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  1. The xmas spin tokens are such a disaster I have considered leaving. I am still debating. The most I have ever won is $100,000. All over the wheel, you see well above that. As an example, I have about 10,000 gold, 10,000! Never paid for one. Considering an average won is 10 or 30 gold, you can tell I have had MANY spins. Support says, "Yes, we have been hearing that. We will try better next year". WTH, ya should have fixed it this year! What a money grab by the developers!
  2. Support did listen and said they were aware of it and I suggested piggy bank tokens. They did that for xmas. Much appreciated
  3. I think we should be able to give our teammates and friends these tokens and other things. I have 8000 plus gold I have no use for thanks to the awful xmas token spins
  4. They used to have private tables and got rid of them.
  5. How do they cheat? I would like to know. I can say that, compared to playing live, there are more better hands on the site and I m curious about that also. Thx
  6. I also find it interesting regarding how nasty some players are. You may as well think they are losing really money. And yes, a lot of mocking. I came to the site not only to play poker but also for "friends". There is the mute button.