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  1. Goodkat

    Glitched Out of game - Lost Chips

    Thanks Salvo, yes, got the main chips back, so no biggie. And no further problems tonight.
  2. Last night I was playing x2 Gold Mansion and was suddenly 'glitched' out of both games losing the 40m chips. It said 'no connection' but my connection is A1, the issue definitely wasn't my end. Anyway I took screenshots and contacted support, and fortunately shorly after the chips returned. I'm guessing techs were aware of a larger issue, rather than responding to my contact. Unfortunately the same thing happened again this evening (in x1 game of Gold Mansion), and while I got my 20m buy-in chips back, I didn't get back the extra chips I'd won and was sitting on in that game, totalling 8-10m. This is exteremely frustrating, especially as it's happening more than once. Hopefully this won't continue as it is making me nervous to go in this venue, potentially wasting my time. Thanks
  3. Goodkat

    Cool new hat

    It is a great hat ... of course they must do it in white though, with blue eyes. A nice snow fox!
  4. Goodkat

    Stuck With Keys

    Okay, thanks SALVO
  5. Goodkat

    Stuck With Keys

    I want to also say that two of those keys I only got yesterday for 600 chest and tendency is to save for new week to at least get the daily challenge points with them ... Might be better if you got a few days at least to use them before event is locked, i.e. maybe do it on a Wednesday or something.
  6. Goodkat

    Long term vision for GoP?

    Beacuse most people (like me) are only ever losing money on slots. Only a rare few are doing well ....
  7. Goodkat

    Stuck With Keys

    So I just noticed the Xmas events are now closed and I have 3 keys left in my inventory. Previously I got a notice 'popup' when I logged on some time beforehand advising the events were about to close and to use any keys etc, but not this time. Maybe there was a notice in the announcements section that I didn't see, idk. But my question is, will those keys at least stay in my inventory until next years event now, or will they just suddenly disappear one day with no 'reparation'.
  8. Goodkat

    Long term vision for GoP?

    Yes, I tend to agree with STEFAN. If I was on the strip and came across one of these 'newbies' with little experience who have won a fortune on the slot and had little regard for their chips I would relish the opportunity. As the saying goes, a fool and his money are easily parted ...
  9. Goodkat

    Lost all points of the daily challenge

    Thanks, that's great!!
  10. Goodkat

    Lost all points of the daily challenge

    Thanks for the update STEFAN
  11. Goodkat

    Lost all points of the daily challenge

    And some players seem to rely on those tickets and XP Doublers to be able to make some points in the team challenge.
  12. Goodkat

    Lost all points of the daily challenge

    Yes, I had 205 points when i finished last night and today start from zero. Several of my team memebrs have said the same thing, everyone is back to zero this morning. I hope it will be sorted, as we put some work into getting off to a good start in the week for those daily challenge points.
  13. Goodkat

    Profile Configuration

    Thanks SALVO, most welcome
  14. Goodkat

    Profile Configuration

    I also notice that if you haven't filled any of your ring slots, you still get half your bronze trophy slot on the default profile screen, like the guy below. So for some reason filling a ring slot pushes that bronze trophy slot from half way off to right off the screen. If I had known I wouldn't have filled any ring slots. Thats how strongly I feel trophy slots should take priority ...
  15. Goodkat


    Yeah I get it often too. Most welcome