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  1. One more question 5) Once I take a screenshot of the game screen from the button with an icon of a camera, is it saved in the internal memory of the phone? Or the root folder of the game? If the answer is yes, can the image be removed?
  2. Hello, I would like to suggest three things, one related to the forum and another two the game. 1) At the forum, I would like to suggest a fixed topic about players who are looking for a team, or leaders and officers who are looking for new active members. It would be something of a recruiting topic. In my opinion, it would be something more human than it is seen in-game: you enter into any team and from nowhere you can be expelled without reason at any time by insensitive and cold leaders and officers. 2) Regarding the game itself, you could implement the Auto Show Cards / Auto Hi
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum, although I've played GOP3 since July this year on Android. I have some questions that I will ask here and some other suggestions that I will make in the other specific topic. The following questions are: 1) Once playing as a guest, in my case, am I eligible to receive support from the game? 2) Playing as a guest is riskier than playing connected with email or logged in with Facebook in terms of the security of your databases? 3) In case I connect in the game via email or Facebook, can I disconnect later to be able to play again as a guest?