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  1. Sorry for posting again,but today i realized on old GOP 3 videos on youtube that guys can see how much experience they need to level up,can you make that we can see it again?
  2. It would be good if we can Edit our Forum Post anytime. 0.0
  3. Hello.Sit in your chair,or lay in the bed,and relax,because TODAY we will learn to play Blackjack. Blackjack is one of my favorite game ever! Its simple and aweome!So lets learn it! *To win a Blackjack you need to have 21 or less,if you have 22 or more,you are lose.Remember it. *We have 14 cards and cards are A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K. *So you know that 1+1=2? Nope? Go to school again! *So remember this! A is 1-11 2 is 2 3 is 3 4 is 4 5 is 5 6 is 6 7 is 7 8 is 8 9 is 9 10 is 10 J is 10 Q is 10 K is 10. When is Ace a 11? Ace is 11 when you get 3+7 which is 10 and you got A,you will have 21. Ace is 1 when you have for example Q+K which are 20 and you got A,you will have 21. *So calcualtions for example: A+9+2=22,you lose! 10+K+A=21,you win! 6+7+4=17 you can BET for one more! K+Q+7=27,you lose! If I am mistake let me know! But this guy never mistake,you know?! Now You are learn a Blackjack! Congratulations! Now,only thing what is left is to go in Governor Of Poker 3 and play it. This is my Tutorial which I am make,so I hope you Enjoy! See you in game! -NeiDneX
  4. Sorry i get it...i am mean that there is a Topic Section,so i just need to make new Topic.
  5. Howdy! Where i can post guide?Can you give me a link of Forum Page?