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  1. I just hit 211 So thats new 😁 (caught me by surprise actually)
  2. I am sure they will look at it and tweak that.
  3. Another simple way of putting it is; I'm playing the game exactly as it's meant to be played (or at least the way GOP would prefer I play it, as per the general consensus). I am not losing the hand. And yet one way or another I am losing chips through no fault of my own, for at best a maximum of 6 points, which is disproportionate to the rake.
  4. Yes, the problem is there are many highrollers coming onto the table who were used to just shoving all-in when they see that straight on the board to get the points. Then you have a choice to either throw away the chips you already put into the pot, or call their all-in and pay the rake for the 6 points, which is disproportionate. So it's literally a no win situation when the board produces a straight now. You just lose chips one way or the other, and for 6 measly points. You would hope that after the newbies doing this once or twice and seeing the result they would stop doing that. But unfortunately this isn't the case. It really is quite frustrating.
  5. Hi guys, I have a gripe about the new points system and it concerns crystal palace. I was just playing in there and I get dealt KK, so a raise a little preflop. Then with the flop I hit a third K and so I'm confident I have a good chance of winning the hand and I raise a bit more, (8 or 9 times out of 10, I'll go on to win it with a KKK full house, hence my betting). By the river I've managed to suck another couple of players in, but it just so happens the board has produced a straight which means a split pot. Going into the hand I had about 12m chips and one of the other players had 15m or so, so decent stacks. Because of the split pot on the board he now goes all-in, and I am either forced to match that bet, or lose all the chips I've already put in the pot. So I call, and the result is I now get 6 points and lose a load of chips to the house commission on the hand. Now, I played the hand exactly the way it should be done, betting incrementally at each new card because I believed I had the best hand. No bingo. I didn't lose the pot and was forced into either waving a substantial amount of chips goodbye, or calling, and paying a load of rake and getting 6 points for my trouble. That doesn't seem very well balanced, and maybe something to look at. Thanks GK
  6. Thanks for the straightforward replies Salvo
  7. First question: Am I right in thinking that when I send a message to support via laptop that I can only add one attachment per message? When I send messages to support I sometimes try to attach two or three screenshots, and what happens is, I attach the first using the 'Choose Files' function, and then when I do that for a second time it appears to just overwrite the first file. I wasnt sure if all three were still there, and I could only see the last dsiplayed each time, but I then get messages back from support saying there only seems to be one attachment even though I mentioned three. So I'm guessing it only allows one attchment per message on that media. If so that is a pain. Second question: Is there a way to change the email address attached to my GOP account? For some reason when support reply to me it seems to take 4 or 5 days for it to come back through to my email. I know this because the date on support's reply is shown as 4 or 5 days prior to when it actually comes through to me. I think it's just a rubbish email account provider on the email account I have nominated for GOP. Anyway, by the time the reply from support comes back to me ... (usually saying, "it would be helpful for us if you could send those otther attachments that didnt come through"!! ) ... there is another message saying the ticket has now been closed due to the time elapsed. And then the moment has passed. Really it would be better if i could put a better email account on my GOP account for starters. Thanks
  8. Hi Salvo, Good to hear you are aware. Hasn't affected me personally. From what I can see, the devs will have there work cut out, and re: the investigation, I could offer some information if required (their motivation etc), but I suspect it wouldn't be anything you guys dont already know. Good luck.
  9. Hi guys at GOP, Not whining, but just checking you guys on the team are aware there is a serious bot infestation in the game at the moment. Can explain further and supply screenshots if necessary, but I'm assuming you are aware, and working on it. Just wanted to double check. Thanks
  10. The jury is still out on the new limit in the balloon event for me. My main concern is it may affect the ability to make my best starting hands pay. For example, if I get dealt an AK I like to go all-in and usually only 1 or 2 other people may call which gives me a decent chance of doubling up, and puts me in the driving seat. Sometimes none will call in which case I happily bank the blinds. However, with the max bet I notice more players are coming into that pot. Which gives a lesser chance of it holding up. Only played a few games so far, so I'll need to play more to see whether I personally like it or not.
  11. I hit level 210 just now, and it's going up toward 211. Hmmm, did they just change it ... or will it never reach I wonder. I dont know what I will do without my $35,000 for levelling up!! 😁
  12. Hi Artmakerjen, I don't get the image posting features Salvo describes either coming on to the forum here via IOS broswer (Android). But I use a 3rd party hosting site to post images via that 'insert image from URL' function, you describe. The site I use is as its quick and easy and you dont even have to create an account. Assuming the images (screenshots) you want to post are on your device, just click 'Choose images' > navigate to the image you want to post, and double click it. It will automatically upload and then give a series of links. Choose the second one down - Direct link, and then just copy and paste that link in to that 'Insert image from URL' box here.
  13. Hi Salvo, Yes, the issue has been happening for some weeks, with random pin items appearing on hat. Often it is other country flags which are not in my inventory, and sometimes they are appearing in addition the nominated pin (which in my case is the purple rose). It was happeining on android via browser, and also via steam for me. So in the first example below from today you can see a red rose appearing on my hat in addition to my purple rose. Obviously it's a glitch as you should not be able to have two pin items on the hat at the same time. In the second example from today you can see a picture of two random people has appeared on my table profile, which you can see is different from my profile at the top of screen. As other poster mentioned, it doesn't affect gameplay so no big issue. But a number of gremlins.