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  1. Goodkat

    Spin and play bug

    Ok, no problem, I will look out for the issue happening and try to get a screenshot with time/date stamp and report via link. Thanks
  2. Goodkat

    Spin and play bug

    Seems to happen on sit & go all the time too, when the last 3 players all end up going all-in at the same time. I go into the pot with the second highest amount of chips, end up with the second best hand and finish in 3rd place. Having seen it a few times it appears it may go on what order you actually called the winner in. So if you are the 3rd to call (and one of the two that loses), you end up in 3rd place, even if you had the second best hand and 2nd highest amount of chips going in to the hand Which of course is completely wrong. And of course on sit & go it is worse because as 2nd place you would have got your buy-in back. Result is it can be a minefield going all-in if 3 players remain, and I end up throwing away good hands. There is also another one which has been raised here where in Royal poker, if 4 of a kind appears on the board, sometimes players who call all-in with lower kicker than others, still get split-pot. It has been raised but developers gave incorrect answer (about best 6 cards) and then didn't come back when that was pointed out. I start to wonder if the game has somehow been programmed wrong and these are not an easy 'bug fix'.
  3. Goodkat

    Time related error Can't load GOP3

    All good again
  4. Goodkat


    I cannot say absolutely, but usually you can miss completing a maximum of 2 days in any calendar and still get the ultraspin. So, yes, unless they changed the critera since the last challenge.
  5. Goodkat

    All In

    How can it be an auction when you get an equal amount of people coming on here complaining that they think they are losing specifically because they did buy chips, in some cynical attempt to make them buy more. Are you sure you're observing all the patterns!!
  6. Goodkat

    All In

    With respect, I disagree with your first line, but agree with your 2nd line as I can understand it could be frustrating. They did have a feature for private tables but got rid of it for some reason. I'm not sure why, but I think players founds a way of using it to gain an unfair advanatge, like filling with team members and just folding to get points or something.
  7. Goodkat

    Tickets are Unrewarding...

    I did win 20 million with a gold ticket a couple of weeks back. It's the onnly really good prize I've won with very many tickets, but it still adds something to the game, everything counts (even the small prizes) and it makes it more special when you get a good spin. Also you can win double xp token with the tickets and they are valuable for team challenge to help get a good chest with a decent prize.
  8. Goodkat

    All In

    Another one is that players will go in low value Royal Poker game like oil storage when team challenge is on and do it because the points they get from wins are worth more to them the money they might lose each hand. Because decent prizes for team challenge chests are worth more.
  9. Goodkat

    All In

    Because of daily activities, like 'win 10 spin & play' to get spin tickets etc, sometimes players will just go in several low buy-in cost games at the same time and just play bingo. It's very quick to get the wins you need and frankly you seem to win about as many with those random all-ins as you do if you put the time in to play properly. Sometimes in sit & go games players may do it so they either get off to a good start (by doubling up) or just move onto the next game. Some players may be doing it because they just got bad beat in their last game and are frustrated. So, there are a number of reasons .
  10. Goodkat

    what happened???

    It looks to me like you somehow created a new account. Hopefully you got it sorted and got back to your old one, coz there would be nothing worse than losing the one you put a lot of work into ... and even more if you spent money and didn't get the chips!!! Maybe try to log-in via GOP3 main site on IOS browser and see what happens
  11. Goodkat

    New 2019 Spring Calendar

    It's win 20 'hands' which isn't that much, so some daily prizes are not much, and other days will be better. Admittedly never get much from those bronze tickets. But I think the challenge is mostly about collecting the days for a decent prize at the end of the calendar myself anyway.
  12. Goodkat

    Royal poker

    I have found the same thing, quads are inconsistent with kickers. I'm fairly sure I have lost pots when I've gone all-in with lower kicker than A and someone else has had one, then on another ocassion I've seen someone else split pots with that exact same situation. So, pots been split with quad on the board and a number of players, some with A and some with lower going all-in. But I also lost in this exact same scenario. If in the situation detailed in the OP, the pot is not split then there is something seriously wrong with the programming of the game, because the best hands for both players is KKKKA, and if it is not even consistent, which I'm pretty sure if the case, then it's a complete minefield. I have lost 5m a time in Crystal Palace on this very situation, and now it scares me to even get involved and I will just back don and lose whatever chips I've already put in the pot. Gop Jacopo, respectfully, I suggest you really need to check this out, because your answer is wrong as to how it properly should be, and also seems to be what does happen in the game. Thanks
  13. Goodkat

    Feature requests

    Some players in our team have requested more options in Blackjack. Firstly that the limit is raised from 500,000, (in-line with the arrival of bigger games of other types in The Strip, etc.) More than one player at a table was also suggested, and being able to play more than one hand at a time, so some sort of multi function. Thanks
  14. Goodkat

    New Activities

    Scott, When you are in a game, there is a 'speech blurb' at the bottom left of the screen. It's the second icon below the slot icon. If you click that and then choose the middle option from the 3 that then come up on the left (which is a selection of preloaded phrases) you can click 'Howdy' to say it in the game. You will find it. All you need to do to complete the challenge is to say it.