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  1. The jury is still out on the new limit in the balloon event for me. My main concern is it may affect the ability to make my best starting hands pay. For example, if I get dealt an AK I like to go all-in and usually only 1 or 2 other people may call which gives me a decent chance of doubling up, and puts me in the driving seat. Sometimes none will call in which case I happily bank the blinds. However, with the max bet I notice more players are coming into that pot. Which gives a lesser chance of it holding up. Only played a few games so far, so I'll need to play more to see whether I personally like it or not.
  2. I hit level 210 just now, and it's going up toward 211. Hmmm, did they just change it ... or will it never reach I wonder. I dont know what I will do without my $35,000 for levelling up!! 😁
  3. Hi Artmakerjen, I don't get the image posting features Salvo describes either coming on to the forum here via IOS broswer (Android). But I use a 3rd party hosting site to post images via that 'insert image from URL' function, you describe. The site I use is as its quick and easy and you dont even have to create an account. Assuming the images (screenshots) you want to post are on your device, just click 'Choose images' > navigate to the image you want to post, and double click it. It will automatically upload and then give a series of links. Choose the second one down - Direct link, and then just copy and paste that link in to that 'Insert image from URL' box here.
  4. Hi Salvo, Yes, the issue has been happening for some weeks, with random pin items appearing on hat. Often it is other country flags which are not in my inventory, and sometimes they are appearing in addition the nominated pin (which in my case is the purple rose). It was happeining on android via browser, and also via steam for me. So in the first example below from today you can see a red rose appearing on my hat in addition to my purple rose. Obviously it's a glitch as you should not be able to have two pin items on the hat at the same time. In the second example from today you can see a picture of two random people has appeared on my table profile, which you can see is different from my profile at the top of screen. As other poster mentioned, it doesn't affect gameplay so no big issue. But a number of gremlins.
  5. Hahaha, yes thanks for that Salvo
  6. The staff always reply, it can just take a little while. There is an announcement on the game now saying that players will be getting a Tiki key as compensation, (hopefully one for each winter key players got after the event closed).
  7. So, following on from this, I literally just now got a winter key from the weekly 600 chest, but the balloon even I could spend it on closed yesterday. I assume that will be happening with many people over today and tomorrow as they complete their weekly 600 chests, (which I think from the math can only happen by Saturday or Sunday.) Anyway It seems a bit odd to get a prize that you literally never had a chance to spend! Hopefully it will be valid when the event comes back around next year ... along with the x3 Xmas keys which are still in my inventory. Thanks.
  8. I know you get a 'hyperspin' token, (as well as the usually diamonds and ruby ticket) this time around if you make emerald. I'm not sure if there are any other additional prizes from the 8 chests apart from that ...
  9. Thanks Salvo, yes, got the main chips back, so no biggie. And no further problems tonight.
  10. Last night I was playing x2 Gold Mansion and was suddenly 'glitched' out of both games losing the 40m chips. It said 'no connection' but my connection is A1, the issue definitely wasn't my end. Anyway I took screenshots and contacted support, and fortunately shorly after the chips returned. I'm guessing techs were aware of a larger issue, rather than responding to my contact. Unfortunately the same thing happened again this evening (in x1 game of Gold Mansion), and while I got my 20m buy-in chips back, I didn't get back the extra chips I'd won and was sitting on in that game, totalling 8-10m. This is exteremely frustrating, especially as it's happening more than once. Hopefully this won't continue as it is making me nervous to go in this venue, potentially wasting my time. Thanks
  11. It is a great hat ... of course they must do it in white though, with blue eyes. A nice snow fox!
  12. I want to also say that two of those keys I only got yesterday for 600 chest and tendency is to save for new week to at least get the daily challenge points with them ... Might be better if you got a few days at least to use them before event is locked, i.e. maybe do it on a Wednesday or something.
  13. Beacuse most people (like me) are only ever losing money on slots. Only a rare few are doing well ....
  14. So I just noticed the Xmas events are now closed and I have 3 keys left in my inventory. Previously I got a notice 'popup' when I logged on some time beforehand advising the events were about to close and to use any keys etc, but not this time. Maybe there was a notice in the announcements section that I didn't see, idk. But my question is, will those keys at least stay in my inventory until next years event now, or will they just suddenly disappear one day with no 'reparation'.