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  1. IT would be Nice if gop3 put the heads up again too 10 gold because in the begin iT allways 10 gold for 12 box 1 million. You only get 77 gold for teamchallenge so iT would be fair if You put iT back too 10 gold because 20 gold is too much for 1 million. 50 gold 5 million so 10 gold 1 million.
  2. only if its 100% change for Ultra. then you can add a 7th Teamchallenge box for 100.000 points that would be a damm good challenge ;-) even for the best teams.
  3. Respect for gop3 finnaly we get a ultra token for complete all days in calender i spin 35million with it. thanks a lot gop3 that you do this the first time in the calender hope you do it every time when a calender comes for complete all day deep respect for the ultra token for all days thanks a lot
  4. i dont see the easter calender 4 days ago i see it yesterday it say 12 hours left and today i logg inn and the calender is gone
  5. Hello gop3 I hope we can get a Leaderboard at gop3 for the TeamChallenge. So we can see how the other teams or doing.
  6. Hello gop3 This is the 4th time the challenge got 6 chest. Our team Poker Lovers have complete all the chest everytime. But till now on still no member got a UltraSpin. So the droprate is very very low. I hope that you guys at gop3 can maby try that when a team complete 6 chest that there wil be 100% chace for 1 Ultra token atleast is giving out for the team. Much LOVE from the Netherlands.
  7. Hello i got all days open from the december calender. and at the end i only got 20 gold 1 hat 20.000 coins is that all. it say how more days you open on the december calender how bigger your gift is. i got 31 day open and this i only got lol. i got at a normal day more stuf inside it.
  8. Thanks a lot govenor of poker i got it back. your the best.
  9. the amount that i lose that i not get back from the table when i get out is 669,465 because that is the bigwin i get and then i not could go back again and later i whas out and not get the big win chips you can see in team Poker Lovers that i get that bigwin because there it say thanks i can play again hope i will get my 669,465 chips back
  10. thanks i am out again but the chips i got on the table i don t get so i lost 900.000 chips because that whas the amount what i get on the table and now i am out again its gone
  11. hello i play at the table and sudenly reconect table appears. now i cannot return because stil when i try to open gop3 it still go too the table and try too reconect with table and say error i have wait for 30 min but still it go too the table and i cannot go out . can you please look into my account and set me off from the table so i am back at the startscreen again and i can play again my id 6541218 hope you fix it soon so i can play again.
  12. thanks it works good again.
  13. cap raise friends now you can hold 200 friends it would be awsome if we can hold more.
  14. normal when i get a present from someone i send a present back. but now there is a bug on it. when i get a present i send it back and go out and then i cannot send anymore present from today. so when i send 10 presents and i go out and play poker and whanne send the rest off my friends presents then it say you cannot send anymore so i must send everybody a present when i go there otherwise i cannot send anymore presents today. and i got 180 friends so i must send all in 1 time and cannot do the thing from 1 get one from you then send it back. and if i accept a new friend then i can also not send him a gift and must wait for the other day.
  15. it would be great if we can get a giftcalendar every month. and that the last day of the month is the golden present. that would be awsome ;-)