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  1. Misty

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    Yes, but they would still need to play from multiple devices. If they want to go trough so much trouble to get e very slight advantage, let them 🙂 Somebody said there where unlimeted buy-ins. That's just nuts. One buy-in is much simpler and gives less advantage to cheaters.
  2. Misty

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    So ? You still have one IP adres at a time. So your stil limited to one buy in ?
  3. Misty

    Feature requests

    People who say that higher lvl's are more profitable because they are more logical, have a problem adjusting their game. When you adjust your game, the lower lvl's are relative way more profitable. Which is logical. You earn money by the mistakes of your opponant. They make more mistakes at the lower level. All sng's start with 20/40 blinds and Vegas starts with 50/100 blinds. But i must admit i was suprised at the high profitabilty i had with those high blinds. And i now noticed (for the first time) Vegas had 3 minute blind lvl's in stead of 2 minutes. So altough the blinds are higher, they stay the same 50% longer. So that compensates a little. But when i play at the low lvl's i can have a game of 20 min and in Vegas i dont think i ever go over 15. So less play time -> more gamble. Lower blinds and longer play benefit more skilled players in SNG's explicit. There is no longer play in cash-games, only higher blind, because you rebuy. So indirectly i am asking for lower blinds and more play time for SNG's in Vegas and Strip. To me that also makes sence, because you put in a lot more chips, so more playtime in return is logical. (If you dont have the time, then you play a cash game or lower stake)
  4. Misty

    Feature requests

    I understand what you're trying to say, but that is not what i mean. But you make one important mistake, long drawn out battles improves the role off skill not luck. For abvious reasons. Also i dont understand why u assume i'm a losing player ? i'm a winning player on all lvl's. I have a "roi "of 50% on lower lvl's and 20% in vegas. So when i say it is more a gamble it is not out of personal perspective, it is just a statement about the blind structure. You can have a higher winrate when you have a bigger edge on your opponant. The higher the starting blinds and the less post-flop play and the more all-in or fold play , the less of an edge you can have on your opponant. Because their is less room for making mistakes. So then it is more about the cards and thus the gamble. If you compare it to real money play, you can compare it with regular sng's to the Turbo sng's. Changing your play can never adjust for the possible edge with the given structure. With other words, even a professional poker player would make much less money in a High blind structure SNG then a low blind structure sng. Their possible edge is just that much lower. I hope you understand now what i'm saying.
  5. Misty

    Feature requests

    I'm very curious what the blind structure will be in the new tower 🙂
  6. altough my experiance is that all-in people only play with 100-150k at these tables and no more then like 10 minutes.
  7. oke, thank you for your story !
  8. I'm looking at the weekly classification and i see for example member Skyhawk at $262.000.000 winning at the Pro woud area. Here the maximum buy in is 2 mln. So even if you 4 table for 300 hands/hour and you have an amazing winrate of like 15 BB/100 and you play 8 hours per day (which is both quite impossible i would say) , then even the best streak only gives not even 1/3 of that total. http://pokerdope.com/poker-variance-calculator/ So how is this possible ?
  9. Misty

    Feature requests

    I second this. This is the foremost reason i disable the chat completely
  10. Misty

    Feature requests

    - A button you can press if you need some extra time to think and make a decision. Like a timebank.
  11. Misty

    Diamond Team Challenge

    4 tabling with double-xp in oilstorage will get you diamond this fast ? maybey i will try this sometime 🙂
  12. Misty


    you can disable someone's chat by clicking on his picture.
  13. Misty

    Option for friend gifts

    well it shouldn't be against the rules. That's the reason for the request 🙂 I dont see a good argument against given friends some of your chips. (other then they think it will make them less money 🙂
  14. Misty

    Diamond Team Challenge

    let's see it 🙂
  15. Misty

    Feature requests

    I would like to make the following suggestions for a better poker experience. - De Sit&Go structure is now that the higher the buy-in, the higher the starting blinds. With other words. The higher the buy-in the more it is just a gamble and less serieus poker. I would suggest to do it the other way around. Make the lower buy-ins high blinds for gambling (which many do already on those lvl's) and the higher buy-ins low blinds so there is more real play before we get to the fold or all-in end play. - Make it possible to open extra table's in a new window so you can see both table's at the same time and play better and faster on 2 table's. - Make use of the pre-select buttons for checking/folding etc only for 1 betting round. (not stay active like now until you unselect it again)