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  1. Hi. I have the same problem, no possible to play today via web (vivaldi) or Facebook. Xhat about the calendar ?
  2. Bonjour, un des joueurs de mon équipe me demande de vous reporter le bug suivant qui se produit au black jack. Quand il veut miser 500K, cela lui coûte 5M Apparemment il n'a pas ce problème avec d'autres mises. Voudriez-vous voir ce qu'il en est ? Merci. Son post sur le team chat : "on blackjack don't try to spend 500K it delete 5M from your wallet"
  3. Hello. Does the GOP team consider taking into consideration the complaints of the players, in whole or in part? I've seen on FB we were invited to express our whishes.
  4. Thank you PokerGirl. We tried to solve this problem with my team and in fact, it looks like I had 2 separate clipboards. One for GOP, the manipulation you explain works and the other one fopr all the rest. I can't cut in GOP and paste in Google translate. I do know whay. I' use Vivaldi or Firefox, on Windows 10. I tried via facebook : doen't work either ;/
  5. Hi. Players of my team are not very happy. They wait and see but.... more unhappy than gratefull. Why is it not more possible to play at t4 tables ? 4 tables, it was nos enough. Now it is boring.
  6. It would be great if we had copy/paste possibility in the team chat. I often have to translate with GG and it is painful to type all I have to say. And sometimes I don't understand because my players tell me someting in a language I'm not even able to identify Thank you
  7. HI. Frech below. hello I do not know if it's a bug or a feature but it's painful. After each challenge I take note of the results of the players to congratulate them. (I take this opportunity to claim, once again, a function copy / paste because I often have to use the machine translation.) This time, I noticed that the players' results had disappeared between the moment when I noticed them and the moment when I spoke in the team chat. So, I wonder if I did not make a mistake in turning some because I thought they had not participated. bonjour je ne sa
  8. Hello. I have a big problem when I want to change langage. In fact it is just impossible. I just change web browser, so I don't have any cookies yet. So the interface is in english. I try to change it in configuration, the game tell me I have to restart, I'm ok and... no change... I did it 5 times today. Please could you fix ? thank you
  9. Effectivement, c'est le plus mauvais moment qu'on puisse choisir pour une mise à jour. C'est récurrent qu'il y ait des problèmes au moment du début du défi d'équipe ! Indeed, this is the worst time you can choose for an update. It is recurrent that there are problems at the beginning of the team challenge!
  10. Hello. On the facebook page, I've seen that the developper's team worked on the problem. Do you have an idea when it will be solved ? Thanks.
  11. The service breakdown just occured at the moment (22h19 GMT+1, previous at 21,54), I had 4 tables open and used another 2XP token, I am furax. It would be fair to compensate this lack of service by extending the challenge duration and compensating 2XP token lost. For the correlated losses of chips, some people suggested ultra gain as a compensation. I agree. NB Facebook fan page & community page are also down.
  12. Hi, I post as a representant of my team. First, Team service was unavailable during a lot of minutes. We have a way above average rate of disconections. Myself, I had 3 tables, use 2XP token and I have lost all my chips engaged (10M beacause I had drawn a set of fours + a pairing hand at another table and my opponants folded at river but the pots I should have won were losts beacause of disconnection) My 2XP token disaperared. I asked players of my team what about their complaints by this service interruption but they are leaving the application now... Thank you for attention
  13. Hello. One of the officers of my team told me that he had a strange experience in a room i dont know the name. The event 5M you can see in a train, near "beginnner"s lake" , "High roller valley" and so on... He plays via Steam. So he wanted to quit the table after he had lost all his cash, but cliquink on the arrow didn't works. He was fored to kill the application. Other problem : the new system of inactivity when you play multitables. You click check/Fold and... you get ejected because of you are ejected of the lobby. Le gars est furax vous pouvez me croire ! Hope you could f
  14. Hello. One player of my team who plays multi tables is not happy because the tables he plays close suddendly beacause of his eliminated of the lobby. He's very disappointed. Please could you stop thaht Thanks ?