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  1. Very less XP Doublers this time in chests. I opened 8 chests and got only one 60 mins and one 1/2 hour xp doublers.
  2. This time we got only one 60 minutes and one 1/2 hour xp doublers. That's not enough. Atleast give two 60 mins and 2 1/2 hour xp doublers.
  3. This one hour will effect us very much. Now onwards we will wait till 01:30 to start. That is too late for Asians.
  4. Please don't change the time, as it is already 00:30 according to Indian time. It is already too late to start for us.
  5. As there are players from all around the world, Auto Translation tool is seriously required in gop3. Without it, it is very difficult to chat and understand eachother in teams.
  6. Please share ur experience with 8th chest
  7. Why some players have chips shown in yellow colour?