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  1. Please add another rank above "Officer" and give us the option to ignore "winning hands" spam in team chat.
  2. give us the option to turn off that team chat SPAM notification about the winnings already, what the actual f***
  3. Big win tournament abusers are back. Right now the famous cheater "Javier" has an alt account on 1st place big win "River boat". This guy has been abusing the big win tournaments for well over an year, I provided irrefutable proof against him over and over again yet no actions were taken against him.
  4. Also a cooldown of 10 (or more) seconds between sending emoticons would be a good idea to avoid spam.
  5. A sit out option would be so good. Replacing "Thanks" and laughing emoticon (from Chat Suggestions bar - the bar that pops out after a hand ends) with "Got lucky" or other friendly text line/emoticon would be great!
  6. Old bug. I played some hands at this table and when I went to see the chat log the hand history wasn't there. Somehow chat messages aren't saved (including hand history). Clicking the chat then switching between emotes/predefined chat/ chat, it fixes this bug (old chat messages still won't show but the new ones are saved).
  7. Ops, I thought I posted a screenshot for this bug
  8. Hi! New bug I think this may have happened because I reached the limit of unread messages maybe? I think I had over 300.
  9. Since there isn't a topic dedicated to bugs only, I opened this one. I just experienced a strange bug. After the turn being dealt, player Poker23 made a 18k raise, somehow my poker character just checked (which is impossible - you either call or fold in my position), player581087 called then it went again to player Poker23 which checked then again to me. I think this happened before to me, but its pretty rare.
  10. But I guess that's what you want since your own game encourage tilting people with that laughing emote or the "THANKS" in the CHAT SUGGESTIONS option. Bad beats happens so often in this game and good hands rarely hold so the unlucky players really need to see that thanks or the laughing emote spam
  11. I see more and more players flaming, cursing, mocking. Just today out of the blue someone types in chat to me: "hijo de puta". Warned him he is gonna get banned just to calm him down, he didn't even cared. It seems to me that no action are being taken against this kind of toxic players. Live moderators wouldn't hurt.
  12. However this bug keeps repeating so many times.
  13. Hey! Yes, but that bug was 1 time only, never saw it before never saw it after.
  14. First time I'm seeing this strange bug:
  15. The chat bug mentioned by Beridok happened to me too, not related to Sit&Go only, seems like it occurs when you join a new table.
  16. Hi Please give us the option to hide( maybe customize) the status, hide the level. As a player with elite status not only this has brought me zero benefits (I'm not saying there should be any) but it has also given me a lot of BS from other players such as:"you bought your chips, bought your status, what are you doing in this saloon etc", + other language I won't reproduce here. Also the status and the level is giving free info to the opponents, like when you see a player with high level/status you kinda already make an idea about him. Instead, players should earn that info and here I suggest a feature that allows you to make a short description about a player (a label where I can write something like: "this player bluffs a lot, calls a lot, afraid to make bets with good hands etc"). Most of the players are nice but for those who keep mocking me there is the "mute" option. Also "thanks" spammers can get really annoying so I mute them too, unfortunately muted players don't stay muted, If I meat them again at the tables they aren't muted anymore.
  17. Hi Corrie. Just tried with Firefox and it is working. Thank you!
  18. well, I've read it again and it says something about my browser so probably something needs to be fixed on my end. Googled it but nothing helpful came out.
  19. Email verification worked, thanks again. Clearing cache didn't help. Also tried to log in with IE and I get a similar error but no worries, the steam version works like a charm and it is even more enjoyable.
  20. Hi Your solution didn't work for me, didn't get any email (checked spam/junk too). I'm playing gov3 through steam platform. I remember that one time I used that same email to login from my browser and it recognized it as the email provided in the "device linked" settings and it merged into 1 account like intended, and the game worked. But now, when I tried to log in from the browser I get this: Any ideas if that error is from your end or maybe my end? I'm using Google Chrome. Also is there any way to change the email in the "device linked" settings? I'm thinking that by doing this it may also fix the "verify email" problem. If yes, my player ID is: 4592567, reset the "device linked" field if possible.