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  1. MrZordon

    New next Calendar?????

    Does the calendar start on Saturday? 🙂
  2. MrZordon

    New next Calendar?????

    When does the new calendar start ??? 😦😯😯
  3. MrZordon

    Winter Kalender

    day 25: win 100 000 hands: a bit too much?
  4. MrZordon

    Next Calendar????

    Next Calendar When Does It Begin ???
  5. MrZordon

    Invite friend table

    missing the friend invitation opcio for every table why is this ??? at each table this opcio disappeared even at large tables
  6. MrZordon


    unjust that I miss one day i do not get ultra spint?
  7. MrZordon


    Do I miss a day for my job even if I get it? one day I can not enter the game Unfortunately, one day I miss you, but I hope you'll be in ultra spin
  8. MrZordon


    if I do not go in for 1 day, can I get the ultra spint at the end of the calendar? I have to leave for 1 day for my job i hope if i miss one day i still get the calendar at the end of the ultra spint right?
  9. MrZordon

    Summer Calendar

    When will the new calendar be launched ???
  10. MrZordon

    Friend invitation error

    When will the new calendars calendar begin?
  11. MrZordon

    Friend invitation error

    when can you play back privately?
  12. MrZordon

    Friend invitation error

    when will this feature be recaptured?
  13. MrZordon

    Friend invitation error

    from now on, the cheating vip players are going to be good at closing the private gaming invitation at small tables
  14. MrZordon

    Friend invitation error

    I can not invite a friend to a private table does not indicate the system When to fix the bug?