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  1. Respect for gop3 finnaly we get a ultra token for complete all days in calender i spin 35million with it. thanks a lot gop3 that you do this the first time in the calender hope you do it every time when a calender comes for complete all day deep respect for the ultra token for all days thanks a lot

  2. Hello gop3

    This is the 4th time the challenge got 6 chest.

    Our team Poker Lovers have complete all the chest everytime.

    But till now on still no member got a UltraSpin.

    So the droprate is very very low.

    I hope that you guys at gop3 can maby try that when a team complete 6 chest that there wil be 100% chace for 1 Ultra token atleast is giving out for the team.

    Much LOVE from the Netherlands.

  3. hello i play at the table and sudenly reconect table appears. now i cannot return because stil when i try to open gop3 it still go too the table and try too reconect with table and say error i have wait for 30 min but still it go too the table and i cannot go out . can you please look into my account and set me off from the table so i am back at the startscreen again and i can play again my id 6541218 hope you fix it soon so i can play again.

  4. normal when i get a present from someone i send a present back.  but now there is a bug on it. when i get a present i send it back and go out and then i cannot send anymore present from today. so when i send 10 presents and i go out and play poker and whanne send the rest off my friends presents then it say you cannot send anymore so i must send everybody a present when i go there otherwise i cannot send anymore presents today. and i got 180 friends so i must send all in 1 time and cannot do the thing from 1 get one from you then send it back. and if i accept a new friend then i can also not send him a gift and must wait for the other day.

  5. i love the teamchallenge but our team complete it in 10 hours and then we must wait for peopple that on work otherwise we complete it in 6 hours so for more challenge it would be great if there coming more chest then 4 so we got more challenge with it now we can hold 30 members in the team so we must wait for play otherwise we complete it 2 fast and other peopple have no chance that work so my idee is more chest then 4 for more challenge.