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  1. Hey there, currently this "problem" only appears to very few players, but as you can see, there is still space on the Strip.
  2. Hey there, we are currently working on this problem and expect it to be fixed within the next hours.
  3. Hey guys, we are currently working on a solution on this problem and expect it to be fixed within the next hours. You can just keep on collection points like normal.
  4. Hey JETCITYWOMAN, only cashgames will add up to your calendar mission as well as chips won from other players at the table.
  5. Hey guys, please clear your cache and try again. We did an update yesterday that might have caused this temporary problem.
  6. Hello Misty, we are really sorry for this kind of spam. We already removed the campaign and try to find the issue that caused these emails in our mail distribution software. We hope it won't happen again in the future!
  7. Hello FIFERBLUE, I will request this from our dev team, but I guess this has something to do with the time change from summer to winter time that we had this Sunday here in Europe.
  8. Hello YAMAGATA, you can also add funds before entering the game by clicking on your account in the steam. Can you try if this works? You can also try to add a payment method first.
  9. Hey Goodkat, thank you for your feedback that this bug is still not fixed. I handed it over to our developers, so it will hopefully be fixed soon.
  10. Thanks, Goodkat! The bug should already be solved by now. I checked your inventory and added you the Evil Pumpkin Hat as this seemed the only hat you were missing.
  11. Hello Goodkat, the bug that you describe that you get a hat that you already owned should actually not occur. Could you give me your friend code and the approx. date and time when this happened, so we can have a look at this and add you another one? Thanks!
  12. Hello Misty, thanks for mentioning this bug. Our devs already had a look at this and will fix it with the next update.
  13. Hey there, we are already looking into the connection problem that our players have. Please contact our support team and tell them what your problem is. They won't close your ticket unless you insult them or spam them with messages. Thanks for your patience!
  14. Hey ARTMAKERJEN, as we want to give a full game experience and some people also use the music and sound effects, we have the sound on for default (and won't change this 😉) If you just close a tab in your browser and don't log out correct, you will receive this notification that you are logged in on another device. You can log out in your settings. We now tested your sound issue several times in different browsers, but couldn't find the problems that you have. Only thing we can advice is to check your settings again or to play on another platform like Steam.
  15. I talked to our developers and the sound issue that you have, can occur because of multiple reasons: 1. If you clear the cookies/cache/data of your browser, the settings will reset too (sound on) as it's a browser game 2. You are playing the game in the browser with the incognito-mode -> settings can't be saved 3. You have a browser plugin installed that might cause the issues We tested it during normal use in all common browsers and couldn't reproduce the issues that you have.