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  1. I guess you can call it "bingo" if you are all in every hand but there is strategy to it if you play it regularly.
  2. Well the servers going down for maintenance kind of screwed my time... But ill be attempting it again this Wednesday.
  3. This push or fold event and playing the strip the past 10 days... Its been insane! Last week at the start of the team challenge i was at 183 million chips, 5 minutes ago I reached just over a billion. I actually cant believe it still but i got my VIP+ tag and i don't want to lose it.. If you haven't tried it yet, the push or fold event is amazing and i definitely recommend you try it out.
  4. So far i think this push or fold event seems to be pretty sweet, Although i haven't gotten very lucky with the tickets i still have made quite a bit off of just playing it. How is everyone else doing with it and has anyone managed to get the golden ticket yet?
  5. Thanks for the response, and for the XP doublers!
  6. It may just be how your perceive the "Thanks" I say it a lot when people send me gifts and what not I don't think they will remove it and i would be a little annoyed if they did because i wouldn't be able to thank anyone or have them thank me for the gifts.
  7. I havent seen this happen on the first night of the team challenge before and ive been playing them on first night for quite a while now but the free token for inconvenience would be nice as i used up an hour one and then it shutdown..
  8. As soon as the Team Challenge started the game was hit with a bad lag, Nobody in my team can join multiple tables and if you are in a table it very slowly deals cards. Just wanted to bring it to your attention and i was unsure of where else to do so.
  9. Gonna be attempting to get a faster time today. I will be streaming it again so i have video of it but i'll be adding a timer on screen this time to make editing a bit easier..
  10. Video is uploading now, i’ll link it here when its done if thats not against the rules.
  11. Im currently rendering a sped up video of it condensed down to 30 mins with a timecode on it in case this is the record currently.
  12. What is the fastest a person has gained Diamond Tier for the team challenge? I have just completed it in two hours and 5 minutes with video evidence i was wondering if that is the record or not.