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  1. Thanks is an important button for politeness and should not be removed just because some people abuse it and annoy some others. I do really want the ability to select which phrases or emojis show up on the quick-response suggestion bar. That also might reduce the number of people responding with "nice bluff" in response to every raise.
  2. Do not call the bingo players. Let them knock themselves out and wait for heads up. More points and no bankroll loss.
  3. They changed Sit & Go team points to be based on place of finish rather than hands played to keep players from abusing the shove/fold loophole to amass points. That is a good thing because it returns it to real poker. The major issue now is the need for more or longer 2x chips to be able to make ones goal in a reasonable time, leading to more bingo play force faster tournament finishes.
  4. I mean that just because one does not have the time or chips to play at a high enough level or for a long enough time to reach 10,000 XP diamond level, one should not expect the rules to be changed to make it easier. Many, many people make 10,000 XP during a team challenge, so it is not an insurmountable challenge, but it does require playing at a high enough level, for sufficient time, and with reasonable skill. Play well, build the bankroll, and then the higher rewards may be more easily obtained.
  5. I have reported it before, but never received a response.
  6. I do not agree. The new system rewards good play and gaining larger bankrolls. The previous system rewarded artificial raising and folding that had nothing to do with poker. They did run statistics when they made the change and found that similar numbers of players were reaching similar levels as before. Nobody is entitled to diamond level points. It is harder, perhaps impossible, when playing at lower levels. That should be an incentive to play well and build ones stack to be able to play at higher levels. Earn chips from playing well, not relying on mega and ultra spins; those are just boo
  7. There used to be a thread about this, but it seems to have disappeared. I have also seen other references to it with no responses. When there is a daily challenge to win a certain amount, when playing S&G one does not get full challenge credit for winnings. For example, I bought in to a King's Crown tournament for 2M chips and won the tournament to receive 7.5M chips. I only got credit for winning 13650 chips. Playing a cash game, I won one hand for ~5M chips and completed the challenge. There is obviously something not right about that, and it is a long-standing issue. Why?
  8. Obviously XP doublers are critical with the revised S&G rules for team challenges. Squeezing in two or three games every four hours on the spin doubler is quite tedious. 60-min XP doubler tokens are golden. The 15-min ones are barely useful.
  9. I do not believe the game is rigged. The game is free-money poker with rampant chip inflation, so many players will often chase anything to the river. Those chases will sometimes pay off. With online poker one sees many more hands than live poker, and especially real-money poker, so those bad beats seem to show up more often.
  10. there is no rule that says one must call an all-in bet
  11. Nothing pleases everybody. The game is supposed to be Poker, not fishing for spins. Just enjoy the competition at whatever level you can afford.
  12. If you do not win then you do not deserve first-place points. It is a competition after all. Second place in Sit and Go returns your buy-in and pays up to 240+ points (2x). Not a bad return for ~15-minutes work.
  13. There is nothing wrong with the new system that cannot be solved by playing poker well. It is much more fun than artificially building XP by shove/folding.
  14. You get 240 for winning the S&G, 480 with 2xXP, a reasonable return for ~15 minutes work. Get to heads up to save your bankroll and get 120 (or 2xXP 240) points. Play good poker to win!
  15. I am disappointed about the level of chip inflation going on in GOP3. I know people are begging for more and more free chips, ultra-spins, etc, but having so many chips that are not earned at the table takes away from the essence of the game. Cest la vie