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  1. Goodkat

    Feature requests

    Some players in our team have requested more options in Blackjack. Firstly that the limit is raised from 500,000, (in-line with the arrival of bigger games of other types in The Strip, etc.) More than one player at a table was also suggested, and being able to play more than one hand at a time, so some sort of multi function. Thanks
  2. Goodkat

    New Activities

    Scott, When you are in a game, there is a 'speech blurb' at the bottom left of the screen. It's the second icon below the slot icon. If you click that and then choose the middle option from the 3 that then come up on the left (which is a selection of preloaded phrases) you can click 'Howdy' to say it in the game. You will find it. All you need to do to complete the challenge is to say it.
  3. Goodkat

    New Activities

    Yes it's true, I may complain when there are bugs but GOP3 is the easily the best poker game around, and its free to play, and I'm sure the developers work very hard behind the scenes to constantly introduce new elements to make the game even better all the time. So many thanks for that, I do appreciate it.
  4. So, no compensation so far. Many team mates lost millions Can't contact via email as it says error. And this morning daily activities are not working. I won sit & go and it still says 0 Also 'win 10m chips' (and 50m) are nor showing accurate amounts. Mine should be much higher than the 6m it shows from my winnings in Crystal Palace this morning alone, even if it doesn't count the 7.5m from winning kimgs crown. This is extra annoying as this would be the first day I would get anywhere near the 'win 50m' in daily activities. All this makes it impossible to get the 600 points even though I put hours in to get off to a good start
  5. Also, now I am stuck in the 2 broken games, even after loggin out and back in.
  6. Ok, So its the start of Weekly Team Challenge and there has been yet another update a couple of hours before the start and the game is not working properly. This happens quite often, every few weeks without any exageration The outcome is I have lost chips and wasted XP boost, and most of the team gets fed up and wanders off, which gets us off to a really bad start for the challenge. The first thing is the team feed goes down saying "under maintenance" so you don't know if any of your points are being logged and you stop playing in case youare wasting your time. Then it's booted me out of a game of Kings Crown, after coming up with the "NO connection - We are trying to reconnect you" message for a while. I know it wasn't my connection because I was playeing a game of Crystal Palace at the same time just fine. Anyway I lost my 2m Buy in in the Crown game after it finally decided "Connection Failed". Then the same thing happened in the Crstal Palace Game, so I have lost at least another 5m there. As well as wasting my Boost token. I hope I will get my chips back. But as its clear the updates rarely work without being patched, is it not possible to do them on Mondays or some other time, rather than 2 hours before team challenge starts everytime?? It is very frustrating Thanks
  7. Goodkat


    I fear he was being sarcastic ... It's not much reward!
  8. Goodkat

    "Call any"

    The "Call Any" button does have a function. For example, if you are playing multi-tables in Oil Storage and you see you have been dealt a good hand but don't necessarily want to go all in pre-flop, you can click it to stay in the game and then when you flick back to see how that game is unfolding you may want to change. But having said that, there isn't a week goes by where I don't somehow accidentally click it in Crystal Palace and come back to find I lost 5m chips!! I wouldn't be sorry to see it go.
  9. Yes, points in sit & go come only at end of game now. So you have to have XP boost running when you finish to get the double points (but it doesn't need to be activated at the start of the game).
  10. Goodkat

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    also, I don't know if your one buy-in was limited to a particular start time, or if you could come in at different times ...
  11. Goodkat

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    not with multiple device ... (edit. actually I don't know if this is right as VPN may change router Ip for all those device). But they will find a way around no doubt
  12. Goodkat

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    We have chatted about it in the team and the short answer is that I'm fairly sure there is no way to stop the cheats. But the thing is, all of us agree that it's still better to have the tournaments even with the cheating than to have none at all. Some players in my team won the tournament anyway without cheating so it can be done. The cheating is pointless anyway, as you don't win any real money, and at best they will end up with a number of accounts with relatively small amounts of chips spread over them that don't really mean anything much personal to them. Kamma will always comes around and kick their a$$ in the end!! And if I have to just keep beating the same player unbeknowns to me in order to win the 'big' then thats fine. Hopefully they'll just get bored with me beating them in the end
  13. Goodkat

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    ELON, I'm not entirely sure but I think the old tournaments may have been single buyin. The problem seems to be players who use multiple accounts, either at start or keep coming back with different one evry time they busted.
  14. Goodkat

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    XYZABC198, I don't think it is that simple. for example I have a VPN subscription that would allow me change my IP address to over 25 different countries at the click of a button ...
  15. Goodkat

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    Hi Ines, apologies, I only just noticed ur reply. Will come back, thanks.