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  1. I understand, i will stop this week-end too. I finish to help my team then ciao... This game make me crazy, i don't take pleasure anymore, they want to make us zombies, and it seems more we play and more we have bad luck. They will play alone their game soon... Now i know Governor of Bingo, when i will want to play poker i will not come here... Good luck
  2. Ok thanks but it's ok, i think i will stop this game soon. Bored to have no luck all the time, the RNG seems to be not fair, i don't take pleasure anymore...
  3. Some players fight all the week-end and other just do the minimum and come to take chests, this is also unfair for other players...
  4. Hi all, I just made an event sit & go at 5M and in the table i falled with 2 Bresilian players from the same team (Ale49 and JeehPereira), the team was "Ass" or something like that. I did not seen at the beginning they played together but after i understood when i was all-in with 1 of them, the other came and launched all-in with nothing only to make me fold, to protect her friend. After that i checked players profile because it was not normal and i saw they was from the same team... Other thing, sometimes they needed time before to play so i think they were talking on a chat some