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  1. I was grinding for my last 500 points for emerald tonight, when I saw there was an update and applied it. Now the game is completely broken, can't get past the loading screen after I've tried 10+ times and time is running out for me to get my last 500/50000 points for the emerald ring and the hyper spin. I feel like if the game isn't back up and running by the time that the team challenge is over I deserve to be compensated... Anyone else having an issue accessing the game?
  2. See my thread here for more in-detail info on the World Cup Day 39/Final Day missing ultra-spin "glitch"
  3. As indicated in the image above, and this post on the GOP3 forums, on June 8th, Governor of Poker 3 players were promised that if we played a certain number of poker hands for 39 days straight, we would be given a free "ultra spin". Some players had complaints about the game crashing and being inaccesible for entire days at a time, rendering the bonus completely unattainable, but those reports were few and were quickly met with posts from admin assuring them that "if they only missed one day, they would still get the prize." Now, the day has finally come. July 15th, the final day of the world cup, and the day that Youda games will finally have to pony up, and give each player who played the requisite number of hands on every day of the event, a free "Ultra Spin" which is normally $100 in the in-game store. And surprise! After the calendar was fine for 38 days straight, it has mysteriously disappeared on the final day when everyone came to claim their prize! And to compound the problem, nobody seems to be getting any answer at all from administrators and Youda support staff. They seem to have disappeared into the black of night, right at the time when the players need them the most. So, I did the math. Governor of Poker has about 300 active users online on average at any given time. If each user plays for 30 minutes, that means about 15,000 unique players every day. If we cautiously estimate that one out of every five of these users logged in every day and played the minimum number of hands, that means that 3,000 people will be eligible for the prize at the end of the 39 days. If they now fail to honor the commitment to give a $100 prize to each of those players, YOUDA GAMES IS IN EFFECT RENEGGING ON $300,000 WORTH OF PRIZES THAT WOULD HAVE GONE TO THE GOVERNOR OF POKER 3 PLAYERBASE, and take note that this is a conservative estimate. I'll have to look into the law, but I'm sure that at least constitutes false advertisement, if not outright embezzlement. Youda games, you need to make this right to the playerbase. You need to reward anyone who competed in every day of the event the prize they deserve, and you need to own up to your mistake and start responding to players right now, or you will see a mass exodus of players (think Pokemon GO after Niantic removed pokemon tracking and they lost half their player base in less than a month). Make no mistake, we will not stand for this.