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  1. Hi all !! I hope you can solve my doubts .... Can players from the same team play at the same table? without being misinterpreted if they are winning without cheating? regards
  2. Princess

    chests chests chests

    Good day to all. Would you like to know if it is possible to open the chests until a new challenge has already started? that is ... do not get lost? infinite thanks
  3. Princess

    what are they for ?

    thanks, I just saw that inventory also appears in the gifts in the halls, almost never gift to anyone hahaha greetings
  4. Princess

    what are they for ?

    good day everyone can explain to me that they serve the gifts that you earn so much in equipment challenges as in events such as violin, watches, cars? not the ones that are given to you in the halls, I know that they go to an inventory but what use do they have?
  5. Princess


    you would accept me on your team ? I am vip I am Princess im mexican
  6. Princess

    Questions & Answers

    I report the same problem of not being able to enter from my laptop, will this happen when the calendar event happens? I'm starting to despair