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    Tickets are Unrewarding...

    Although not rewarding, it is fun to open all the daily chest, however, to win 8 Sit & Go's usually takes hours. The slot machine, blackjack, Spin & Play and other goals are all fairly easily achieved, except win 10M and 100M chips. The Spring Calendar is just another collection of tickers with little or no value. The only redeeming social value of the daily activity are the 2X tokens in the chests.
  2. TUNA

    Fix Blackjack

    What about when the dealer has a face card? Are you not going to split or double down? The player has 3 ways to soften the house advantage:: Blackjack, Doubling down, and splitting pairs. 38.5% of the deck is face cards and aces. If you do not split or double down when the dealer has an ace or face card, you forfeit most of your winning advantage. Agree, showing the dealers hold card after the player busts has nothing to do with winning or loosing, but to make more realistic, play like the casinos do. Appreciate yuour thoughts.
  3. TUNA

    Fix Blackjack

    There are two problems with GOP3 blackjack vs brick and mortar casinos; one major, one a minor inconvenience: 1) When the dealer is dealt an ace or ten count card up, they immediately check for a blackjack. If they have a blackjack, the cards are displayed and the hand is over. With GPOP3, the blackjack IS NOT displayed until AFTER the player has doubled down or split pairs. NOT GOOD!! STRONG ADVANTAGE HOUSE!! Please fix this basic error. 2) After a player has busted, the dealer displays his hold card. This also is customary in casinos, but not GOP3. It has no effect on the hand, but gives the player a sense of how the dealer's cards are running. Thanks,
  4. Need to clarify what I said earlier about points. There are two groups of points; indiviual and team. The 175 and 75 points are team points. Your individual points, that count toward your level of play ,will be much more, like 320 with 2X in force. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. I've only won twice and forgot, but maybe 175 points with 2X double. Placing 2nd with 2X double pays 75 points.
  6. Not sure, but think points are only awarded after the game is completed, not after each hand.
  7. TUNA

    Diamond Team Challenge

    How much were you betting? Were you "all in" on every hand? Dollar wise, did you won or loose? How much? Thanks, Tuna