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  1. Yes, my game is glitched,  i can click on buttons, but I need to click on other parts of screen where there's no buttons. Something 's not right my clicks with a mouse are glitched.

    My name in game is Jocky (Team U S A)

  2. Take a break, I found out that is kinda glitched, more often you play trough the day worse it gets.

    If you stop playing for a week or a month and comeback, you start winning again. That's how it is from my experience, but I agree that, this game is not fun anymore.

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  3. They should make this game more fair. Way to many straights, flushes and bad beats. This game is clearly rigged, they should make real life % win ration, not random straights, I know it's part of the game, but in real life  this happens a lot less often.