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  1. I certainly agree with you about the Blackjack game here. I''ve played different Blackjack games for years but I've never taken the constant beatings that I take on this site.
  2. BubbaBoBob

    The new team scoring has ruined Royal Poker

    I understand what you are saying and what your theory is but the opposite is what is happening, at least with Royal Poker. The team points are now so minimal (unless several players go all in) that it is not worth betting just the pot etc or raising normally. A regular pot with no one going all in is 14 team points. "Playing Bingo" and several players going all in gives over 200 team points.
  3. I primarily only play Royal Poker in Vegas but the new team scoring has ruined that game for me. Winning hands now receive 7 points, sometimes 4 points and occasionally all the way up to 14 points. The only way to get decent team points is to go all in and hope at least a couple others also go all in. If there is a straight on the board and everyone goes all in then a player can get 100 - 200 team points but because of the house's cut on ties a player will lose several hundred thousand in chips by doing that. The changes made were supposedly made to prevent "bingo" players but the new team scoring actually encourages that type of play, at least with Royal poker
  4. BubbaBoBob

    Time related error Can't load GOP3

    This is my error message {"status":"success","data":{"responseList":[{"cmd":"Error","message":"Something went wrong trying to log you in. The error has been logged.","code":406,"type":"Exception","serviceMethod":"unknown","messageCode":412,"languageKey":"something_went_wrong_trying_to_log_you_in_the_error_has_been_logged","headerKey":"error","buttonKey":"support","headerColor":"CC4645","action":"support_block","cmdId":0}],"time":"1556005874406"},"message":null,"responseCode":null,"time":1556005874406}
  5. BubbaBoBob


    I tried changing from Google to Mozilla but now it doesn't accept my password even though I just changed it
  6. BubbaBoBob

    Error: Server Error - FIXED \(**)/

    I'm getting the same message, "Whoops, looks like something went wrong.". And, right before it's time to get an Ultra Spin
  7. BubbaBoBob

    Game won't load

    https://postimg.cc/image/yqhg86bdz/ The above kink is a screenshot of error message
  8. BubbaBoBob

    Game won't load

    Yes, it just started giving the same error message again this morning for me
  9. BubbaBoBob

    Game won't load

    Same problem here too
  10. BubbaBoBob

    Stuck in Beginner's Lake

    Yesterday, the game has me stuck in Beginner's Lake and the screen has split. I've tried rebooting, refreshing and clearing cache. the following link is a screenshot... https://postimg.cc/image/phu8x2q87/ any help is appreciated