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  1. Totally agree ! No doubt about that.... the time spent for those prizes... definitely not worth it. Most of us have families, responsibilities and other things to do more important then poker ! My opinion is like that: instead of two Mega Spins which are not enough for that challenge.... just put an Ultra Spin and everyone will be happy !! In this way, people will be more attracted and maybe not think to quit. And to be honest.... it will worth it.
  2. The prizes are always THE SAME... every week same stupid hats. Who needs so many hats? People want ULTRA SPIN for that effort to worth something. So the point is.... ULTRA SPIN for all teams. Or maybe for Top 3 players in each team..
  3. Very true ! We've been waiting for too long a solution against them. So... they might as well just leave it like that. There can't be a poker site without tournaments !!
  4. I don't think anyone can argue with this ! Totally agree with you, Elon !
  5. Oh boy !!! Many people just don't get it.... that's how it works... a April Fools Day it's just like that and always will be ! In the end they will make things right and everyone will be happy.... that gift is there for all of us.... so, stop worrying !!! I knew that this will happen... it happens everywhere.
  6. April Fools Day, guys ! They must celebrate it somehow, don't they?... Come on now.... just taste the joke..... nobody gets hurt by that.
  7. Of course there is a joke.... that's why it's called Aprils Fools Day today. I'm surprised nobody knew that this will happen !It has to be something every year.
  8. I love people with good ideas ! Way to go, Elon ! Best comment i've seen in this forum and excellent pointed.
  9. Agree, but not 7 chests. That would be madness. And something like 100 000 points to open all chests. I'm pretty sure no one will spend that much time to make it happen. Ultra Spin for MVP's or to be shared with all players who REALLY contribute for the team, not players who make only 4 or 10 points. For that, the developers must add in Team Profile a set of rules for everyone to know.
  10. We can only wait for that survey, i'm thinking in cases like this now.... that's the best and most indicated solution not just for a game, but for everything. It's like you see for yourself the level you have reached as a business and see everyone's opinion if something else must be improved.
  11. No offence Ines. But why on Facebook?.... I might want to be anonymous if i do that, it's my choice, like everyone's too. Isn't that the main idea for a survey? And i agree with Radiant... 6th chest is good idea, but not just now. Maybe when you see more people playing. Leave 10 gold for Head's up Challenge, people will lose interest very sonn.
  12. Seriously? And you think these are good ideas?... From my point of view... these useless changes lower the game even more. If you add another chest( and it's longer to complete), at least add another day or two to be completed. Not all teams have 35 members. And what items are you talking about for Head's Up Challenge? Not to mention that the points are half now when you win a hand there. More hats or what ? I give you a free advice for improving the game: a survey sent to everyone, with questions about the game, what do we want to be changed or improved, what we don't want, wha
  13. Very impressive knowledge Elon... i give you that, no doubt you know more than you say ! And to answer to Beridok as well.... nobody's whining about anything in here, man. We're just pointing some facts we're experienced.... if you didn't and had better luck than us.... well, my congratulations ! Maybe you were born under a lucky star. And as an advice.... be more open minded with people, i don't think they come here to spread all kind of lies or inventing stories. There are just facts, nothing more. Have a lovely day... and win that 30M from the purple spin for me, will you?
  14. This game will die slowly.... in this rhythm, with all these useless changes and not even a satisfaction when you're playing.... i give it 6 months, maybe 1 year. Just listen to us, your REAL money makers and revert those changes as they were before. Pretty soon people will get sick of these and run away !! Ain't fun anymore, just management for you GOP !!
  15. I believe you Radiant. Same thing happened to me too not once, but twice. And it was the purple spin everytime.. Stopped initially at a high prize, i had the first at 30 million and 2nd at 3 million. And everytime was stopped at these amounts and then suddenly returning to some pathetic amounts of 45 000 or 90 000. And now let's see the non-believer Beridok showing up and making us understand that nothing is wrong, everything is in perfect order and such. Stranger things is happening here and will always be like that. I have no doubt about that.