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  1. Try clearing your browser history and trying again
  2. Hi Salvo. No. There is enough room to get all my trophies on the screen if the devs weren't prioritising ring slots over trophy slots with their 'scrolling arrow feature' being automatically set to left. Now I have an empty summer ring slot taking priority over a filled bronze trophy slot. And my point is, even if that summer ring slot was filled, the trophies should take priority as they are a better achievement. Rings can effectively be bought by just keep playing enough games whereas trophies can only be won by skill (with a combination of luck). So trophies sh
  3. Seriously though, why is an empty slot for a summer ring keeping my collected bronze trophy off the screen ...
  4. Hi Salvo, thanks for the reassurance, and of course no problem.
  5. Now I have 4 pahantom friend messages after team member lost all this chips and had a meltdown. Obviously said some things and then defriended before I had a chance to open. At least it is a change!!
  6. I sinced noticed that if a player doesn't have a ring slot filled you can see half the bronze trophy on their profile. But if you do have a ring slot filled (like me) you can't see the bronze trophy at all without scrolling left. Looking carefully at it, It looks like filling a ring slot makes the space between the rophy slots and ring slots wider for some reason. Curious.
  7. **BUMP** This issue is still ongoing. Must be pushing on 4 or 5 months now I have these two phantom friend messages every time I log on. Thanks
  8. Since the addition of the spaces for rings on profiles I notice as all trophy and ring slots don't fit on the screen at the same time by default it is set to 'cursor right' to give preference to displaying the collected rings or spaces for. This has the effect that it chops off my collected bronze trophy on the left unless I left cursor across. Can I suggest cursor preference is given to the trophies (i.e. left) rather than the rings as the trophies must technically be considered a better achievement. Thanks
  9. That's great! ... thank you very much. 👍
  10. Thanks Stefan. It's not a big issue, but fingers crossed.
  11. Hi, Some time ago I accepted a friend request from a newbie, who evidentally sent me two messages overnight, and then defriended me before I had a chance to read them the next day. Since then, every time I log on to the game my friends icon shows these two messages that don't exist. I did contact support about this some time ago, as it's a little irritating, and they said they are aware of the bug and it should be sorted in the next update. That was some time ago now, has been going on for many months and seemingly there has been a number of updates since but the bug still
  12. Yes, of course. My friend code is: 8VP8B And the bug occurred on the first day the Halloween Ballon event started, which I think was Friday 4th October, about 3 hours after the event began, so approximately 16:00 hours. Thanks
  13. Yes, piggy token is the highlight out of that lot. But I would prefer you couldn't spin prizes that you already have. Because that is effectively nothing.
  14. I just won a golden halloween token for 3 wins in the new halloween balloon event and spun it and won a mummy hat that I already had!!! Most disappointing prize EVER. Seriously, x 3 wins in a 10m buy-in event with no prize for second place and it gives me a hat I already have!!!
  15. Ok, thanks, I always start straight away in order to get off to a good start for ruby, but I have adapted my play now, to either wait half an hour, or play in oil storage, so if it does crash I don't lose many chips. Before I was immediately activating my free spin XP boost and going in Kings Crown, which is a bit frusstrating if it is crashing regulalry. But I do appreciate your taking the time to explain about the reason, I had wrongly assumed it was a bug due to the challenge now ending and beginning simulatenously. And that's good to know about the refund, but truthfully it
  16. That's the last time I play at 8pm on Wednesday night. Since changing to the challenge ending and starting at that time every week it crashes now shortly after every week without fail ,and always costs me chips that I don't get back. Enough
  17. We will assume you meant 'comprehension', otherwise what you wrote is a contradiction in terms. Quite ironic. 😉
  18. To be clear - is pure speculation, so I could be wrong.
  19. I think they are trying to get in a game with no other players in so their friends can come and they play points ...
  20. I think I found the answer to my question ...
  21. All hands are fixed preflop, once a deck it shuffled. But there are many ways you can play it ...
  22. Bonne, if you want more detailed avice on how best to play specific game like Royal poker, just ask.
  23. Best advice to get points is to try to learn to play (at least) a couple of games at the same time of whatever you tend to play, especially when you have XP boost (double points) activated. Also, Royal poker games (like oil storage) are good for points, if you learn to play them. You can afford to play quite aggressively with any hand that doesn't have a J or 10 iin it, and you will tend to at least break even over time, and then get chips from better team chests. Spin & play (100k buy-in) is also good for points, again you can play several at a time (start with 2) and play quite
  24. Ok it seems he had got around the issue by changing the window from French language to English, which hopefully might help some others who are experiencing this problem. So to the developers, there may be an issue for logging on via steam if the window is set to languages other than English. Thanks
  25. Hi, I just spoke to my Team Leader who has been unable to log-on to the game since yesterday morning which he thinks was the time of the last update. He usually connects via steam. His username is Kojav and our team is Europoker. He had to create a new account via facebook and send me a friend request to let us know, the new account is Player900973 (I hope this doesn't create problems). He seems to think this issue is affecting a number of people, and obviously hopes he does not have to start from zero. He had over 2.5 billion chips and put much work in over years! I a