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  1. Worgen (Apex team)


    Hello. I have a big problem when I want to change langage. In fact it is just impossible. I just change web browser, so I don't have any cookies yet. So the interface is in english. I try to change it in configuration, the game tell me I have to restart, I'm ok and... no change... I did it 5 times today. Please could you fix ? thank you
  2. Worgen (Apex team)

    Please Stop Doing Updates On Wednesday Afternoon!!

    Effectivement, c'est le plus mauvais moment qu'on puisse choisir pour une mise à jour. C'est récurrent qu'il y ait des problèmes au moment du début du défi d'équipe ! Indeed, this is the worst time you can choose for an update. It is recurrent that there are problems at the beginning of the team challenge!
  3. Worgen (Apex team)

    No Ultra Spin

    Hello. On the facebook page, I've seen that the developper's team worked on the problem. Do you have an idea when it will be solved ? Thanks.
  4. Worgen (Apex team)

    Challenge 2019-03-13 - lot of problems & bugs

    The service breakdown just occured at the moment (22h19 GMT+1, previous at 21,54), I had 4 tables open and used another 2XP token, I am furax. It would be fair to compensate this lack of service by extending the challenge duration and compensating 2XP token lost. For the correlated losses of chips, some people suggested ultra gain as a compensation. I agree. NB Facebook fan page & community page are also down.
  5. Hi, I post as a representant of my team. First, Team service was unavailable during a lot of minutes. We have a way above average rate of disconections. Myself, I had 3 tables, use 2XP token and I have lost all my chips engaged (10M beacause I had drawn a set of fours + a pairing hand at another table and my opponants folded at river but the pots I should have won were losts beacause of disconnection) My 2XP token disaperared. I asked players of my team what about their complaints by this service interruption but they are leaving the application now... Thank you for attention
  6. Worgen (Apex team)


    Hello. One of the officers of my team told me that he had a strange experience in a room i dont know the name. The event 5M you can see in a train, near "beginnner"s lake" , "High roller valley" and so on... He plays via Steam. So he wanted to quit the table after he had lost all his cash, but cliquink on the arrow didn't works. He was fored to kill the application. Other problem : the new system of inactivity when you play multitables. You click check/Fold and... you get ejected because of you are ejected of the lobby. Le gars est furax vous pouvez me croire ! Hope you could fix it. Please say to graphic designers the news hats are terrible !
  7. Worgen (Apex team)

    Feature requests

    Hello. One player of my team who plays multi tables is not happy because the tables he plays close suddendly beacause of his eliminated of the lobby. He's very disappointed. Please could you stop thaht Thanks ?
  8. Worgen (Apex team)

    XP Doubler Suggestions

    Hi Ines, fine too see you yesterday in video Your french acccent seems to be charming, please continue trying speaking in french So... My second officer says that it would be pleasant to exchange some hats too... And for myself it would be great that Leaders could have a specific hat ! Have a nice day
  9. Worgen (Apex team)

    "Call any"

    Yes pleeeeaaaaaaze !
  10. Worgen (Apex team)

    Feature requests

    Hi ! This time I'll post in french. Vu que mon interface est en français. [ERGONOMIE] J'avais constaté, et certains joueurs de mon équipe s'en sont plaint aussi, que la position des boutons d'action est incohérente. Je viens de relever toutes les possibilités dans l'ordre de gauche à droite : Se coucher - Suivre - Tapis Check / se coucher - Suivre - Parier Se coucher - check - parier (jusque là ça va...) Se coucher - Tout Suivre - Suivre actuel Donc le bouton du milieu, "Check" devient "Tout Suivre" Je me suis laissé prendre des dizaines de fois à cliquer " Tout Suivre" par erreur par manque d'attention et aussi parce que je joue en multi tables, pour évidemment me retrouver déstacké pour avoir suivi un brelan avec l'espoir d'une paire. Sans compter le ridicule associé. Par pitié SVP au moins limitez les dégâts en intervertissant Suivre Actuel avec Tout Suivre Merci pour votre attention. Au passage merci pour avoir ajouté "tout accepter" dans les cadeaux des amis, je gagne de précieuses minutes
  11. Worgen (Apex team)

    Suggestions for GOP 3! in the year 2019

    Yes, rubinho, it's a good idea
  12. Worgen (Apex team)


    Connexion problem solved. Very big thanks for reactivity !
  13. Worgen (Apex team)

    end of way to play free in private table

    Hello, I would like to tell you why we chose GOP3 rather than any other application. We signed up all six because we wanted to play as a family without having to take out the cards and chips and GOP allowed us. Now that the private parties are no longer possible, the game has lost interest in our eyes. Too bad. I hope this functionality will come back. Otherwise it is a very good application, and I am impressed by the variety of platforms available: we are two to use it on Steam, two on Android and two on the web. It's impressive that it works just as well on all these media. Congratulations to the team.
  14. Worgen (Apex team)


    Hi everybody. Since yesterday I have a HUUUUUGE problem that prevents me from playing. So, I know it is because a new version. I've seen it trying MS Edge for check what is. My configuration is Win10, FF Quantum 63.0.1. As I have said elsewhere, with FF, I do not see flags or avatars. this is not the case with Edge. However I will not use Edge because I have worse worries (my screen scrolls for an unknown reason, the cursor is erratic, in short I lost a lot of chips in 1/4 hour). But in FF since yesterday I can not connect at all! The error message is : I searched the javascript console (I'm motivated) and maybe this could help :(I hope !) var UnityLoader in UnityLoader.js (but what do I know?) oh and the url is : https://www.governorofpoker.com/games/governor-of-poker-3/play/ That said, thank you very much for the "accept everything" and "give everyone" functions for the 100 chips that are offered to friends. Very Good Idea. I hope you can do something so that I can connect because we start the challenge in a few hours. thank you for your attention.
  15. Worgen (Apex team)

    XP Doubler Suggestions

    Hello. I agree with @Evh5150. Why ? As a team leader, I sometimes see my best players being ruined while trying to play underoll (correct ? I mean beyond their cash) . Their game is more important than mine or than play of occasional players in the team because they contribute more to the challenge. I regret that I can not help them. Some people ask given chips and it is sometimes harassing. so chips seems a bad idea. Offering tokens seems to me a suggestion to consider while knowing that it must be difficult for developers (always criticized in case of a bug but few people think to thank for everything that works, so please let's say to developers that their work is fantastic, and to graphic designers too )