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  1. It seems to be that anything you purchase in the shop gives you a stamp on the card. So buying, chips, gold and possibly GOP membership, gets you a stamp on the card. When the stamp card is full you get free x3 megaspins, (so thats four purchases needed as they start you with one stamp on the card). You can acces the Stamp card easily via 'three lines icon' > top right of main screen (its the bottom option). Also if you click on monthly calendar icon from the main screen (it's in there at the bottom). And if you activate a super, mega, ultra, or black spin from you
  2. Haven't tried personally, (because I'm enjoying steam), but friend said all the browsers are working again now Thanks Salvo
  3. Not sure how to delete those notifications, they may just dissapear when you click on them and view. Okay no problem, I sent a friend request to your team leader, and if they accept I can let them know about your situation. Currently you are still on the team, which is good news.
  4. Well it was just a possible solution. Not sure what you mean by hoops and garbage ... I just installed the interface once and set it up, and as I say, I now have a shortcut to GOP on my desktop which I just double click and it takes me staright into the game. Nothing else whatsover. No garbage, no hoops, could'nt be easier. But the issue with the browsers is definitely their end as you say, it's been going on for a long time, and it would be nice if they could sort it. But I'm guessing thats easier said than done.
  5. Might also be worth downloading Chrome and trying to get on the game via that browser ...
  6. Also, if you'd like me to pass on a message to anyone on your team, to let them know you're struggling to get on the game at the moment, I'd be happy to try. Just pm me.
  7. It sounds like you're trying to use a steam interface that was already installed on your computer and not working. You're talking about using an account you set up long ago, and already having the GOP app on it. With an old account attached to it (level 16 you said). My advice would be to scrap all that and start from scratch. You need a fresh steam interface with a fresh GOP app on it, that you can sign into using the email and pasword for your current GOP 3 account. So basically, 1) Unistall steam from your computer (and ideally delete any trace of that, but uninst
  8. I'm just trying to remember, but I think once I'd downloaded and run steam, and had the interface open, I downloaded the GOP 3 app and ran it, and it asked for log in details. I used my original account email and password, and checked the 'remember me' box' and off it went. As I say, I'd used my GOP account email and password to set up steam to be on the safe side, as this was gonna be the only game I play on it anyway. But I suspect that may not be necessary. Somehow I got a 'steam/GOP 3' shortcut on my desktop, so I can just double click that, and it opens launching straight into t
  9. Hi ARTMAKERJEN, I had the same problem and changed to steam and it's much better. If you have originally set up your GOP account via email, and log-on via browser in order to play, (i.e. firefox), you will be able to use that account via steam, so you wont lose any of your progress. I used to try various browsers to log-on, firefox, chrome. edge etc to name a few, and had various problems with them all. A number of error codes, and notices coming up as to why I couldn't connect. Some common to all and some exclusive! But I have no problems with steam at all. It runs nicely
  10. Level 217 already. Gonna be maxed out again soon. I vote they put it to level 999 and be done with it. We can have a race! 😜
  11. I just hit 211 So thats new 😁 (caught me by surprise actually)
  12. I am sure they will look at it and tweak that.
  13. Another simple way of putting it is; I'm playing the game exactly as it's meant to be played (or at least the way GOP would prefer I play it, as per the general consensus). I am not losing the hand. And yet one way or another I am losing chips through no fault of my own, for at best a maximum of 6 points, which is disproportionate to the rake.
  14. Yes, the problem is there are many highrollers coming onto the table who were used to just shoving all-in when they see that straight on the board to get the points. Then you have a choice to either throw away the chips you already put into the pot, or call their all-in and pay the rake for the 6 points, which is disproportionate. So it's literally a no win situation when the board produces a straight now. You just lose chips one way or the other, and for 6 measly points. You would hope that after the newbies doing this once or twice and seeing the result they would stop doing t