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  1. Goodkat

    Constantly In & Out Of Games

    I think I found the answer to my question ...
  2. Goodkat

    7-day Team Challenge!

    All hands are fixed preflop, once a deck it shuffled. But there are many ways you can play it ...
  3. Goodkat

    Disappointed /Advice

    Bonne, if you want more detailed avice on how best to play specific game like Royal poker, just ask.
  4. Goodkat

    Disappointed /Advice

    Best advice to get points is to try to learn to play (at least) a couple of games at the same time of whatever you tend to play, especially when you have XP boost (double points) activated. Also, Royal poker games (like oil storage) are good for points, if you learn to play them. You can afford to play quite aggressively with any hand that doesn't have a J or 10 iin it, and you will tend to at least break even over time, and then get chips from better team chests. Spin & play (100k buy-in) is also good for points, again you can play several at a time (start with 2) and play quite aggressively with any half decent hand, so anything with high cards, pairs, or pretty much anything that can make a straight or flush. Multi games can be a bit overwhelming at first (and don't worry if you miss the odd hand) but you will get used to it and it makes a lot of difference. Good luck
  5. Ok it seems he had got around the issue by changing the window from French language to English, which hopefully might help some others who are experiencing this problem. So to the developers, there may be an issue for logging on via steam if the window is set to languages other than English. Thanks
  6. I don't really know what you are saying, and I don't know what 'devs' are. But I have 2 billion chips and two trophies in just over a years play, by just playing well. I never bought any chips, (although I may do so as a token to support the game). What is more likely is that players who just aren't playing that well look to blame everyone but themselves. See it all the time in life.
  7. Hi, I just spoke to my Team Leader who has been unable to log-on to the game since yesterday morning which he thinks was the time of the last update. He usually connects via steam. His username is Kojav and our team is Europoker. He had to create a new account via facebook and send me a friend request to let us know, the new account is Player900973 (I hope this doesn't create problems). He seems to think this issue is affecting a number of people, and obviously hopes he does not have to start from zero. He had over 2.5 billion chips and put much work in over years! I advised him to contact you via support, but hopefully admin will see this too and be advised of the situation. Thanks
  8. I see a player on my team who was VIP+ on my team go down to around 200m and then back up to 1.5b now, without buying chips. Many others going up and down from VIP to nothing all the time. I don't believe there is a conspiracy to make you buys chips. Maybe you need to improve your play. Agree about the blackjack though, I wouldn't bet large amounts of chips on that. Dealer seems to start often with face cards and hits many 19,20 & 21.
  9. Goodkat

    How To Upload Picture Please?

    No, you are playing via internet broswer, (same as me), which unfortunately means you are not able to upload a profile picture. It will just show whatever hat you are wearing. It would be good if they could add this feature in settings.
  10. Goodkat

    Constantly In & Out Of Games

    Yes, that's the player. I can't imagine hunting suckers in those value games would pay much though. Must be something else, but I have no idea what ... Certainly nothing to worry about as she is never actually playing!
  11. There is an Elite status player I see constantly coming in and out of games without playing a hand. Usually low value games like Oil Stoarage and today it is Alamo. Literally in and straight out, clearly without even seeing a hand, seems to take about 3 seconds from one leave to the next arrival, and goes over and over and over. On many ocassions over the months I see this behaviour, and it baffles me as to what is the purpose. My question is, what is gained by this??? .... does anyone know any reason to do this?? Very curious.
  12. Goodkat

    Why GoP3 become SoP3 (Slave of Poker 3)

    I can't find this live stream, and don't really understand much of the OP post. Can anyone tell about changes. Is he saying you now have to get 50,000 points for an ultraspin?? I see something about 7 day team challenge and Ruby chest But I never get any information about these updates and changes to the game as I connect via IOS browser. I understand that team members who connect via other formats usually get this information. Thanks
  13. Goodkat

    Spin and play bug

    Ok, no problem, I will look out for the issue happening and try to get a screenshot with time/date stamp and report via link. Thanks
  14. Goodkat

    Spin and play bug

    Seems to happen on sit & go all the time too, when the last 3 players all end up going all-in at the same time. I go into the pot with the second highest amount of chips, end up with the second best hand and finish in 3rd place. Having seen it a few times it appears it may go on what order you actually called the winner in. So if you are the 3rd to call (and one of the two that loses), you end up in 3rd place, even if you had the second best hand and 2nd highest amount of chips going in to the hand Which of course is completely wrong. And of course on sit & go it is worse because as 2nd place you would have got your buy-in back. Result is it can be a minefield going all-in if 3 players remain, and I end up throwing away good hands. There is also another one which has been raised here where in Royal poker, if 4 of a kind appears on the board, sometimes players who call all-in with lower kicker than others, still get split-pot. It has been raised but developers gave incorrect answer (about best 6 cards) and then didn't come back when that was pointed out. I start to wonder if the game has somehow been programmed wrong and these are not an easy 'bug fix'.
  15. Goodkat

    Time related error Can't load GOP3

    All good again