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  1. I arrive in my 4th Daily Chest but not Loyalty points inside
  2. Yes, I reinstall Fbgameroom, and GOP3 but nothing works. I was playing with a tablet because de PC facebookgameroom have a bug with GOP3. Today the same bug in the tablet, I can't play GOP3 on none of my devices. 😭😱
  3. I can play GOP3 without problems on my smartphone. But every time I try to access GOP3 in Facebook Gameroom, GOP3 starts to load but suddenly it stops and returns to the fbgameroom home page. Bad bug
  4. Yesterday I could not add the points of several challenge. And today my weekly total points start from zero 😡
  5. I cannot play, error 401 constantly, I enter the game but I go outside without being able to play
  6. It has something to do with tomorrow's challenge ???