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  1. Hey all! Early this AM I played my usual sit and go for 500 K @ BigBull and won the first prize of 1.7M, yet for my 17th day in a row playing and meeting all challenges it says I've only won 18,635 for today???? Why dosen't that win of 1.7 M earlier, count towards chips won?? Bummed out in TX Bonnie
  2. I have been on a really good team for some time now. They kept me on while I was on VaCay and couldn't play. I have never paid for anything for this game, I am were I am because I play as often as I can and think I'm getting better. I am discouraged that the chests do not reward much, specifically ... chips and hats... any advice to get diamond or ruby is greatly appreciated. I am stuck at gold and getting less perks then when I was only able to get silver before the change in chest rewards. Bonnie
  3. I'm asking about the gifts that I win in Chests in my Inventory, the question is can I "re-gift" ?
  4. How do you gift them? I don't see how. Thanks