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  1. Misty


    How is it possible that i get personalized spam from GOP3 with correct username on my listed emailadress ?
  2. haha, i have the same thing. Thanks for fixing this in advance. Better for my OCD also 😉
  3. Today 2 people go all-in in Vegas , each for 200 mln and they both had the same hand. So it was a split pot. They were retearned only 178mln chips each. So they both got charged with more then 5% rake. Seems a bit excessive to charge 44 mln in rake in a 400 mln pot. I noticed this is with all split-pots. Which is especially a problem when you play in the Cristal Palace for example. (many split-pots) Could you fix this bug (double rake in split-pot) in the next update ? Thanks in advance ! kind regards
  4. no it's not possible. I have like 40 bronze and 20 silver tickets in storage and dont even bother to spin them at all.
  5. haha, well nothing for you 🙂 But the casino doesnt like it, because then they loose money .
  6. Most casino's have that. It makes counting cards quite difficult.
  7. The game is played with 6 decks. So there are 24 aces in the game.
  8. sharp observation. But the rake in oilstorage is dubble that. GOP takes 6% ! of all winning. In vegas it is 5%. I did fold because of this reason many times.
  9. Sayasu is right. I notice that GOP employees fail to understand poker more often. They should be better trained, or play poker more themselves to learn.
  10. SNG's same deal. You still pay rake. Spin Tower: 5 * 10 mln buy-in only 35+10=45 mln prize money. So every game you pay 1 mln chips in rake. 10%. Thats really hard to beat on the long run. Only a few do. Altough you can always get lucky for a few months.
  11. That depends, if you can beat the high rake of the game also. Which is not easy to do.
  12. A) you are actively asking to give you worse odds to win ????? B) You're wrong. It's normal casino rules.
  13. I like the new daily chests and such. I like it to play for things like that. But the thing is, when your vip+ the rewards in the chests are not worth the trouble. If you have not so much chips i understand, the rewards are fine. You can do all the missions on the low levels. So maybey it is an idea to make the rewards depend on the status (or lvl you play?) you have. So that the daily chest rewards are bigger for vip+ players then shark players.
  14. you could try another website or medium to play . On steam i had no problems.