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  1. There should be competition between teams. Fast teams get bonus or something. My teammate riverqueen brought this up it would be interesting. Plus it would help us to know how fast 45 hours to finish challenge ranks.
  2. Once again another great performance by team Hellmuthaces. 2 weeks ago 73 hours to finish challenge. Last week 56 hours. This week we shaved another 11 hours down to 45. Awesome team. If u wanna join there may not be much room so get there fast.
  3. Team hellmuthaces cleared last challenge in 73 hours. This time we shaved 17 hours did it in 56. Join us if u can score 1000 pts fast cuz we finish challenges quickly.
  4. By the way to all those who want ultra for 8 chests. It is easy with the right team to get 130. Ultras SHOULD be kept just for top tier players because without us you dont get to 8. If you dont put forth full effort you should not get top rewards. A piggy coin for 8 yes. Thanks again GOP team for doing it right. 4 teams....all 8 chests. Go team hellmuth!!!!!!
  5. My team finished in 72 hours. Aweome rewards for mvp and myself with 19k each. Piggy coin ultra spin and 4 megas for each and a ton of spins for everyone above 2k. Thanks for fixing it and making it worth the time to play. P.S. go team hellmuth
  6. come join team hellmuth. 4 teams all 8 chests. We have 2 of us leading our respective division rankings and 2 more in top 11 of summer event. 1500 minimum pts at challenge time. I am on hellmuthaces we got 8 chests in 3 days. Open enrollment if you like getting all 8 chests.