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    Long term vision for GoP?

    Yes, I get it. Inflating the economy, giving people a sense of "progress." Introducing higher and higher stakes over time. But why bother playing poker if slots pay 10x more?
  2. With the slots being out of control as of lately, winning at poker, even at the highest stakes is merely an afterthought. Would the team describe the reasons behind the changes and their future plans? Currently, players who have won 100+ Billion from slots can't be incentivized to care about any of the other games because the wagers appear as microstakes. I miss the times where the highest stakes attracted players who have won their chips in battle and offered a challenge.
  3. xxn1927

    Time related error Can't load GOP3

    Now it can't load again, complaining about a different issue. Oh well.
  4. xxn1927

    Time related error Can't load GOP3

    Same. No both my browsers can't start the game. Oh well.
  5. xxn1927

    Game is unusually slow

    The game has been unusually slow at random times, first noticed 2-3 days ago. It is not my connection because I saw other players complaining at the table about the same issue.
  6. Firefox just works, but not Pale Moon. Firefox hangs up 100% when I try the first time so I need to refresh the page a few times until the game loads.
  7. Since yesterday, I am unable to start the game vie PaleMoon. I get the error message "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." I am still able to play vie Firefox, though.
  8. For example, when you click on the 10th player, "Zzzzzzzzz" who appears to have 5+ billion, the account shows 37m only. Other users also have chip count that is very different from what appears on the board and seems to not get updated even after days.
  9. xxn1927

    Cannot connect to game server

    Connection issues again. From Firefox, I get "connection timed out." It worked several hours ago.