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    New next Calendar?????

    Hello @MrZordon, we will announce the beginning of the new calendar on our Facebook page as soon as we can. At the moment it's still in the planning, so we can't give you a date.
  2. Stefan GoP


    Hello @RonAkaShady , please restart your game. After that the error should not occur anymore. If you had any losses or if the error still occurs, please contact our support team in the game so they can help you! (menu>settings>contact us)
  3. Stefan GoP


    Hello SFXTD, thank you for your bug report. We will try to reproduce the bug and fix it as soon as possible.
  4. Stefan GoP


    Hello @MrZordon, you get your ultra spin, if you claim every day. We suggest to keep on claiming the days, so you still get better prizes.
  5. Stefan GoP

    The bottom banner appears at random!

    Hello @Yamagata, just turn off the chat suggestions in your settings to avoid this problem. It will be solved with the next updates.
  6. Stefan GoP

    Why can't I buy Houses in Elpaso?

    Hello @bishopburley, please make sure that you play the full version of the game to unlock all areas. You can buy the full version in the App Store.
  7. Stefan GoP

    Team Requirement Settings Not Working.

    Hey @Colt 45, can you please give me your user id and team name so we can have a look at this. Thank you!
  8. Stefan GoP

    Questions & Answers

    Hey @DarkyFaNPuB, you can also try next time to clear your browser cache and try again after. Maybe this works for you.
  9. Stefan GoP

    Feature requests

    Hello @radiant, because you are playing one against one you wouldn't have time to switch tables. So we didn't add this option for the Heads up challenge.
  10. Stefan GoP

    Feature requests

    Hello @radiant, you mean that you can e.g. decide in the settings if you want to show your cards or not? So you don't have to click every time again. I will hand the feedback on to the developers.
  11. Stefan GoP

    Feature requests

    @mrsray We don't say that we will never change the amount of chests. But we also don't change things in the game by now only because the VIPs or VIP+s want it
  12. Stefan GoP

    Questions & Answers

    Hello @MathieuV, the MVP doesn't get any trophy as it's only compared to the other players. The Xmas Saloon just opened and the End of Year Calendar will start this Saturday.
  13. Stefan GoP

    giocatore con 2nik

    Hello @vr46, can you please send me your user id in a private message. Thank you!
  14. Stefan GoP

    giocatore con 2nik

    Please report players who are using two accounts or tell their hands trough the team chat to our support team! Thank you.
  15. Stefan GoP

    nieuwe kisten teamchallenge

    Hello @rina, we won't add new chests in the near future, as it's difficult enough for some teams to get all at the moment.
  16. Stefan GoP

    giocatore con 2nik

    Hello @vr46, I hope I understood your right: A player is only allowed to have one account on the game, so he also can't play with two accounts in one team.
  17. Stefan GoP

    Questions & Answers

    Hey @MilliVilli, I think he is shown as leader, because you and the other guy just joined the table and the other two don't have any chips. The chip leader is the one who has the most chips in the running game and not who joined with the highest buy-in.
  18. Stefan GoP

    is the leaderboard full of cheaters?

    Who is getting too many chips?
  19. Stefan GoP

    Questions & Answers

    Hey @mrsray, we don't look for people who have some private friends on facebook, but for people who have a high reach in the public.
  20. Stefan GoP

    Questions & Answers

    Hello @mrsray, we are sorry but you don't meet the requirements for the affiliate link.
  21. Stefan GoP

    Feature requests

    Hello @mrsray, we know that not all teams get the 8 chests, but that's ok. It's a challenge , so it's challenging to reach all diamond chests.
  22. Stefan GoP

    is the leaderboard full of cheaters?

    Hello @mrsray, we always try to clear our leader board from any cheaters, but can't avoid it all the time. If you think that one players has won more chips than normal (compared to all the others) you can send a message to our support team.
  23. Stefan GoP

    Feature requests

    @elpokero The Multi Table Tournaments that used to be on the train of the world map are now in Las Vegas known as special Events.
  24. Stefan GoP

    Feature requests

    Hello @elpokero, you get 'on fire' if you win a bigger amount of chips. This depends on the table you are playing at. You can find here how to get the trophies:
  25. Stefan GoP

    Premios ultra giro 8 cofre desafio

    Hello @Dance, we are sorry for your disappointment. The minimum that you can get with an ultra spin didn't change this week, but already some weeks ago. I also don't see the point how it gives us any advantage if we increase the blinds? You can't expect that you win more than you lost if your losses are already 45 million. It is also possible to complete the team challenge without losing that amount of chips.