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  1. Actually, it is pretty simple. When you have an all in table going, you can win a lot of chips in a hurry. This last week, I sat several tables in which players were throwing 1m all in, preflop... I was winning 2-3 million pots for hours on several players. I even tried to get them to slow down in the table chat. Alexander mentions having an obsession for the cups... I have made 4 of them since I started. I could care less about them. With all the hours I play this game, this was a rare week. SO it's nothing special... I had a few days of really good cards, on a few tables tha
  2. I am also unable to log in via Windows - again. Same error as last time when they so brilliantly lit off an upgrade during a tourney. Twice now you get the same error,,, never mind the lack of memory error that keeps locking us up. They really need some programmers that can read the error and correct this stuff.