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  1. PokerGirl


    If I use my tickets (bronze etc.) on my phone (Android, I think Kit Kat but I'm not sure), I can't spin the last one. However, when I go on my PC to use them, they're no longer there and nothing has been credited to my account, including the ticket count to collect more tickets. To be clear, this doesn't always happen, it's about 9/10 when you get to the last one. It also doesn't seem to matter if you have five tickets or fifteen. The very last one just opens briefly and then fails to load.
  2. PokerGirl

    royal poker all in on a table straight

    Good for you. I'd like to suggest to GOP the option of hosting tables, so people who want to play Team Challenges with some sort of skill can do so in peace.
  3. PokerGirl

    All In

    All of your reasons only apply to people who are silly enough to vast sums of real money on fake poker chips. You cannot follow any of the above strategies relying on free chips, unless you get very lucky with RNG and some very stupid human opponents. I really wish GOP would let people 'host' tables in certain formats like Royal Poker so people who do this can be kicked from tables.
  4. PokerGirl

    Summer Calendar

    Yeah, I think a bit of good will would be nice here. I almost had the same problem, but I had the ability to use my partner's phone to download the app and link my GoP account. If TREX did complete every day apart from 18 and partake to almost completion, then it shows they are a committed player and it's players like TREX that keep GoP populated and interesting for new players. At the very least, offer TREX a unique discount for an Ultra Spin, so they get 99.5% off or something...
  5. PokerGirl


    Unlikely on the $10k chips. However, as someone who plays on a non-touchscreen device (i.e. my laptop, via Steam), the design is clearly aimed at people who are playing on phones i.e. it's pretty easy to scroll and tap, which I did do on a calendar day I couldn't access the internet via my laptop. It would be nice to just have a "SEND ALL" feature, as I don't always bother to send chips (and I like to doing so, it's just tiresome).
  6. Why not? They seem fun and the game looks unprofessional having 'empty' places on the map. Either update, or...
  7. PokerGirl

    Bullshit bans

    That's not really an answer. If someone's paid money (extortionate boosters) then they probably deserve an actual answer, or support in how to find out. And, you know, I'm not banned...
  8. PokerGirl

    facebook Live stream : give your feedback !

    Do you need to follow the FB page to see the livestreams?
  9. PokerGirl

    Game wont start

    Nah, they're probably working on it, but the problem with the software development industry, generally, is that there's a bunch of talented people who are left out and a lot of talentless that are included in various workforces. And customer service is a whole other mess with a lot of worthless people being paid a wage to sit and do nothing, usually managers rather than the front line help.
  10. PokerGirl

    Problems Connecting Via IOS Browser

    I'm getting this message. Hopefully they'll sort it out soon! I used to play ZyngaPoker but found this a lot more rewarding (the challenges are better), but am sorry to say that communication with the company is woeful.