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  1. Do not delete. developers have put the button behind the icon on the bottom right of the calendar. Very difficult to see.
  2. You can easily recreate this issue by playing a hand, going all in and noting the position of the each player's hand against the position they're awarded after they go bust. It's also still an issue and pretty annoying tbh.
  3. The UI is messed up on some of the leader boards too. Can't scroll down.
  4. I take back what I said about forgiving them for being a small company -- they're owned by Azerion, which in their own words: We are a media- and technology company that provides safe, reliable and valuable content on a European scale with local presence. We touch real people when they’re actively engaging with their friends and their favorite content while we help advertisers and publishers to connect with these people at the right time and in a meaningful and valuable way. We own the content and the technology to guarantee the safety and reliability and we have offices in 14 mark
  5. Where's the Facebook app gone guys or are you gonna delete this comment like you did that thread? I really wish I'd taken a screenshot. This is absolutely ludicrous (and I don't play on Facebook or have my account connected, because I've always suspected something dodgy about all of that). I've been on the fence for a while about what you actually think about your players, benefit of the doubt that although your business practices are on the predatory side, that's somewhat understandable when you take into context it's a) a simulated casino experience, focusing mostly on poker variations a
  6. What? You laid out how some people play and I contradicted what you said by pointing out there's a disable chat function. Even if you're being sarcastic, the fact that you clearly are unaware that everything you said can be easily ignored with a simple click of a button in the settings makes you look incredibly thick -- you either DO play that way or you, y'know, get annoyed by it and you tilt often. Either way, just switch your chat off. It annoys me too and I play a lot better since turning it off.
  7. Update to the above: I've actually just noticed it's not been lost, but 'deleted' (I think as someone describe for blackjack above? I don't speak French!). Basically, losing that many chips should've taken me back to VIP*, yet I noticed I was VIP** still. So I looked at my profile and it was still saying I was at the chip count I should be. So chips not disappeared, but it would still be nice to have my top bar chip count rectified. Thanks
  8. What is it? And PM me who it is. Sorry for being nosey
  9. And what if someone is good at poker and knows how to switch off chat? Your advice certainly seems pretty limited, lol.
  10. Thanks GOP Jacopo. I'm currently not receiving daily points for winning a Sit & Go Summer Tournament. I've won both types on two different days and didn't receive the daily activity points. I've also had some issues with losing money because my internet connection dropped through no fault of my own (seriously, it's a rural connection that's had about 5+ engineers look at it, and even reinstall it so it's an issue with the provider/network, not me) and lost money whilst in a hand. Just now, I was playing the bigger Royal Poker stakes and lost $5m, despite having $4.5-5m and only betti
  11. Not true. On PokerStars they tell you the break down of the likelihood of winning a top prize on their spin tickets; you have a 33.33% chance of winning the bottom tier prize, and the top prize is something ridiculous like 0.00001%. So, given I imagine the statistical odds of winning a prize is programmed similarly on GOP3 then you will rarely actually get the top prize but it does not mean that NEVER happens. I won $5m on the Mega Spin a couple of days ago, the top prize. I've also gotten top prizes on the gold ticket before. It does happen, but it's rare.
  12. You can already do this. Press and hold the chat cloud of the text you want to copy and paste.
  13. Do you understand how gambling addiction works? That this simulates gambling and they use the exact same tricks (by awarding 'free chips' to players) that real casinos do, in order to encourage people to spend real cash and make the free chips they lost back? You'd be surprised at how much casinos give away to encourage punters.
  14. If I use my tickets (bronze etc.) on my phone (Android, I think Kit Kat but I'm not sure), I can't spin the last one. However, when I go on my PC to use them, they're no longer there and nothing has been credited to my account, including the ticket count to collect more tickets. To be clear, this doesn't always happen, it's about 9/10 when you get to the last one. It also doesn't seem to matter if you have five tickets or fifteen. The very last one just opens briefly and then fails to load.
  15. Good for you. I'd like to suggest to GOP the option of hosting tables, so people who want to play Team Challenges with some sort of skill can do so in peace.