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  1. Hi, I lost 15million because the game keeps freezing. You can check it yourself. Please find some way to repay me. 15million is not a joke.
  2. Hi Ines, the prizes for the summer event upon reaching a goal were too small. I hope they are higher this time.
  3. Hi Ines, I just lost 4 million because the game was responding erratically. My clicks were off-time and either too late or never placed. I'm contacting support as well now, but just wanted you to know as well, since those of us with only 4-5 million can't afford to lose because of a technical problem.
  4. The same problem now, Ines. And additionally, now i'm losing my precious xp doubler. Please do something about this. It's unfair.
  5. Update: Now it's asking me if i'm playing from another device, which is a definite no.
  6. Hi, I can't seem to connect to the server. And even if by some stroke of luck I do connect to one match, the other one freezes. Kindly fix this ASAP.
  7. I think everyone would like to know how this case turned out. Was it really a valid ban? If yes, how did he manage to circumvent the security, and has the problem been fixed? Or are we playing with hackers who are taking our hard-earned chips by cheating? If not, then has he been refunded? Or can this happen to anyone, anytime?
  8. Hi, Firstly, thank you so much for responding. Secondly, I do realize that all online games are rigged. I will keep losing. It's a waste. I want to stop, but they make it attractive. Anyway, i'll definitely look into this algorithm. Thank you once again!
  9. Hey there...I'm from India, and I wanna watch the live stream that's supposed to be happening right now. But where do I find it?