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  1. 8 hours ago, Susan said:

    I agree, this new point system is horrible!!  We are not receiving appropriate amount of points for winning hands, and players are more aggressive, more than ever.  Players are going All-In like crazy, and bluffing so bad, its ridiculous!!  Why are players in tournaments being penalized by not receiving points for each winning hand, yet players at regular tables are receiving points for their winning hands??  Paying $2m to walk away with 47 points for 3rd place is insulting, especially when you win many hands and would have certainly earned more points!!!  This new system needs to be scrapped ASAP, or you will have a lot of players leave their teams and the game.  Listen to your customers please and change the point system back to the way it was!!!!  I have been miserable the past 2 days playing Kings Crown, and I use to LOVE playing in that arena.

    Agree with this, havent really been inclined to play this team challenge cycle like I have been all the past challenges. Winning so little points after playing long time at a sit n go isnt rewarding at all. I've always logged to get diamond and help my team but at this rate I would have to play 10x as much to do so...

  2. When playing multiple tables you are able to see your current cards in the bottom right of your screen. I suggest also adding the hand indicator text under the 2 cards you see. So for example where the Red lines are you would see text such as 'High Card', 'Flush', 'Two Pair'. I think this is a good feature because when playing multiple tables I normally check the "Call Current" box but i still have to go back to the actual table to see what my current hand is to knwo if i want to raise. This way you can easilly tell what your hand is on each of the tables you are playing on.