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  1. Goodkat

    Cant join more than one table?

    Yes, as above, thanks.
  2. Goodkat

    Get rid of "Thanks"

    Its especially annoying when someone goes all-in with nothing and bad beats you and then says it, but as above poster says, its necessary to be there to be polite also.
  3. Goodkat

    How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

    Ok, thank you for clarifying.
  4. Goodkat

    Cant join more than one table?

    I'm sure they are aware, and in fact I have been unable to log-in for last 20 minutes as they are 'Undergoing Maintenance, and will be right back'. I made the mistake of refreshing my browser. It's disappointing this keeps happening on the first night of team challenge though. I wasted my first free 30 minute XP doubler and a further 1hour token so far, and although they usually send a couple of free tokens for the inconvenience, it gets the team challenge off to a bad start, because some players get fed up easily and leave for the night to go find something else to do. Also, I clear my schedule so I can get off to a good start for diamond and not have to play so much at weekend and it obvioulsy doesn't help!
  5. Goodkat

    How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

    Thanks for reply. so it seems the 'experience modifier' is XP Doubler ... Just curious, does the doubler have to be on when you start a sit & go, or only when you finish (and recieve the points)? Thanks
  6. Goodkat

    Yellow font for Chips

    still seeing it today, and with highrollers ...
  7. I've found the opposite, at least in sit & go anyway. Players tend to play more cautiously because only top 2 finish gives points worth having. You can play for a while in Kings Crown and end up getting a bad beat 3rd place finish for 97 points. Which is now an expensive 2m
  8. Goodkat

    How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

    Having not seen the answer given on facebook, I would also like to know the answer to the question about how the new sit & go points system works? I don't know what 'experience modifier' is ... Thanks
  9. Goodkat

    The bottom banner appears at random!

    Still getting screen freeze a lot, always with the good hands. Hopefully the next update won't be too long now, as the chat suggestions are useful ...
  10. Goodkat

    Connection Issues

    Finally hit a hand tonight and connection issues kicked in at the crucial moment. Just says "Reconnecting You to the server" all the time. Tried refresh, logged out and back in. The Same. I know it's not me coz everything else loads in next browser window. Very Frustrating, especially just after team challenge starts. I feel like I should get my buy-in back.
  11. Goodkat

    Admin - Trophies Question

    **Bump** What is the formula for order of players on the same points in the top 10 (trophy) weekly tables?
  12. I notice that on the leaderboard, often a number of players are on the same amount of points (in the sit & go sections) and are then just listed in alphabetical order. For example at the moment, in one section there are about 6 players with the same points and the first two occupy 9th and 10th spot in the trophy list and the others are then below that. My question to admin is, does that mean you could end up winning or losing a trophy depending on what letter your username starts with, or do all those players on the same points as that last spot also get the trophy, even though technically they are not listed in that top 10? Thanks
  13. Goodkat

    Whats the Deal With the Summer Event

    Thank you yes, I got the jist of it now. It will keep me busy
  14. I keep reading other people talking about having to play 30 hands and win 20 each day, or something like that. Someone else was talking about getting a prize for achieving 10,000 points in the weekly challenge now, (regardless of whether the team gets a certain chest). Apparently some poeple on my team recieved some sort of notification through an update with about the details of the Summer Event 2018 and more. I didn't get any of that when logging on via IOS browser today. Instead, there is a logo at the bottom of Las Vegas area saying 'Summer Event 2018' and a swimming pool arena in the middle to click on. When I click on either it comes up with a choice of 2 sit and go arenas, and whent I go through to the 'Event Info' it just says, 'event will run from 6th Aug to 1st Oct'. Elsewhere on the web it says the event starts today. Maybe they postponed it due to all the bugs the update is causing, with many seemingly still unable to get on the game. But I have no idea when it really starts or what the requirements are. Or whats changed in the weekly team challenge. Do I need to be playing a certain amount of games from today to start collecting days for an ultraspin in the summer event, or not. Enquiring minds want to know ... ;-(
  15. Goodkat

    Problems Connecting Via IOS Browser

    Also, I don't understand why the developers aren't saying something about this as google tells me it is an issue which has been going on for years over many games. An official line would be good. I started to regret beginning the game through browser because I have built up millions now, and when you try to go through different format (like steam) it starts you at the beginning as a new player. There is no solution but to hit the button and keep fingers crossed.