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  1. skoales

    Feature requests

    Why do I keep losing on a river card? Fix your algorithm.
  2. skoales

    all lose

    Take a break, I found out that is kinda glitched, more often you play trough the day worse it gets. If you stop playing for a week or a month and comeback, you start winning again. That's how it is from my experience, but I agree that, this game is not fun anymore.
  3. skoales

    Feature requests

    BTW I love losing with pocket QQ,KK or AA. I'm quitting this trash game.
  4. skoales

    Feature requests

    PLEAS!!! Give us pre-flop limit. All in noobs ruin the game.
  5. skoales

    Feature requests

    GOP 3 PLS, Also increase anti-cheat. I saw one guy getting lucky on a river cards 5 times in a row. No wonder I can't make any progress, when this game is full of cheaters.
  6. Pleas give us an option to gift our friends gold or some chips ( for examply 100k or 1M if I want to, 100 chips is a joke).
  7. skoales

    Feature requests

    I want real life % win ratio, not dealer bs.
  8. skoales

    Feature requests

    They should make this game more fair. Way to many straights, flushes and bad beats. This game is clearly rigged, they should make real life % win ration, not random straights, I know it's part of the game, but in real life this happens a lot less often.