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  1. Misty

    Tickets are Unrewarding...

    no it's not possible. I have like 40 bronze and 20 silver tickets in storage and dont even bother to spin them at all.
  2. Misty

    Blackjack card issue

    haha, well nothing for you 🙂 But the casino doesnt like it, because then they loose money .
  3. Misty

    Blackjack card issue

    Most casino's have that. It makes counting cards quite difficult.
  4. Misty

    Blackjack card issue

    The game is played with 6 decks. So there are 24 aces in the game.
  5. sharp observation. But the rake in oilstorage is dubble that. GOP takes 6% ! of all winning. In vegas it is 5%. I did fold because of this reason many times.
  6. Misty

    Royal poker

    Sayasu is right. I notice that GOP employees fail to understand poker more often. They should be better trained, or play poker more themselves to learn.
  7. Misty

    all lose

    SNG's same deal. You still pay rake. Spin Tower: 5 * 10 mln buy-in only 35+10=45 mln prize money. So every game you pay 1 mln chips in rake. 10%. Thats really hard to beat on the long run. Only a few do. Altough you can always get lucky for a few months.
  8. Misty

    all lose

    That depends, if you can beat the high rake of the game also. Which is not easy to do.
  9. Misty

    Fix Blackjack

    A) you are actively asking to give you worse odds to win ????? B) You're wrong. It's normal casino rules.
  10. Misty

    Feature requests

    I like the new daily chests and such. I like it to play for things like that. But the thing is, when your vip+ the rewards in the chests are not worth the trouble. If you have not so much chips i understand, the rewards are fine. You can do all the missions on the low levels. So maybey it is an idea to make the rewards depend on the status (or lvl you play?) you have. So that the daily chest rewards are bigger for vip+ players then shark players.
  11. Misty


    you could try another website or medium to play . On steam i had no problems.
  12. It's the rake that's just to high. A lot of people like poker. If your better then the other you can win money in the long run. That's the whole challenge. BUT when the casino, pokersite or in this case GOP3 charges a rake that's just to high, then everybody becomes a losing player in the long run. (that's why real online poker whent dead, compared to say 10-20 years ago) Just to make sure there isn't any misconception about this post. I'm a winning player on every level. Also in the Spin Tower sng's which i will use as an example. GOP3 takes 10% of the buy-in of 10 mln every sng you play. 5 people pay 10 mln and 35+10 = 45 mln is payed in price money. So every sng you play costs you 1 mln chips. If you take the mission and want to win 50 Spin Towers, and are an avarege player, you will win 20% and play 250 games. Which will cost you 250 mln in rake, for 1 ultraspin. This is absurd ofcourse. The cashgame charge a rake of 5% or even more. With a split pot , everybody pays 5%, so it can double or tripple. (very expensive in de Cristal Palace) The consequences is. Except for the top 1% (which can be observed on the scoreboards) (if your team wins chips in a week, very rare 😉, you emediatly are in de top50) everybody loses with playing poker on GOP3. Of course most people have no cleu about this, they dont now this, and even dont understand the concept of rake. But they do see that they always loose chips in the long run. Of course this also feeds the paranoia of a fixed game. Well the game is fixed, but not trough the cards, but trough the rake. So if you buy a chips package and are an break even player. 100 mln chips for example , gives you 100 Spin Towers sng's of 15 min. That is €100 for 25 hours of gameplay. You know what games you can play and buy for €100 ??? with unlimited gametime ? Of course you can play for the chest en play on a lower lvl to counter the high rake. but still. GOP3 probiley thinks it's good for their earnings to charge a high rake and give a big insentive to buy chips. But that's only short term. On the long term people stop playing very soon and dont come back.
  13. Misty

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    Yes, but they would still need to play from multiple devices. If they want to go trough so much trouble to get e very slight advantage, let them 🙂 Somebody said there where unlimeted buy-ins. That's just nuts. One buy-in is much simpler and gives less advantage to cheaters.
  14. Misty

    Will Tournament Play Return to GOP3?

    So ? You still have one IP adres at a time. So your stil limited to one buy in ?
  15. Misty

    Feature requests

    People who say that higher lvl's are more profitable because they are more logical, have a problem adjusting their game. When you adjust your game, the lower lvl's are relative way more profitable. Which is logical. You earn money by the mistakes of your opponant. They make more mistakes at the lower level. All sng's start with 20/40 blinds and Vegas starts with 50/100 blinds. But i must admit i was suprised at the high profitabilty i had with those high blinds. And i now noticed (for the first time) Vegas had 3 minute blind lvl's in stead of 2 minutes. So altough the blinds are higher, they stay the same 50% longer. So that compensates a little. But when i play at the low lvl's i can have a game of 20 min and in Vegas i dont think i ever go over 15. So less play time -> more gamble. Lower blinds and longer play benefit more skilled players in SNG's explicit. There is no longer play in cash-games, only higher blind, because you rebuy. So indirectly i am asking for lower blinds and more play time for SNG's in Vegas and Strip. To me that also makes sence, because you put in a lot more chips, so more playtime in return is logical. (If you dont have the time, then you play a cash game or lower stake)