view our friends progress on the leaderboards. What only shows now is ONLY POSITIVE RESULTS. EX: 20,000 or whatever they are up. What does not show anymore is NEGATIVE RESULTS EX: -20,000. For our friends. Other than positive results display as $0. On the leaderboards. This could actually mean negative results but also a player could truly be at $0 because of not playing.
  6. Enabling us to edit our avatar from our picture library.
  7. Another feature for us who don't use Facebook is to allow us to post a picture from our library as our avatar.