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  1. I have been answered on facebook. I did not know that the experience modifier also increased the team challenge points. Thanks!
  2. I am trying to understand the points system. My experience tonight has been: Golden Club arena: 1st place, 145 pts, 145 pts 141pts and 71 pts. 2nd place, 75 pts, 38pts 3rd place, 15 pts ,15 pts 4th place 10pts, 19 pts Big Bull arena: 2nd place 65 pts 3rd place 44 pts and 15 pts. I am trying to understand why they are different every time please explain. Thank you for your time and all you do.
  3. Wins are not awarding team points this challenge (starting 12/12) Please look into this. Thank you.
  4. I did put in a ticket for this. Hopefully they will correct it soon. It seems like it worked for a brief moment and then broke. Thus the small amount of points. You can see who made those points by clicking on the team profile button. The points are listed in a blue box next to the player's name.
  5. Please look into the problem of not getting team points for wins. This effecting several people, if not all! Thank you!
  6. That is fantastic that you are on a team that achieves 8 boxes Kal! You should feel happy and proud. Yours, however, is not the only team in the game and to some it will make a difference.
  7. I agree with you about this not being a real poker game, but a game that rewards chip flinging monkeys that do not have a clue how to play poker. When I cannot take it anymore and give up hope that they will ever fix the game, I will simply quit and go on about my business and find a game I enjoy playing, something you might consider. As for fixing hands in team chat I have no idea how to do that, nor would I. I do however spend way more time than I care to play this game every week trying to help my team achieve higher tier boxes. No matter the efforts, we never get more than 5 boxes
  8. You get teams points in head to head challenge and it cost 0 chips. Last challenge I got to silver box rather quickly by playing higher casino than I should have, but then I started losing all my chips. So to look at me you see I have silver with very few chips. That is just my experience.
  9. Thank you for this addition!
  10. I would like to see some new gifts: clown nose, a cookie, a banana, a lemon Emoticons: eye roll Chat sayings: poker is a serious game (in answer to are you serious), be nice or (mind your manners), lucky Also would like to initiate a private sit-n-go for team play at least. Maybe make it so only officers or leaders can initiate.
  11. Thank you for your reply INES, I did indeed contact support and the problem was resolved. However, here we are at the start of another team challenge and the problem has reappeared.
  12. Please have someone look into the denial of service when trying to connect to the game server. This is a critical time for team players.