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  1. I maded it for so far to VIP+ so it is possible just keep continue playing and don't go all in, play safe.
  2. We both can use better rewards GOP 3. has to see if they can change the rewards for high ranked players. I only did get 30Mil out if the Ultra thats a nice price. but those tickets and spin tokens (seasons) are waste of time.
  3. About this, the 4 Mil is a reward. But somehow it is still nothing compared by what you lose. If they wanna make the game a bit compared for high ranked players, they should make the Tokens with much higher rewards for vip and vip+ like 15k is 15Mil. Those Daily spins are nice if you are a beginner and can use some chips to growth your bankroll. But tokens as Spring token or Xmas Tokens or even those tickets bronze and silver and gold. Its nice that they are here and even free. But what I mean is How higher your rank and how much chips you have is really a thing with those rewards. for a
  4. SAYASU, I was talking for the Ultra spinner with atleast 24Mil.
  5. It would be nice if we can buy like tokens with gold. I get so much gold everyweek and it would be nice if you guys can add more things to buy with the gold you get from team challenges. for example Special casino were you can play with your gold. Tokens like Mega, ultra can be bought with gold. Gold can be converted to chips. Also, Can you guys make the game a little bit compared to ranks. By that I mean if you're playing as a Vip or Vip+ you will get much more money out of tokens like Spring token or Xmas tokens. Right now I only get 15k
  6. SAYASU, Players counting on those Spinners I am a Vip+ my self losing sometimes more than 100mil+ each week I can use those spinners. DIMITRIS And I play on Android and PC (Steam platform)
  7. I got the same problem did sent a request to the support. If a Develoloper reads this, this is a general problem hes not the only one. More of my team members have trouble with the same issue no big reward and the end