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  1. Stefan GoP


    Hey ARTMAKERJEN, as we want to give a full game experience and some people also use the music and sound effects, we have the sound on for default (and won't change this 😉) If you just close a tab in your browser and don't log out correct, you will receive this notification that you are logged in on another device. You can log out in your settings. We now tested your sound issue several times in different browsers, but couldn't find the problems that you have. Only thing we can advice is to check your settings again or to play on another platform like Steam.
  2. Stefan GoP


    I talked to our developers and the sound issue that you have, can occur because of multiple reasons: 1. If you clear the cookies/cache/data of your browser, the settings will reset too (sound on) as it's a browser game 2. You are playing the game in the browser with the incognito-mode -> settings can't be saved 3. You have a browser plugin installed that might cause the issues We tested it during normal use in all common browsers and couldn't reproduce the issues that you have.
  3. Stefan GoP


    Hey ARTMAKERJEN, would it be an option for you to use Facebook Gameroom or Steam to play our game? Both Windows apps are specially created to play games and will give you a way better game experience than playing in the browser. Both are for free and you can easily login with your current game account.
  4. Stefan GoP


    Hey ARTMAKERJEN, on which device and platform do you have this problem?
  5. Hey @elon on what platform (Android, iOS, Gameroom, etc.) did this happen and did you already contact our support team?
  6. Hello GOODKAT, we recommend not joining the game just after the start of the team challenge as most players do that and sometimes our servers can't handle this peak. We are working on improving this performance issue, but can't assure for 100% that this won't happen again. Thanks for your understanding! PS: In case you lost any chips due to server issues, don't hesitate to contact our support agents in the game as those might be refunded.
  7. Stefan GoP

    New next Calendar?????

    Hello @MrZordon, we will announce the beginning of the new calendar on our Facebook page as soon as we can. At the moment it's still in the planning, so we can't give you a date.
  8. Stefan GoP


    Hello @RonAkaShady , please restart your game. After that the error should not occur anymore. If you had any losses or if the error still occurs, please contact our support team in the game so they can help you! (menu>settings>contact us)
  9. Stefan GoP


    Hello SFXTD, thank you for your bug report. We will try to reproduce the bug and fix it as soon as possible.
  10. Stefan GoP


    Hello @MrZordon, you get your ultra spin, if you claim every day. We suggest to keep on claiming the days, so you still get better prizes.
  11. Stefan GoP

    The bottom banner appears at random!

    Hello @Yamagata, just turn off the chat suggestions in your settings to avoid this problem. It will be solved with the next updates.
  12. Stefan GoP

    Why can't I buy Houses in Elpaso?

    Hello @bishopburley, please make sure that you play the full version of the game to unlock all areas. You can buy the full version in the App Store.
  13. Stefan GoP

    Team Requirement Settings Not Working.

    Hey @Colt 45, can you please give me your user id and team name so we can have a look at this. Thank you!
  14. Stefan GoP

    Questions & Answers

    Hey @DarkyFaNPuB, you can also try next time to clear your browser cache and try again after. Maybe this works for you.
  15. Stefan GoP

    Feature requests

    Hello @radiant, because you are playing one against one you wouldn't have time to switch tables. So we didn't add this option for the Heads up challenge.