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  1. All of my issues are fixed. Thank you!
  2. Well my login works now but I never did get an email to reset it. What I am getting now is a Java error "too much recursion". Any idea how I can get this fixed so I can play? Thanks!
  3. Salvo, for some reason I can't log into governor of poker to access my account. It tells me that my password isn't right. I have requested a password change from the link on the site and it tells me that an email has been sent but I have not received an email to change the password. Any help would be appreciated because I can't log in and play. Thanks!
  4. Thank you INES and team for getting us back into the game. It is most appreciated.
  5. Thanks INES I hope ya'll can figure this one out I'm having withdrawals here lol
  6. Come on guys and girls I posted this on Wednesday and have not gotten any help with this. Is there anyone out there?
  7. I"ve done that and have gotten no reply.
  8. I have the same issue as BIGJLITTLEJ and created a thread about it.
  9. Well hopefully someone will tell us how to fix it or fix it themselves there really isn't anything we can do from our end.
  10. It's still not letting me play tonight and I don't see a reply from a tech...this is terrible.
  11. I keep getting this message. Connection Issue Unknown Error:Maybe a CORS problem Network Status: Net Verified Can someone help me with this please? Thanks.
  12. Oh thanks Colt 45. No I don't still have that amount so that explains it. I appreciate the help.
  13. I got the badge for winning 500,000 chips but didn't get Shark status. Can anyone tell me why? Thanks.